A climate of hatred: FOI details death threats made against climate scientist Phil Jones

DeSmogBlog have published a cache of abusive and threatening emails made against climate scientist Phil Jones received in the wake of the manufactured climate gate “scandal”. These emails were released in response to a FOI request (DeSmogBlog story provides details). Reading them is not merely disturbing, but distressing. Here is a small sample (full document here):


The sad thing is that this is par for the course for a movement that seeks to intimidate scientists:  

Just as a reminder, a recent headline from The Australian:


Yes a climate blogger looked and 11 emails and decided there wasn’t a problem – which in the eyes of Murdoch’s lap dog Chris Mitchell – err, sorry I mean editor of The Australain – claimed scientists needed to “toughen up”.

In addition to misleading the public on climate science, the likes of Mitchell lack a basic humanity.

5 thoughts on “A climate of hatred: FOI details death threats made against climate scientist Phil Jones

  1. Mike says:

    and with fatcat Gina moving ever closer to getting on the board of Fairfax with her latest round of share acquisitions we can likely expect more and more rightwing reporting. She’s on the record as complaining about a perceived left-wing bias in the media. Once she secures a big enough chunk of Channel Ten also you can kiss The Panel goodbye and in its place will be an Australian version of Faux news with its “Fair and Balanced” reporting….you know….like Andrew Bolt does?

    • Watching the Deniers says:

      I read that this morning and was concerned – pushing share ownership up to 15% in order to bludgeon her way onto the board.

      A balanced media in the mind of Rinehart/Bolt is one in which they control 100% media coverage, as opposed to the 75% they have now.

  2. john byatt says:

    Bolt’s fan club


    old geoff is the head honcho, The dumb leading the blind

  3. Stuart Mathieson says:

    This is not unique to climate denial of course. Pick any issue where evidence contradicts strongly held opinions e.g the alleged guilt of David Bain or Lindy Chamberlain and you will receive death threats. The anonymity is a major factor of course.

  4. Mr Fluffy says:

    But Stu old boy! David bain is GUILTY AS SIN!
    Global Warming doesn’t exist!
    And you and your fellow fiends are INSANE!

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