Clive Palmer’s “big” conspiracy theory: billionaire trades hard hat for tin foil hat

Clive trades in his hard hat for the tin foil hat...

Billionaire mining magnate Clive Palmer has been rather busy of late – what with his proposed High Court challenge to the carbon “tax”, musing about joining forces with Gina Rinehart to take over media and the very personal feud with Treasurer Wayne Swan.

In between what must be a very busy schedule, Clive has also taken the time to educate us on the “plot against Australia”.

The plot against Australia you say?

Well, apparently the Greens have been working with the CIA to destroy our economy.

Mr Palmer said yesterday a report by Greenpeace and other green groups last week entitled Stopping the Australian Coal Export Boom was the work of the US-based Rockefeller Foundation, which in turn he said, was funded by the CIA.

Holding a copy of the report, which detailed a campaign to stymie the expansion of the coal industry, Mr Palmer said: ”This is funded by the CIA.”

To those less familiar with the ideology of conspiracy culture of the denial movement Palmers statements are not at all surprising.

Conspiracy thinking and the fear of the “other” runs deep within the denial movement.

In the deniers world bankers, scientists, the UN, Freemasons, Greens and socialists are plotting to take over the globe and reduce our living standards on par with the stone age.

How did the country respond to Clive’s attempt to alert us to this danger?

Mostly with hysterical laughter and quizzical looks.

Thus, Palmer quickly backed away from his claims by “clarifying” what he “actually” meant”. Bob Brown and the greens are “decent” if somewhat “misguided” and “well-meaning”.

However, Palmer stands by claims the CIA is behind attempts to destroy the coal industry:

Standing by his claims that the United States through the CIA was trying to undermine Australia’s coal exports to Asia to preserve its own economic dominance, the Queensland magnate said Rockefeller family organisations had been shown in the past to be fronts for CIA activity.

 “It’s quite normal. If you go back to the British Empire, if you go back to Japan in the ’80s and ’90s, it’s very much how normal business is done in the world.”

What’s next Clive?

9/11 was an inside job?

51 thoughts on “Clive Palmer’s “big” conspiracy theory: billionaire trades hard hat for tin foil hat

  1. jb says:

    the cia were involved with the media to destroy the whitlam govt so i believe him

    • Mike says:

      JB, Whitlam’s loan scam prompted Fraser to block supply and rightly so. Whitlam couldn’t be trusted. He was also hellbent on taking away the Senate’s right to do so. In other words he was hellbent on circumventing the Constitution. He was offered 3 get-outs by the opposition but his own stubborness and desire to put himself ahead of the country prevented him from accepting. This is what ultimately led to his downfall. Media scrutiny is part of the job but to suggest the media with CIA backing brought about a constitutional crisis your tinfoil hat is almost as big as Palmer’s.

    • John H. says:

      You’re right JB, the neo-cons of the Liberal party, the oligarchs who run the media and the CIA did conduct a successful coup in Australia. But it had nothing to do with any ludicrous and ideologically motivated claims concerning a “loans scam”; that was merely a media beat-up and pretext for the most politically disgusting episode in our electoral history; Gough’s sacking; a PM that did more good for more Australians any before or since. He was gotten rid off because he didn’t rule solely in the interests of corporations as the Liberal party invariable do; the Rudd Labor govt was nearly brought down for the same reasons; corporations, including multinationals, didn’t get what they demanded on tax (and he didn’t take guff from Israel over their spies abusing our passports). Gough gave us Medicare and free tertiary education for all; sins by US and CIA values. Even now the Mad Monk Abbott is calling for elections because the sky is falling, just as such hacks did with Gough. The hysterical and demonstrably false narrative espoused by the radical Right in this country, including the present Liberal party crop, originates with ideologues, uber parasites and oligarchs pushing for ever more plutocracy and kleptocracy. That’s no unsubstantiated conspiracy theory but an empirical fact you can only miss with if wearing the heavy blinkers of bourgeois right-wing ideology and denial. The CIA have no common ground with the Greens, if anyone were to accept CIA money it’d be the Right with whom they agree principally. It’s a fact that Palmer is in collusion with foreign owned multinationals who are arguably about as accountable as the CIA. Palmer is a hypocrite with a sense of entitlement to others people’s labour and wealth that makes the biggest dole-bludger pale into insignificance.

    • Norris Treal says:

      And 911 was an inside job. Oh for the days when critical thinking was a requirement for journalists.

    • Enchanted says:


    • Larry says:

      I believe him too, everyone the Main stream media condemns, is a good person, “WHY” Because the JEWMEDIA, are as one, and people working for them should be :ASHAMED” of the Blatent “LIES” dished out to the Goyim, IE, General Public, Don,t worry Clive, people are no longer “STUPID SHEEP, as for Main stream JEW MEDIA-IE Rothschilds Rueters, THankyou for waking people up. IS YOU WHO IS LAUGHED AT!

