Follow the money: Heartland Institute funding the anti-Carbon Tax campaign

Via the Canberra Times, further evidence of Heartland’s nefarious influence on Australian politics:

Documents from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission show that a group funded by the Heartland Institute, via a thicket of other foundations and think tanks, provided the vast majority of the cash for an anti-carbon price lobby group in Australia in 2009 and 2010.

The Australian Climate Science Coalition, an offshoot of a conservative lobby group called the Australian Environment Foundation, received virtually all its funding from the International Climate Science Coalition, which has been financially supported by Heartland.

In 2010, the Australian group had an income of $50,920, and $46,343 of that came from the American Climate Science Coalition, an offshoot of the International Climate Science Coalition, the ASIC documents show. The amount of public donations received was nil.

And of course, our friend Bob Carter is involved;

The chief science adviser to the International Climate Science Coalition is Bob Carter, an adjunct professor at Queensland’s James Cook University.

When the Herald asked Professor Carter if people should be concerned about his impartiality given that he is on the Heartland Institute’s payroll, he said: ”No more so than you should be concerned that a CSIRO employee is paid by the government.”

Professor Carter would not discuss the details of the ”monthly payment” of $US1667 ($1547) to him in the Heartland Institute’s budget

One has to question the role of right-wing American think tank have in trying to shape the Australian political debate.


172 thoughts on “Follow the money: Heartland Institute funding the anti-Carbon Tax campaign

  1. Geoff Brown says:

    Re following the money, I suppose we should be worried when Big Oil via Exxon, as revealed by Andrew Revkin, gave “$225 million over 10 years for research on ways to meet growing energy needs without worsening global warming.”

    Link: Nasty big oil!

  2. Mike says:


    The people who run Exxon and all the other big polluters in the world know full well that the very industries they run are damaging the environment and contributing to AGW. They are also shrewd business people and at the mercy of their shareholders. Of course they are going to invest money into research because they also know full well that they have pretty much passed peak oil. Its a delicate situation for them. They have to keep their cushy well paid positions by pushing their anti AGW propaganda while they still have oil to sell but they must also plan for the future as well as improve their PR image as that article also clearly points out. Plus, $225M is a drop in the bucket compared to the money they have pouredinto the Heartland Institute, the George C Marshall Institute and the dozens of other loony rightwing thinktanks, not to mention the army of paid bloggers.

  3. Tom Harris says:

    Mike asserts “$225M is a drop in the bucket compared to the money they have poured into the Heartland Institute, the George C Marshall Institute and the dozens of other loony rightwing think tanks, not to mention the army of paid bloggers.”

    I don’t believe that is even remotely true – could you provide some evidence, please?

  4. $225 mil for Exxon is petty cash. If they were serious, they’d be spending billions annually on renewables and oil replacements generally.

  5. Geoff Brown says:

    H – above link – “Heartland Institute’s activities is smearing and vilifying honest scientists who are engaged in climate research. ”

    Actually the honest scientist who write the NIPCC report for Heartland are smeared and vilified by DeSmearBlog and others like puckerclust. Each year Heartland holds a conference and invites some of the cheating Climategate CRU. None asre willing to have their theories tested.

    The AGW hypothesis has been falsified. Game set and match!

    • mike says:

      The AGW hypothesis has been falsified? I must have missed those papers. I noticed also you have declined or at least failed to respond to my offer of providing hundreds of peer reviewed papers that demonstrate unequivocably that AGW and human induced climate change are in fact very real. My offer also is very real. All you have to do is say the word and I will start sending them to you. The other option for you of course is to just say that peer review is corrupt and there is a giant conspiracy amongst scientists all over the world to introduce an Al Gore carbon tax. Of course, that would mean the single paper that you hold up as a legitimate peer reviewed piece in support of your position is also a product of a corrupt system. So Geoff Brown, how about it? Wanna play or do you just want to bury your head a little deeper in the sand? I’m offering you the opportunity to man up and read your way out of your untenable position, admit that you were wrong, earn some respect and move forward. How about it?

