False prophets: Queensland LNP votes to remove climate change from schools

The face of denial in Queensland (source: Brisbane Times)

This is truly terrifying – the wholesale rejection of science by conservative Liberal-National Party members at their state convention.

Teach the controversy; claims of brain washing. We’ve seen this all before in the evolution wars. Please, spread this worrying news so it can be stopped.

Note below usage of the term “post-normal science”: this is straight from denial blogs like Watts up with that.

We need to save science education. 

Brisbane Times reports:

Meanwhile, LNP members have overwhelmingly voted to ensure the removal of “environmental propaganda” about climate change from schools.

The motion, proposed by the LNP’s Noosa State Electorate Council, calls on Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek to require Queensland schools to “remove environmental propaganda material, in particular post-normal science about ‘climate change’, from the curriculum and as adjunct material at exam time”. [Using the language of the denial movement WtD]

The mover of the motion, LNP member Richard Pearson, railed against “those false prophets who would poison the minds of our children in our schools”. [ science as religion? WtD]

“Few people understand that the so called science of climate change is really what can be defined as post-normal science,” he said, arguing it went beyond traditional understanding of science based on experimentation and falsifiable theories.

Another member spoke against the motion, saying he was concerned when people tried to dismiss differing opinions and he believed children to have access to all information. [i.e. “teach the controversy” WtD]

The motion was nonetheless passed with overwhelming support from the LNP members at the gathering.

At last year’s conference, LNP president Bruce McIver questioned the role of humans in driving climate change, arguing the climate was always changing and children were being “brainwashed” in the way climate science was taught.

17 thoughts on “False prophets: Queensland LNP votes to remove climate change from schools

  1. john byatt says:

    victoria recently voted down SLR

    now Queensland votes down climate change.

    how long before creationism is returned to QLD schools?.

  2. Sou says:

    Queensland looks to be reverting to form. Love the photo – a bunch of old white men who we know are conservative. Now we also know they are in extreme denial – after Queensland’s extreme drought followed by extreme floods. Chris Mooney has them pegged.

    Completely irresponsible behaviour.

  3. Nick says:

    What do you expect from men with interests in expanding coal extraction? And no credit to the Brisbane Times for misidentifying Pearson’s unsupported assertions as ‘argument’. To argue a case means to present evidence for your case. Pearson did not.

    • Pearson says:

      A two minute argument against trillions of dollars worth of propaganda over twenty years – and the latter argument is finished off. All right. It only takes an ugly fact to disprove a beautiful theory in science, no matter how big. I did that. Pearson.

      • john byatt says:

        Challenge you to go head to head in debate in the Gympie Times Pearson old son
        you can check out my latest reply in today’s edition (19Th July)
        Send in your first letter,
        do it ! you may learn something

      • john byatt says:

        You make QLD look like a bunch of ignorant hillbillies Pearson

        A BODY representing nearly 70,000 Australian scientists has criticised a Queensland Liberal National Party resolution calling for mainstream climate science to be cut from the state’s school curriculum.

        Anna-Maria Arabia, chief executive of Science & Technology Australia, called the resolution ”extremely harmful”. The central principles of climate science – including that man-made greenhouse gases trap heat in the lower atmosphere and have warmed the planet – were backed by all the world’s major scientific academies.

      • uknowispeaksense says:

        Oh, you’re him


        “trillions of dollars worth of propaganda”

        It’s comments like that demonstrate just how ignorant you are. You rail against science through fear and ignorance. In order for you to criticise something, you first must understand it. On the link I provided, there are a number of graphs. My challenge to you, is to explain how they are wrong? I predict you won’t have a scientific explanantion but will instead ironically resort to useless propaganda. Go on, Dick, give it a go. Back up your denial.

        • itsallalie says:

          Graphs from models are not science , the Climate gate emails show the fraud clearly , read them idiots .

        • uknowispeaksense says:

          I have side business selling tinfoil hats to morons. Would you like one?

          You criticise science giving no alternate scientific argument but offer the out of date, thoroughly debunked, 9 times independently investigated and cleared Climategate? What next, the petition project? It must be amateur hour in denierville. Go away idiot.

          Mike, you have a live one here.

  4. Rod says:

    Cheer up, think how much money we can save on expensive research – building models, collecting data, peer review publication, etc etc. Much cheaper to convene a party conference.

    For a climate scientist response, see my interview yesterday http://fuzzylogicon2xx.podbean.com/

  5. john byatt says:

    Great promulgation, even the deniers at just grounds are advertising your post.

    Jeff Hutcho said:
    Queensland may be going through changes in education on climate, but they’re still running climate change in at least one university.
    Check out the logo
    And these are our future leaders.

    On this change to remove climate change from the Queensland curriculum that was a motion put up by Richard Pearson and the motion was carried at the Noosa conference, but has it been accepted by the LNP ?
    A motion that is passed at a conference still must go to a parliamentary meeting, be accepted and then a move to be put it into the parliament for debate.
    See this from:- Watching the Deniers
    Also note who is the first poster in the comment –
    Who else but Johnny Byatt ?

    And we haven’t had a look at the University of Southern Queensland, with their Degree Courses in Climate Change.

  6. […] After all, this is the same bunch who want to remove the teaching of climate change from schools. […]

  7. Paul says:

    I no longer believe these people are just plain ignorant. Come on, nobody in public life could be that stupid, can they?? I think they are betting that if they can make enough money, their descendants may yet prosper as most of the population, and most of the other species on the planet dies around them in the next few hundred years.

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