  2. Mike says:

    Even if it was true, how different is it to him pumping money into political parties or exxon-funded thinktanks pumping money into disinformation campaigns in education systems?

  3. What’s next Clive?

    9/11 was an inside job?

    Come now, is the insinuation that the official 9/11 conspiracy theory still stands?
    Anyone with rudimentary knowledge of science and engineering cannot accept it except as pure fiction.
    Didn’t Larry Silverstein say he decided to ‘pull’ Building 7? But then some new theory is that Building 7 was full of burning paper and that’s what brought the building down.
    Remember, as soon as two or more people are together there’s a conspiracy a foot – it’s the nature of the human beast to plan, to plot, to look busy, etc.

    Take a lesson from ‘Holocaust denial’ and how the official version of events is legally protected, something that may happen with 9/11, Bali Bombing, 7/7 London Bombing, Oklahoma Bombing, etc. – for example, in Germany by Section 130 – defaming the memory of the dead, which only applies to Jews; in Australia under the Racial Discrimination Act – anyone questioning the 6 million deaths figure, the existence of homicidal gas chambers, and the order to exterminate Jews.

    I’m amazed how gullible individuals are and how agrgessive individuals become when their belief system is subjected to rational enquiry.

    The rationale that a questioning of the physical facts of a matter is such a hurtful experience and so feelings need to be protected is hogwash!
    To that I say: Grow up and leave perpetual puberty blues behind.


    • iana says:

      Hey, did you call everyone ‘sheeple’ yet? Favourite troofer putdown. Pity you wingnuts dont have front teeth to pronounce it properly…fucking denialist scumbag.

      • Ray says:

        Laughing…thanks! “Fucking denialist scumbag” says so many things no one need bother to hear. I don’t often visit this site due to the rude comment section, debate is of value, insults are childish and a measure of the quality of people attracted to the site.

  4. john byatt says:

    Arch denialist Brown is all excited that baffin bay is covered with ice ( as it has been every year at this time and usually gets thicker for another month yet, Baffin bay melt does not start till June,

    anyway browns satellite picture is a bit too far away for me to really tell what is going on there so here for geoff is a close up

    not good .


  5. Amy Aremia says:

    To simply state,circumventing the Constitution and also distracting from what really is the goal of those out to conquer the world, is to either take control of the more successful western nations or to destroy them to bring about their one-world-evil rule.

    • Mike says:

      I think Clive mines bauxite as well doesn’t he? Perhaps he’s got some spare aluminium foil for you too.

    • john byatt says:

      And a mate of gerry the german above

      They must troll around looking for places to post their insanity

      • Thinking is a painful activity for some and so abuse and not the message sends individuals such as you into non-thinking activity – still, good luck for knowing what insanity really is and continue your good watchful work – needless to say creativity has no home in such a mindset.
        Have a view of this:

        – and don’t take the easy and lazy way out by closing your mind to its contents.

        • Mike says:

          You send people to a David Duke video which complains that Israel is the most racist country in the world? Wow! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Your hypocrisy is amongst the worst I’ve ever seen. If you can’t even recognise that then you are either one of the world’s biggest narcissists or potentially the most unintelligent person ever to type a word….or both. You disgust me. I wouldn’t urinate on you if you were on fire.

      • john byatt says:

        Gerry you are the one that needs to think a bit, i was reading and looking at the atrocities of the Hitler regime in the early fifties, you deny that it took place, you deny Aids and sounds like climate change denial is also a part of your self delusion. but i would piss on you on fire or not,

  6. john byatt says:

    here is another source for the actual sea ice concentration around greenland and the arctic, 2 days ago,

    updates daily

  7. >>Mike: You disgust me. I wouldn’t urinate on you if you were on fire.<<

    Your emotional huffing and puffing and bluffing indicates you still have some growing up to do, and as to that final comment – well, it reveals a mindset that was recently exemplified when US soldiers urinated on dead Afghan soldiers.

    I think the disgust expressed by you is actually an expression of a personal deep-seated problem within you. As far as I can sense it, it's the old conflict between reason and understanding, and if you can't get that resolved, then you will never know what it means to be free – hence your clinging to the denier -dialectic that will never enable you clearly to reason about important things.
    Still, there are some sparks of illumination within this blog, and that's giving me some hope.
    Cheers – and don't let yourself be disgusted. Didn't Goethe say: 'We are never deceived, we deceive ourselves'?

    • Mike says:

      No emotion in it buddy. Cold hard reason led me to the conclusion that you are an oxygen thief unworthy of my urine should you be on fire. If we decieve ourselves then you are completely delusional. You can spare me psychology 101 and the pseudointellectual use of rarely used words that most people don’t understand. It shows you up as the tool you are.