        • mike says:

          I am so glad Geoff that you opted to do the infamous 900. I’ll tell you what i am going to do if you are up for it. I am going to randomly pick one of those papers and ask you a couple of questions about 1. the authors, 2. the usual subject matter of the “journal” 3. A technical question or two. I get the sense that unlike you, I actually read scientific papers all the time. After all, I am a scientist whereas you, cut and paste and link to blogs without ever really reading anything or not fully understanding what you have read. There is nothing worse than posturing from a position of ignorance. So geoff, do you want to play?

          Oh and I just did a search on Sciencedirect for papers that link human induced climate change to range extensions in various species. I’ll see your dodgy 900 and raise you 40903. That is 40993 peer reviewed papers dealing with only one very specific aspect of climate change. I digress.

          Your first paper is Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 21, No. 4, pp. 723–749, 2007 Climate Change Reexamined by Kauffman.

          q1. Kauffman. Do you think a biochemist who publishes regularly in pharmaceutical journals is qualified to discuss indepth on the issue of atmospheric science? If so, why do you think the only article (essay) he has published on the subject has been published in the J of SE? Which brings me onto my next question.

          q2. Are you aware that the J of SE regulalry publishes articles on astrology, psychic phenomena and UFO’s?

          q3. In his graph in Figure 1 what is your opinion of selection of data from the period 1940-1970 for his essay that was written in 2007 when he had access to data right up to 2006? That is 36 years of the most recent data that he could have used. Go to Figure 4 and you will see why. The period from 1940 to 1970 was relatively stable in terms of temperature but after that it continues to rise and actually tracks well with CO2. I was actually surprised he included this graph because it actually debunks his own argument. Despite the fact most of what he has written is garbage backed up with sources such as the noted non cimate scientists Michaels Lindzen and Singer, what do you think about him cherrypicking the period 1998 to 2007 for comment in the Figure 4 which runs from 1880 to 2007? Surely the overall trend is much more important?

          Anyway, there’s a start for you. See how you go. If you are going to put forward crap like this you need to back it up.

      • Poptech says:

        Mike are you computer illiterate and forgot to put your search phrase in quotes and make sure they are cumulative by using a boolean operator? Otherwise you include results that have ANY of those words in them. I did an advanced boolean search of ScienceDirect using the phrases “anthropogenic global warming” and “range extensions” and got exactly 2 results.

        Joel M. Kauffman, B.S. Chemistry, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science (1958); Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, MIT (1963); Faculty, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (1979-1990); Professor of Chemistry, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (1990-2002); Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (2002-Present)

        Having a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from MIT and teaching Chemistry for over 20 years more than makes him qualified to discuss the chemical composition of the atmosphere.

        The Journal of Scientific Exploration is a scholarly peer-reviewed journal,

        EBSCO lists the Journal of Scientific Exploration as a peer-reviewed scholarly journal

        “Manuscripts will be sent to two or more referees”

        The JSE can be considered a journal that has published papers on X-Files like subjects. Both papers on the list from the JSE deal exclusively with the climate debate.

        There are no published rebuttals to Dr. Kauffman’s paper.

        You posting BS that I can irrefutably backup removes your credibility.

  6. Geoff Brown says:

    What is the point in answering such a biased comment. You say “. I am going to randomly pick one of those papers and ask you a couple of questions about 1. the authors…” and then you eliminate experts “Michaels Lindzen and Singer” with the tag “noted non cimate scientists…”

    The very warmist inclined Wikipedia gives:

    Patrick J. (“Pat”) Michaels (born February 15, 1950) is an American climatologist. Michaels is a senior research fellow for Research and Economic Development at George Mason University, and a senior fellow in environmental studies at the Cato Institute. Until 2007 he was research professor of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia, where he had worked from 1980.

