Operation Heartland: lost of funds not exceeds $1m, climate denial now has a social stigma

Bye bye Heartland:

Going, going…

LKQ is an US auto parts company that has just dropped their association with Heartland.

Until very recently, think tanks could rely on climate change denial as a money spinner – think of all that lovely cash from eccentric billionaires and fossil fuel interests that used to rain down on them like mana from heaven!  

Now, being associated with the likes of Heartland is the PR kiss of death for companies. The social stigma associated with climate change denial is rapidly growing.

Our business is to put the think tanks out of business.  Not debate them. Nor pretend they there is some form intellectual debate taking place. No, the objective is to place them under the harsh light of truth, and expose their funding and tactics. Yes, I’m looking at you IPA.


5 thoughts on “Operation Heartland: lost of funds not exceeds $1m, climate denial now has a social stigma

  1. I look forward to the day when public supporters of think tanks are viewed with the same jaundiced eye as Holocaust deniers.

  2. mike says:

    The IPA membership reads like a who’s who of far right wing lunacy. The web of connections is astounding. There are people like Tobin is tied in with the ANDEV crowd. One of fat Gina’s pets? Ken Phillips who thinks independent contractors shouldn’t have access to workcover or superannuation and Alan Moran who thinks nuclear waste is safe enough that everyone in the world can dump it here in Australia and they’re all tied together throught previous work histories. They are all nuts and the sooner they are exposed as such the better.

  3. john byatt says:

    Er, “loss of funds exceeds $1 million” would sound better, Not picking, my writing is crap,

    Yes agree that the IPA needs to be targeted but they are funded by fossil fuel as is noted at Wiki, We could still draw the publics attention to that however.

    Wiki…….. IPA

    The IPA funded by its membership which include both private individuals and businesses. Among these businesses are ExxonMobil,[4] Telstra, WMC Resources, BHP Billiton, Phillip Morris,[5] Murray Irrigation Limited,[6] and Visy Industries.
    IPA donors have also included Clough Engineering, Caltex, Shell and Esso.[7] Other donors were electricity and mining companies, as well as British American Tobacco (BAT).[7]
    In 2003, the Australian Government paid $50,000 to the Institute of Public Affairs to review the accountability of NGOs


  4. Jules says:

    Do notice Heartland claims the billboard campaign resulted in several new donors.

  5. john byatt says:

    He [Bast] admits that the billboard was in “poor taste” but says it was designed to get attention, and was good value at $1,000,000 and counting?

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