“It’s time to stop saying yes”: great series reviewing the Australian climate movement

I’ve recently discovered the blog Precarious Climate by blogging science student James Wight. Personally, I think his work deserves a wider audience.

I came across Jame’s via Twitter, and it’s refreshing to have another blogger out there with a solid science background.

He’s put together a three-part series on the Australian climate movement, and is worth a read.

Part 1 starts off strongly, Jame’s certainly isn’t pulling any punches:

The Australian climate change action movement (which I will call the “climate movement”) has, in recent years, made an error of strategy. In the hope of winning a victory, however small, activists have become extremely pragmatic and “politically realistic”. This culminated in 2011 in the various environmental groups uniting under the lowest-common-denominator message “Say yes to a price on pollution”. We need to be much more assertive.


The series is up to seven parts, James noting:

Predictably, Labor is now using the carbon price as an argument against any additional action. Environment Minister Tony Burke said in March the carbon price is “the way to make sure that as a nation and as a planet that we do the right thing by the atmosphere. I’m not supportive for a minute of further actions on top of that, that are simply designed to undermine people who are doing their jobs and doing them legally.” Climate activists have played into Labor’s hands by failing to be effective advocates for more ambitious action.

Watch his blog, well worth it.


One thought on ““It’s time to stop saying yes”: great series reviewing the Australian climate movement

  1. James Wight says:

    Thanks for the recommendation!

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