      • 1. What’s this buddy business? I am no buddy of yours!
        2. I note your spelling of ‘decieve’ and ‘tool’ but I make such typo errors myself, usually when making hasty and unreflective replies.
        3. As for your use of the empty phrase ‘pseudointellectual use of rarely used words that most people don’t understand’, well, it indicates that you have a problem. Hence your conceptual framework’s deficiency thinking primarily made up of ‘denier’ will never liberate enslaved minds to rubbish formulation such as ‘oxygen thief’. It’s not even original but totally derivative from those who have run out of argumentative steam.
        4. The worry is that by implication your adoption of such a thought indicates to me that you are all for censorship when you can’t grasp things, then flee into the ‘most people’ bolt-hole and call upon your baser motives that gives us our common humanity, though its use in your case indicates you have a need to think destructively.
        5. Such a nihilistic mindset and such values would explain for me your basic rudeness – but I could be wrong because of your use of the two introductory words above ‘ no emotion’ .
        6. Still, all this chatter has deflected from the issue that Israel is a racist state using the Nuremberg Race Laws as its basic foundation. Now, perhaps you would like to focus on discussing such content in any future replies. If you cannot go that far, then I’ll have to opt out and discontinue responding to whatever you come up with, that dares not criticise the racist religious state of Israel and its global outreach programs.
        7. Then think of 9/1, and have a good day.

        • Mike says:

          Attacking typos and pseudointellectual psychology 101 is all you have. Normally when someone starts with that sort of nonsense I start looking for where its been and cut and pasted from, but in your case, I actually believe you think you know what you’re talking about. For your sake, I actually wish you had cut and paste because the fact you can pull this kind of garbage and spout it ad nauseum says an aweful lot about you. (Hint: that wasn’t a compliment) As for January 9, I just checked my diary and it seems I took my loving family out to lunch that day. From memory I had a very nice T-Bone. I’m pretty sure it was from a black angus because it had a very particular taste. You should try it sometime….taking your family out to lunch, that is. Oh, I’m sorry. That was rather insensitive of me.

      • john byatt says:

        Gerry, the ultracrepidarian given to sesquipedalianism

        or tool in layman language ,

      • Hey Frederick, keep up the condescension, it really, really suits you.

    • iana says:

      “Thinking is a painful activity for some…” Frederick Toben, proving once again denialist scum suckers have no sense of irony…

    • Larry says:

      Well said Fred, & Thankyou for your video, I have seen more of this David Duke, as much as it “DISGUSTS” me about these people its “TRUE” These Parasites are the “ONLY” TERRORISTS in this world, Usury is their weapon, yielded by the scum family Rothschilds, Rockerfellas, & Sorros.After all that I asked myself “WHY” are these people like that, then I discovered Their “SICK, DISGUSTING, PERVERTED PEDAPHILE LAW BOOK, (THE TALMUD) I say “NO MORE”!

  8. john byatt says:

    From Saturday Queensland will once more be governed by the denialists
    Newman will pay for his promises in part by ditching the State’s carbon schemes.

    He said the scrapping of those carbon and climate schemes would save $650 million.

  9. john byatt says:

    what is being scrapped by Newman on Saturday,?

    here is part of that budget for climate change going down the gurgler

    costs are $431 million so must be the commission as well

    wonder if they will have the hide to appoint a climate change minister ?

  10. […] Watching the Deniers must have been following Colin as he sees parallels with Palmer’s climate scepticism: Conspiracy thinking and the fear of the “other” runs deep within the denial movement. […]

  11. john byatt says:

    Part one..

    came across this retard at climate spectator,

    Submitted by Timothy Northcott on Fri, 2012-03-23 15:07.
    Nice try – considering scientists have recently discovered a number of active volcanoes on the Antarcitc Peninsula
    more below

  12. john byatt says:

    Hi Mike,

    thought that this was worth a post,

    The Sceptics seem proud that they can not even agree among themselves,

    especially in the light of Singer’s recent remarks who separates Deniers from Warmists and claims some nonsense title of realists,



    • Mike says:

      Thanks John

      Plenty of fodder there. I was going to make my blog a source of real peer reviewed papers but I feel the need to start exposing these idiots for what they are. You should check out the exchange between one of our friends in here and myself. Its a classic. He actually quote mined me. I feel so special. Being a computer technician he must have some way of keeping an eye out for posts about himself because he was pretty quick to respond to my blog about him and as far as I knew, noone was following my blog as it had only been up for a couple of weeks. Cheers, Mike

    • Mike says:


      I’ve had a go at addressing this nonsense with a bit of a challenge for Geoff.

