The Great Wealth Redistribution: South Korea implements “Australian” style ETS, falls to our cunning plan to destroy industrial civilisation!


I am delighted to announce that South Korea in the process of being taken over by our organisation. How you ask? They have adopted an emissions trading scheme!

SEOUL, May 3 (UPI) — South Korea approved a national emissions trading scheme covering 500 of the country’s largest emitters.

Of the 151 lawmakers who voted Wednesday, just three voted against the bill.

Under the law, set to take effect in 2015, emissions limits will apply to companies that discharge 125,000 tons or more of carbon dioxide annually or workplaces that emit at least 25,000 tons a year, said the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

Only three capitalist running dogs voted against the scheme! These fools will think it will spur growth in technology!

The government is considering fining $88 for each ton of greenhouse gas emissions that a company releases above the limit.

The measure will help Seoul to develop new technologies and to play in an international carbon exchange sector that by 2010 had grown into a $141.9 billion market, the ministry said.South Korea is the third country in the Asia-Pacific region after Australia and New Zealand to adopt an emissions scheme.

Little do they know we plan to de-industrialise the entire Korean peninsula and force children to sing hymns in praise of Great Mother Gaia! Clearly our operatives in South Korea have been effective.

Soon the whole world will fall! As evidence of our COLLECTIVE MIGHT, our army of environmentalists, scientists, liberals and socialists  staged an early morning parade at the University of East Anglia, our current HQ:

Soon the whole world will fall under our control!

We will begin the Great Wealth Redistribution!

Ever since our agents infiltrated what the West calls “SCIENCE” over 100 years ago, we have been shaping chemistry, physics and geology into an arsenal of knowledge! 

We have successively fooled the world for 100 years, and now they fall like leaves in an early climate-induced Autumn!

Next, we will force cats and dogs to live together in sin!

The climate change conspiracy smashes capitalism! Huzzah!

10 thoughts on “The Great Wealth Redistribution: South Korea implements “Australian” style ETS, falls to our cunning plan to destroy industrial civilisation!

  1. john byatt says:

    vun hundred years of planning has paid off, ve all get to buy yachts and condos in the bermuda, soon be just vun hundred dolla for seaside property.

    ve scar pants of them getting rid of MWP and changing lower the pH to scary the acidification verd.

  2. But who’s going to break the news to Abbott and Minchin? They find it hard to hear with their heads jammed firmly into the sand.

  3. john byatt says:

    Ve also musten not be forgetting to heap some praise on our double the agent herr Brown Agent dal101, his glorius plan to be setting up sceptics blogsnot and posting science drivel to maken sceptics looken like the morons
    has been vorking a treat,

    vell done the comrade Brownen snot


  4. dal101 says:

    Vee must not mention zee shoogar and how 4ft6″ (can’t get zechs for free so I) buyit iz not abel tzu take in ze shoogar and how (can’t get zechs for free so I) buyit can’t shmile becoz he iz ever shucking on zee lemons and shpittung hout zee zucrose.

    And let’s not forget how he lies and misrepresents, gets info that is quoted by some-one else but attribitues it to some-one else.

    Honesty is zee pest bolizy, KoolaFoolaTincanToola!

    What a disgraceful piece of ….

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