Tea Party Lite: Queensland LNP convention votes on removing “climate change propaganda” in schools

“Fanaticism and ignorance is for ever busy…”

Science tells us much about the universe.

From the formation of stars, to the recent discovery of the Higgs-Boson and the sequencing of the our DNA we have gained remarkable insight into the world around us.

But what is more telling is how we react to what science teaches us.

Case in point, Queensland conservatives.

After sweeping into power at the head of huge populist backlash against the then Labor government in Queensland, the Liberal-National Party (LNP) under Campbell Newman has been busy opening coal mines and attacking “green tape”.

This weekend the LNP is hosting a state conference to vote on a wide range of resolutions. Of course, like all conservative political parties they have climate change in their sights:

The Liberal National Party (LNP) annual convention will consider more than 100 resolutions, including the removal of “environmental propaganda” like climate change from Queensland schools. 

The conference, to be held on Friday and the weekend, will be the party’s biggest meeting in Queensland and will feature 850 delegates and 1,100 attending a dinner on Friday night. 

The convention will hear 101 wide-ranging resolutions put forth from LNP branches across the state. 

The Noosa State Electorate Council will ask the convention to call on Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek to require Queensland schools to remove “environmental propaganda material”.

The resolution in particular mentions removing climate change from the curriculum and exams.

That Australia’s conservatives are acting like the “Tea-Party Lite” is concerning.

They are mimicking the tactics of the creationist movement in US, who every year try to have climate change and evolution removed from the school curriculum. In doing so the Queensland LNP risks making Australia an international laughing-stock.

And yet, it is not at all surprising: when faced with the often uncomfortable facts science presents the more conservative, fearful and small-minded will retreat into denial. That this denial has infected our so much of political class is tragic.

We need to defend the teaching of science in schools.

Otherwise we are locking in the march of folly


5 thoughts on “Tea Party Lite: Queensland LNP convention votes on removing “climate change propaganda” in schools

  1. Sammy Jankis says:

    Breathtaking. Though I wonder if on this occasion they may have jumped the shark?

  2. If nothing else, it proves that the LNP are not capable of thinking for themselves and have to copy fundie idiocy from overseas. It’s very concerning when groups try to legislate science out of existence.

  3. uknowispeaksense says:

    I used to be a proud Queenslander, but I’m glad I don’t live there anymore. What next? “Evolution isn’t real?” “Reds under the bed?” “Beware the yellow peril?”

    It is well known that when Queenslanders want to send a message to a government, they do it in a big way but they have flirted with disaster this time. They will subject their children to a substandard education based on backward thinking policies dreamt up by the angry old scientifically illiterate men who make up the LNP branches and whose philosophies are rooted firmly in the 1950’s and for what? I guess the business of coal mining doesn’t require an intelligent workforce.

  4. Watching the Deniers says:

    It’s more than that – the two movements have been intertwined for much longer, sharing not only tactics but a common world view.

    My own view: creationism paved the way for the denial of the scientific method, its tactics and methods well honed after several decades. Climate change denial emerged in the US with an existing population heavily predisposed to reject science based on values and beliefs.

    The deniers did not just learn from the Tobacco Wars. They also learned from the culture wars and how the religious right fought (and won) the war for public opinion.

    The deniers found a ready audience – since then there has been cross-over and a joint “war on science”

    Form stem cells, evolution, climate change, reproductive rights etc. we see a broad coalition in opposition to science.

  5. There is no doubt the Queensland conservatives and I think, quite a number of Queenslanders (sadly) are driven more by biblical BS rather than reason and science. Basically, if reality doesn’t conform with their wishful thinking, they change their nation of reality.

    I’ve been locking horns with fundy creationist and born-again Christians for many years, it simply doesn’t matter how many times you trap them in logical fallacies of their own making, they just ignore anything that’s inconvenient or contrary to their opinions. They aren’t interested in learning or being informed.

    If it’s not in the Bible, or can be justified by their narrow interpretation of the Bible, it doesn’t count and isn’t real.

    It’s quite a jolt to the brain to realise people like this exist out there in the community and roam around unsupervised.

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