Take this test, please: Uni of WA survey on science and values

A very worthwhile test from the University of Western Australia asking respondents to comment on their acceptance of climate change, evolution and their politics and values.

I think I can intimate where they are going with this test: there is a strong co-relation between religiosity, politics and the acceptance or rejection of accepted scientific theories.

Click on the link to contribute.

Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing the published results.

9 thoughts on “Take this test, please: Uni of WA survey on science and values

  1. john byatt says:

    interesting but they could have reworded it for Australian politics


  2. john byatt says:

    What they, Uni of WA do not understand is that the religious sceptics are very careful not to expose themselves, they are just as likely to tick strongly disagree to the questions on religion to try to skew the results.

    it is known as telling lies for god

    • Twodogs says:

      Doesn’t that invalidate the entire survey? After all, how can you quantify whether respondents are answering truthfully?

  3. […] am not aware of any copyright restrictions on reposting the questions. I accessed this from “Watching the Deniers” website, where there was no mention of copyright material. Neither was there any mention of […]

  4. […] but this appears to be a development of the 2010 survey, and was probably being trailed at Watching the Deniers site. It was located on the University of Western Australia site – try the […]

  5. […] in June was the one used in the paper. I realize now this is not the case. The one I took at “Watching the Deniers” is a development of the 2010 survey. There are less questions on conspiracy theories (but […]

  6. […] Hanich, on June 4, 2012. It seems that the link for this survey was only posted on two blogs: Watching the Deniers and Skeptical Science. Charles Hanich was also responsible for creating Lewandowsky’s 2010 […]

  7. I can’t see where copyright would cover re-posting the survey if you were re-posting it clearly and specifically for the purpose of analyzing it and criticizing it question by question.

    – MJM

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