War for the North part 3: as I predicted, Rinehart starts importing cheap labor

Is it me, or does that look like a new country?

Back in February I made a close study of Gina Rinehart’s beloved Australians for Northern Economic Development initiative (ANDEV). You know, her plan to lock up Australia’s mineral riches and import cheap labor?

I recall a few pro-Rinehart supporters touting her ability to create jobs and just how awesome ANDEV was.

My reply:

It is nothing more than a desire to return to the “robber baron” days of the 19th century, free from the interference of unions, governments and legislation.

In this land of coal and honey, “attractive” employment policies will allow mining companies to substitute an Australian workforce – who expect to be paid reasonable salaries – with foreign workers who can be paid far less;

Consideration of the temporary utilisation of foreign workers for construction phases only; not longer term operations.

Don’t worry; they’ll only build the infrastructure. Of course they won’t stay: unless it makes very good business sense.

Well my prediction has come true:

Union bosses are fuming that the government has approved a scheme to allow mining magnate Gina Rinehart to bring in 1700 overseas guest workers for her Pilbara iron ore project, without making proper attempts to find local workers first.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen told the National Press Club today that the government had approved the first Enterprise Migration Agreement – which allows “mega” resource projects to negotiate temporary migration needs up-front – and that it would be for Mrs Rinehart’s $9.5 billion Roy Hill project in Western Australia.

“The project will create significant benefits to the Australia economy through its capital investments, export earnings and employment and training opportunities for Australians for decades,” Mr Bowen said.

What me surprised?


I love the spin: creating significant benefits for the Australian economy blah, blah, blah… Trickle down benefits to those of us with bank accounts not overflowing with wealth strip mined from our country?

Pigs $%(@#

Methinks one Ms Gina Rinehart who earns close to $500 per second – and is now worth $29 billion dollars – will do very nicely. Really, I’m really looking forward to seeing how Rinehart pets like Andrew Bolt, The Australian and the IPA spin this.

The score: 

Mining billionaire 1

Ordinary Australians 0


6 thoughts on “War for the North part 3: as I predicted, Rinehart starts importing cheap labor

  1. Mekhong Kurt says:

    She must be related to my US state governor, Gov. Rick “Good Hair” Perry, late of that circular firing squad known as the GOP primary contest. He boasts about all the jobs he brought to Texas — apparently single-handedly — but glosses over a few facts. For instance, some 40% of those jobs went to peole not from Texas, including an unknown number of illegal immigrants, a real hot-button issue this election cycle. Ad further including glodsingmov that most of those jobs are part-time, “benefit-free,” temporary — or some combination thereof.

    I guess there’s some small, cold comfort for both of us in the knowledge that cowboy Texans and our friends in Oz suffer together!

  2. Mekhong Kurt says:

    Word reds, get your wretched uploading software fixed. I did NOT write the gobbledygook you put I. The middle of my post, and YES — I proofread first. I used to be an EDITOR, for pete’s sake! My own blog is with you, but I’m seriously thinking about ditching your serve for several reasons, this among them.

    • Mike says:

      I and many others have made dozens of posts in here and have not had any problems. Perhaps the error is at your end?

      • Mekhong Kurt says:

        Mike, it may be, though I can’t imagine what — not that I would, of course. But I do know that the only time I have had trouble with being able to overcome auto changes to my text is here, so I’m assuming the difficulty is with the host. In my previous post, I tried several times to write “word” and “press” in a single word, but every single time it was changed as you can see above.

        Love this blog, btw —

  3. Mike says:

    Bolt will do what he does. In fact he already has. He’s painted Chris Bowen as some sort of hero for endorsing the policy and attacked Gillard for her statements post announcement. Given Bolt’s past racist attacks against Aboriginals, Lebanese-Australians, boat people and various others we can fully expect him to undergo a fit of hypocrisy. I was tempted to search through his previous blogs for instances where he has criticised foreign workers but decided it was pointless. Bolt will do what he does and his intellectually bereft sycophantic readers will lap it up without a thought. Those people are a lost cause. Given the average life expectancy is around 80, most of them will be dead in 15-20 years.

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