Operation Heartland: Fakegate, Fakegate, Fakegate (spread the meme)

Michael Tobis over at Planet 3.0 makes a good point about the value of meme’s in the climate change debate:

Fortunately for all concerned, Joe Bast of HI followed on his mistake of calling the event “fakegate” with an even stupider move – the infamous unabomber billboard. There’s no doubt that this was an unforced error on Bast’s part. But the consequences to Heartland’s donor base would not have followed had Gleick not revealed them.

So far so good. Now it would be good if people’s attentions meandered toward the whole issue of “nonprofits” that serve entirely the interests of corporate and/or wealthy donors.

As a start, nonprofits should have to identify large donors as an ordinary aspect of business. Unrevealed donors, at the least, should get no tax writeoff. And we can thank Peter Gleick for the lesson.

As always, speculation on who wrote the document is encouraged. The more we talk about “fakegate”, the more attention goes directly to Heartland and not to the nonsense they are spewing.

So. Fakegate. Fakegate, fakegate, fakegate.

Spread the meme far and wide… #Fakegate, #Fakegate, #Fakegate

Operation Heartland – bringing accountability to those undermining science at the behest of anonymous donors.

What the Heartland episode has taught us: truth, tenacity

There are three important lessons to learn from the Heartland episode (that includes the document leaks and billboard incident):

  1. The faux sceptic movement withers under the harsh light of truth. The more light we shine on Heartland, its methods and sources of funding the more it likely it will implode or be reduced to utter irrelevance
  2. Focus fire tactics (i.e. putting one target under the microscope) works
  3. “We” can be tenacious and shouldn’t apologise for using the tactics of civil disobedience.

Bringing down Heartland won’t “win the war” – we know the denial machine needs to be destroyed piece by piece. But given Heartland’s central role in in the denial machine, “taking them down” is a good as any place to start.

7 thoughts on “Operation Heartland: Fakegate, Fakegate, Fakegate (spread the meme)

  1. john byatt says:

    To get to the public we need more letters to the Editor.The sceptics fill regional newspapers with crap on a daily basis, We must realise though that when they write about climategate etc no one has a clue what they are talking about. it’s really only an internet thing due to poor climate change coverage in the press, well except for anti science stories or cherry picked research as reported by the Telegraph yesterday regarding SLR from groundwater being more than glacier and ice sheet melt,

    For those of us in QLD, the big issue at the moment is Campbell Newman’s stupidity in shutting down the office of climate change. we need to take the lead and get the letters into regional Queensland as they will be most effected , without planning for adaption measures in QLD, the future looks bleak, Adaption is a state and local council responsibility.

    Sent out a letter to some regional newspapers last night.


  2. john byatt says:

    To give some idea of the number of people that can be reached on one day by sending in letters to the Editor,

    Sunshine coast daily 70,000
    The gympie times 20,000

    even WTFUWT cannot compete with that readership,

    DO it,

  3. john byatt says:

    Sadly mike I did not pay much attention in english class so my writing is piss poor
    I sent this to papers in
    hervey bay
    gold coast
    and the courier mail

    Dear Sir
    Campbell Newman has kicked The office of climate change into the long grass claiming that it only duplicates mitigation strategies already in place due to the commonwealth carbon price. He then tries to dog whistle both sides of the debate stating “in the event that the carbon price is dropped then I will reopen the office”, if however as is now beyond doubt and Abbot is the next prime minister, makes good on his oath written in blood to repeal the carbon price then Newman will instead back Abbot on his direct action plan.

    The CSIRO has already shown that Abbot’s direct action plan is a pipedream that would require at least 65% of Australian soil to be used for carbon sequestration.

    The renewable energy industry will be the third largest industry on earth within a decade and Newman has clearly put out the message that he wants nothing to do with it. the lost jobs and income from this decision for no other reason than placating the climate deniers is akin to cutting his nose off to spite his face.

    Requirements for future climate change adaptation measures are wholly a state responsibility, a responsibility that Newman has now relieved himself of. In Queensland, both regional and coastal communities will be left in the dark. While the rest of the world plans for the coming extremes, Queensland retreats from the reality

    Perhaps the worst aspect of Newman’s decision however is the clear message that it sends to the public, ” the Queensland government is not concerned with climate change and is not interested in adaptation measures”, so it cannot be happening, can it?

  4. john byatt says:

    full story at climate progress

    Over the last few weeks, Heartland has lost at least $825,000 in expected funds for 2012, or more than 35% of the funds its planned to raise from corporate donors, according to the campaign group Forecast the Facts, which is pushing companies to boycott the organisation.

    The organisation has been forced to make up those funds by taking its first publicly acknowledged donations from the coal industry. The main Illinois coal lobby is a last-minute sponsor of this week’s conference, undermining Heartland’s claims to operate independently of fossil fuel interests.
    Its entire Washington DC office, barring one staffer, decamped, taking Heartland’s biggest project, involving the insurance industry, with them.

    Board directors quit, conference speakers cancelled at short-notice, and associates of long standing demanded Heartland remove their names from its website. The list of conference sponsors shrank by nearly half from 2010, and many of those listed sponsors are just websites operating on the rightwing fringe.

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