Looking for sugar daddies: Heartland Institute announces the end of its “annual” conference, begs for cash from “rich uncles”

[Hat tip Climate Progress and DeSmogBlog]


Spot the difference: one preys on wealthy billionaires, the other is a former Playboy bunny

Some encouraging news with the Heartland Institute (HI) announcing they are going to discontinue their annual International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC). The ICCC was the big event for denial movement, an important venue to help co-ordinate efforts, generate talking points and create the impression there was opposition to the science.

This year less than 300 people turned up.

After losing major sponsors for this years ICCC, HI turned to coal lobby groups and fringe bloggers for “sponsorship”. Their “Unabomber” bill board campaign was so offensive that speakers deserted the conference and staff from the Washington office resigned in protest.

Lets not forget HI lied to the world’s media about the authenticity of the leaked strategy document (Fakegate, Fakegate, Fakegate)

Conservative think-tank seeks SW billionaire

DeSmogBlog reports on just how desperate Heartland has become after losing sponsors and suffer crippling blows to its “credibility”. Closing the conference, Heartland’s President Jo Bast is begging for cash from “rich uncles”:

Please consider supporting the Heartland Institute. These conferences are expensive, and I’m not a good fundraiser so as a result I don’t raise enough money to cover them, we really scramble to make payroll as a result to cover these expenses. If you can afford to make a contribution, please do. If you know someone, if you’ve got a rich uncle or somebody in the family or somebody that you work with, please give them a call and ask them if they would consider making a tax-deductable contribution to the Heartland Institute.”

Source: Desmogblog

So that’s HI’s strategy for the future: hope some geriatric rich white guy with more money than sense will splash some cash.

Maybe they should place an advertisement on Craig’s List?

Conservative think tank seeks SW billionaire for discreet conversations about reduced government, climate change. Strictly SB/SD relationship

When you’re funding strategy mimic’s that of Anna-Nicole Smith’s I think you might – just might – have a problem.

Heartland isn’t dead yet.

But they’re close.

Prediction: Jo Bast will resign within the next six months. I’m sure an exit strategy and financial handshake to soften the blow for him is currently being negotiated as we speak. 

Note: article cleaned up, a few typos!

2 thoughts on “Looking for sugar daddies: Heartland Institute announces the end of its “annual” conference, begs for cash from “rich uncles”

  1. john byatt says:

    This was at TCS blog comment

    Greg UhlenbeckMay 22, 2012 8:28 PM
    Geoff, that guy who attacked the Convoy of No Confidence last year is back — now he’s calling James Delingpole a “bag tard” and a “conspiracy nut” (+ some other things too repulsive to reprint) and he’s asking for more money:


    Yours in Christ,

    Greg Uhlenbeck
    Sabine, QLD

    eye opener with that link at exiled, Delingpole quoting an anti green site run by the fundamentalist christians,


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