    Richard Siegmund Lindzen (born February 8, 1940) is an American atmospheric physicist and Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lindzen is known for his work in the dynamics of the middle atmosphere, atmospheric tides and ozone photochemistry. He has published more than 200 scientific papers and books

    Siegfried Fred Singer (born September 27, 1924) is an Austrian-born American physicist and emeritus professor of environmental science at the University of Virginia.[1] Singer trained as an atmospheric physicist and is known for his work in space research, atmospheric pollution, rocket and satellite technology, and as an outspoken critic of the mainstream scientific assessment of global warming.

    Non Climate Scientists?

    • mike says:

      Oh we can get into Michaels and his oil-funded Cato institute, Lindzen who, by the way, now acknowledges AGW but until recently also received oil-funded institute money and Singer who when receiving money from big tobacco started debunking the smoking/cancer links..later.

      Please don’t go cherrypicking like the rest of the deniers. You put forward that list of 900 “peer reviewed papers” I literally closed my eyes, scrolled down and opened my eyes on that paper. Maybe I got lucky so how about you answer my questions and then if you like, you pick one of the 900 that is actually from a non-industry and peer reviewed journal and I’ll happily break it apart for you. Be aware, if you have read as many of those papers as I once did a few years ago, you will realise that a number of them were picked solely because the title appeared to throw doubt on the subject but when you actually read the things, as I have, you find that is not the case, so go ahead knock yourself out….but please I would really appreciate your answers to my questions or better yet, why don’t you just tell me if you still stand by that Kauffman essay? Thats a simple yes or no.

      • Poptech says:

        Dr. Michaels position on climate change has never changed due to a monetary donation and any funding he received from energy companies was because of the position he already held not the other way around.

        Dr. Lindzen has always acknowledged that man can have an influence on the climate (in some form) but he does not support alarmist positions or the need to take government action. Saying he “acknowledges” AGW is misleading as claiming man can have a 0.1% or a 99.9% influence would both be “supporting AGW” yet the former would be a skeptic the latter an alarmist. AGW is not a black or white issue.

        Dr. Lindzen’s “funding” involved $10,000 in traveling expenses over many years back in the 90s and had nothing to do with his research funding which comes from government funding agencies: NSF, NASA, and DOE. The Boston Globe did a write up on this myth,

        Dr. Singer has never done anything in relation to debunking that smoking cause cancer. He has instead spend time debunking exaggerated claims made by anti-smoking groups in relation to second-hand smoke.

        Mike, it is an absolute lie that you “closed you eyes” to cherry pick the most controversial journal off the list. That was intentional as only two papers on the list are from the JSE while there are over 900 papers from 256 other journals on the list,

        Journal Citation List:

        AAPG Bulletin
        Academic Questions
        Advances in Atmospheric Sciences
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        Journal Count: 257

        Dr. Kauffman stands by his paper and there has not been a published rebuttal.

    • mike says:

      Oh, and I never use Wikipedia for anything. It isn’t peer reviewed.

    • Geoff, it’s good form to admit you were wrong when you are found to be out of your depth and/or misinformed – or deliberately cherry picking.

      You can keep denying facts but eventually you’ll be mugged by reality.

      • john byatt says:

        Geoff not only runs his climate sceptics blog but is also the chief troll there as well, waste of time debating him there as he wont put up any comment that he cannot answer, thus only ever a few comments throughout the blog, geoff claims that no one will debate him, yer right geoff, your fantasy is evident for many of us,

        Re climategate, most Australians have never heard about it and do not have a clue what it was all about.

        Climate Sceptics … what does that mean, are they sceptical that climate exists.

        while they are always insisting that climate always changes the general population believe that they simply reject all science about Climate change. a PR disaster of their own making

        a rename “Climate science sceptics” would be apt

        • Mike says:

          That might explain why Geoff hasn’t responded to my technical questions in here. I am currently making a YouTube video about a loony religious troll who preaches at everyone and anyone in Youtube and has the audacity to say in the blurb beneath his videos that his channel is the “fortress of free speech where anyone can make comments on any of my videos.” Half of his 202 rambling nonsensensical videos have comments disabled and he screens comments for his others. He has also disabled comments on his channel page as well and has blocked me outright. I get the sense that AGW deniers like Geoff and loony rightwing religious nuts have a lot in common.

