Mo’ money: Ian Plimer appointed to Rinehart board

What does it profit a man...*

In there was any doubt that Ian Plimer and Rinehart enjoy a cosy relationship that extends beyond a shared loathing for taxes and science?

Recent news that Plimer has been appointed to the board of one of Rinehart’s companies:

“…MINING magnate Gina Rinehart has continued her boardroom shuffle, appointing her youngest daughter and a controversial climate change sceptic to a key company. Australia’s richest person earlier this week notified the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) that Ginia Rinehart and Professor Ian Plimer to the board of Hope Downs Iron Ore (HDIO) Pty Ltd.”

Nor is it the first time Plimer has scored a board room position in Rinehart’s empire:

“…It’s the third time this year Mrs Rinehart has appointed Prof Plimer to the boards of key family companies, with the prominent climate change sceptic also a director at Roy Hill Holdings and Queensland Coal Investments.”

That Prof. Plimer promotes mining interests, has a loathing for the carbon and mining taxes and leads the charge on climate change denial is of course all coincidence.

Like his fellow traveller in climate sceptic circles Bob-$1600-a-month-Carter, Plimer appears to be doing very well despite the massive socialist plot to destroy wealth and transfer national sovereignty to the UN.

Hmmmm, pop-culture reference time:

I said hey, Ian…  Rinehart’s got cha money*, don’t ya worry. I said hey…  Rinehart’s got cha money.

* Image source: Perth Now
**Song NSFW 


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