      • john byatt says:

        It does beg the question of whether Gray actually believes his own strawman argument or not. Is he stupid or purposely misinforming?

        It is very hard to tell.

        Another strawman argument is the claim that the science ignores natural variations.

        Then the very next post from them will be, without even understanding their own irony, the claim that the global temperature has not increased since 1998 or 2002 or 2010,

        Singer busts the myth that AGW has been falsified, yet brown has no compulsion to even appear to be consistent. As Singer states, those agreeing with the science have the benefit of being consistent while we sceptics seem to be unable to even form a consistent, logical alternative.

        Well Singer that is because your lot are in denial not sceptical


  13. john byatt says:

    Singer’s remarks for any that may have missed .

  14. john byatt says:

    brown follows you Mike and would have contact with any that you may reference,

    one bloke Admrich ( Maurice Rich ) seems to spend his days searching for reference to that Pop guy and emailing him, your blog would be one that they follow,

    I see that SKS was hacked and all our details posted on the web, my details have been put up dozens of times. brown even revealed all my info, which was available in the phone book anyway,

    I want people in fifty years time to know that many of us were trying to get the truth out there,

    That is why your blog is different, Watching the Deniers is very worthwhile

    rgds again


  15. john byatt says:

    Love it.

    Gray, link above mentions getting an email from “the Slayers”

    He also is counted as one of their own,

    seems they they all endorse the book but do not agree with it,

  16. […] Watching the Deniers [en] debe haber estado siguiendo a Colin porque ve paralelismos con el clima escéptico de Palmer: Los pensamientos sobre conspiración y el miedo de los “otros” van ligados al movimiento de negación. […]

  17. Let the truth be known says:

    I agree with Mr Palmer on the Freemasons!
    I have had personal experiences with how corrupt Freemasons are in Local, State and Federal Government (Liberal / Labor) politics. I have also experienced them while working State Government jobs.
    Freemasons’ are always nice to your face and stab you in the back at the first opportunity.

    I have seen the most dishonest and incompetent people in State Government positions (who I found out were Freemasons) 1. get jobs 2. get promoted, while everyone else was treated like dirt.

    Freemasons become very agitated, aggressive and ‘try to get you’ when you uncover their corruption and theft of property or money.

    They are like a Cancer to our society and they steal anything they can get their hands on.
    If a Freemason is caught carrying out an illegal act it is always covered up.
    I call them the Worlds largest criminal gang and the most despicable. The reason for this is no other gang I have ever heard of portrays themselves as ‘good people or good for our community.

    Ask yourself why are they so secretive? Why do they try to hide in dark hall ways at night? Why do they have secretive ways?
    If they are so good for us why don’t they throw away their codes of deception and covert activity.
    They portray themselves as high standing members of western society and they are charitable and help us!!
    Why then do they meet in secret and members are threatened with death if a they reveal what goes on in their secret meetings?

    If they are a legitimate and honest organization why don’t they open the doors of their ‘Lodges’ and be like a Church?

    The recent proposed laws in NSW pertaining to so called ‘criminal groups meeting in secret’; failed because it would have to include the Freemasons.
    Our public leaders and politicians would have to be questioned why they had their SECRET MEETING and also WHAT HAD GONE ON IN THE SECRET MEETING!!!

    The Government sends our soldiers boats and planes to “fight our enemies overseas”.
    However we are in far more danger of a secretive criminal gang destroying our democracy from within! The Freemasons are in the gang for only one thing ‘themselves’.

    If Mr. Palmer condemns Freemasons and their evil ways, I commend him and support him.

  18. Ivan The great says:

    Ask a engineer that question is that the buildings in 911. NO BUILDING IN HISTORY HAS FALLEN IN SUCH A WAY. IT WAS TAKEN DOWN BY HUMAN HANDS!
    Never has such a building fallen like this research and don’t think this is the usa, we are not puppets!

  19. Ivan The great says:

    Mossad and the USA did it full stop no ufos here or drugs simple. You yanks and jews make me sick!

  20. Enchanted says:

    The trolls are trolling. I just ran for senate. What I experienced….people have no idea. It’s all corrupt, rigged, filthy, disgusting. The biggest criminals are sitting on the highest perches in our society. The sexually compromised, perverted sickos are the one’s that make it in politics and get pushed up the ladder. The cult like, anything for the party members. Its’ all fucked up and rotten to the core and people don’t even know, that they don’t know. Needless to say, never again. Good people don’t get elected. Scum rises to the top and it’s like that all around the world. There is no entry to the lodge, if you aren’t a filthy, kid screwing Freemason!

  21. frodo says:

    Im wondering with all the mining jobs being lost and the mining industry going bust,what do you think of clives claims now Goldman and sachs have warned australia to expect a recession by next year maybe clive knew something you fools didnt

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