      • john byatt says:

        will you call him Klem?

      • Geoff Brown says:

        jb says: “wont put up any comment that he cannot answer..”

        continuing the alarmists line of lies.

        Admit that you are not telling the truth, jb. If I went through all the comments on , I think I would find that you have commented (either as jb or as the Cooloolafool or anonymously) more than any other.

        Your point is noted but destroyed.

      • Geoff Brown says:

        Mike (WtF Deniers) says:

        I get the sense that AGW deniers like Geoff and loony rightwing religious nuts have a lot in common.

        Wrong, Mike. If you are intimating that I am

        a) Loony – Wrong
        b) Right wing – Wrong
        c) Religious – wromg.

        Doesn’t leave much, does it, WtF?

        • Mike says:

          No, all that leaves is wilful ignorance and gross overestimation of your own abilities. Rather than ignore or deflect the questions I have raised in response to references YOU provided, how about showing some integrity and backing up what you say. If you can’t, man up and admit that you can’t. That way you might earn a bit more respect and less derision.

      • Geoff Brown says:

        Mike says: “Rather than ignore or deflect the questions I have raised in response to references YOU provided…”

        Sorry Mike, tell me which link that I provided that you could not open.

      • Poptech says:

        I get the sense that AGW deniers like Geoff and loony rightwing religious nuts have a lot in common.

        This is incorrect as I am religiously agnostic and a libertarian.

    • john byatt says:

      Got lindzen good in the local paper geoff

      Lindzen and Choi (2011) is a poor attempt by Lindzen to address the many mistakes in his 2009 paper. Originally it was submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research but rejected, failing peer review, Lindzen then submitted the paper to The National Academy of Science (PNAS) and asked for his own reviewers, the entirely unqualified William Happer, a specialist in optics, and his own co-author Choi. PNAS rightly rejected his request along with the paper, again failing peer review. It ended up in a Korean Meteorological Society Journal. So a paper that failed two attempts at publication in the credible journals is hailed by sceptics as casting doubt on the current best projections of climate sensitivity and global warming?. Lindzen of course claims a conspiracy rather than admit that this is just a lousy paper

      • Poptech says:

        It is standard PNAS policy for the author to submit 5 reviewers,

        “Authors must recommend three appropriate Editorial Board members, three NAS members who are expert in the paper’s scientific area, and five qualified reviewers.

        This paper’s PNAS review saga is detailed here,

        “Will Happer, though a physicist, was in charge of research at DOE including pioneering climate research. Moreover, he has, in fact, published professionally on atmospheric turbulence.”

        Dr. Happer is more than qualified,

        William Happer, B.S. Physics, University of North Carolina (1960); Ph.D. Physics, Princeton University (1964); Research Professor, Department of Physics, Columbia University (1964-1980); Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship (1966); Co-Director, Columbia Radiation Laboratory, Department of Physics, Columbia University (1971-1976); Director, Columbia Radiation Laboratory, Department of Physics, Columbia University (1976-1979); Member, JASON Advisory Group (1976-Present); Alexander von Humboldt Award (1976); Professor of Physics, Princeton University (1980-1993); Board Member, MITRE Corporation (1987-Present); Chairman, Steering Committee, JASON Advisory Group (1987-1990); Class of 1909 Professor of Physics, Princeton University (1988); Director of Energy Research, U.S. Department of Energy (1991-1993); Eugene Higgens Professor of Physics, Princeton University (1993-2003); Co-Founder, Magnetic Imaging Technologies Incorporated (1994); Chairman, University Research Board, Princeton University (1995); Herbert P. Broida Prize, American Physical Society (1997); Davisson-Germer Prize in Atomic or Surface Physics, American Physical Society (1999); Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award, Research & Development Council of New Jersey (2000); Member, Homeland Security Science and Technology Advisory Committee, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (2002-2005); Fellow, American Physical Society; Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science; Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Member, National Academy of Sciences; Member, American Philosophical Society; Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics, Princeton University (2003-Present)

        Lindzen did not submit his own co-author Dr. Choi as a reviewer but a Dr Chou.

