The sceptical mind: on Carl Sagan’s legacy

Moth Incarnate has a great post on the value of sceptical thinking, and how it differs from blind faith:

Living within the information age, the word is always out and while it may not always seem it, more accurate information is eventually dominant because it simply cannot be broken. Gravity can’t be undone no matter how much one may want it to be a miraculous inspiration. CO2 plays an important role as a greenhouse gas in our atmosphere regardless how much one may wish it to ignore passing longwave radiation. Homeopathy simply doesn’t have any active ingredients (which, in many cases, is a good thing because of the poisons suggested to be within them). The story of smallpox and the clinically proven very low risks involved with vaccination stand stubbornly in the face of the committed sceptics. One can throw a blanket over accurate information, but that will erode in time, not the information.

Great article, I share his sentiments.


2 thoughts on “The sceptical mind: on Carl Sagan’s legacy

  1. uknowispeaksense says:

    Mike, I’m not ususally in the business of promoting YouTube channels other than my own but this YouTuber has the Carl Sagan Tribute Series and its well worth a look.

    Sagan’s words and insights delivered in his usual calm and somewhat laconic tone are second to none. The overlays and soundtracks make these Sagan videos a must see.

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