        The Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences is a credible peer-reviewed science journal (ISSN: 1976-7633)

    • Poptech says:

      Geoff, all are highly credentialed Climate Scientists,

      Patrick J. Michaels, A.B. Biological Sciences, University of Chicago (1971), S.M. Biology, University of Chicago (1975), Ph.D. Ecological Climatology, University of Wisconsin-Madison (1979), Research and Project Assistant, Center for Climatic Research, University of Wisconsin (1976-1979), Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia (1980-1986), Virginia State Climatologist (1980-2007), President, Central Virginia Chapter, American Meteorological Society (1986-1987), Executive Board, American Association of State Climatologists (1986-1989), Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia (1986-1995), President, American Association of State Climatologists (1987-1988), Chair, Committee on Applied Climatology, American Meteorological Society (1988-1999), Senior Fellow in Environmental Studies, Cato Institute (1992-Present), Visiting Scientist, Marshall Institute (1996-Present), Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Member, Association of American Geographers, Member, Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia (1996-Present), Contributor and Expert Reviewer, IPCC (1990, 1992, 1995, 2001, 2007)

      Richard S. Lindzen, A.B. Physics Magna Cum Laude, Harvard University (1960); S.M. Applied Mathematics, Harvard University (1961); Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, Harvard University (1964); Research Associate in Meteorology, University of Washington (1964-1965); NATO Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Institute for Theoretical Meteorology, University of Oslo (1965-1966); Research Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research (1966-1967); Visiting Lecturer in Meteorology, UCLA (1967); NCAR Outstanding Publication Award (1967); AMS Meisinger Award (1968); Associate Professor and Professor of Meteorology, University of Chicago (1968-1972); Summer Lecturer, NCAR Colloquium (1968, 1972, 1978); AGU Macelwane Award (1969); Visiting Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, Tel Aviv University (1969); Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship (1970-1976); Gordon McKay Professor of Dynamic Meteorology, Harvard University (1972-1983); Visiting Professor of Dynamic Meteorology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1975); Lady Davis Visiting Professor, Department of Meteorology, The Hebrew University (1979); Director, Center for Earth and Planetary Physics, Harvard University (1980-1983); Robert P. Burden Professor of Dynamical Meteorology, Harvard University (1982-1983); AMS Charney Award (1985); Vikram Amblal Sarabhai Professor, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India (1985); Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship (1986-1987); Distinguished Visiting Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA (1988-Present); Sackler Visiting Professor, Tel Aviv University (1992); Landsdowne Lecturer, University of Victoria (1993); Bernhard Haurwitz Memorial Lecturer, American Meteorological Society (1997); Fellow, American Academy of Arts & Sciences; Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science; Fellow, American Geophysical Union; Fellow, American Meteorological Society; Member, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters; Member, Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society; Member, National Academy of Sciences; ISI Highly Cited Researcher; Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1983-Present); Lead Author, IPCC (2001)

      S. Fred Singer, BEE, Ohio State University (1943); A.M. Physics, Princeton University (1944); Ph.D. Physics, Princeton University (1948); Research Physicist, Upper Atmosphere Rocket Program, Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University (1946-1950); Scientific Liaison Officer, U.S. Office of Naval Research (1950-1953); Director, Center for Atmospheric and Space Physics, and Professor of Physics, University of Maryland (1953-1962); White House Commendation for Early Design of Space Satellites (1954); Visiting Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Cal Tech (1961-1962); First Director, National Weather Satellite Center (1962-1964); First Dean of the School of Environmental and Planetary Sciences, University of Miami (1964-1967); Deputy Assistant Secretary (Water Quality and Research), U.S. Department of the Interior (1967-1970); Deputy Assistant Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (1970-1971); Federal Executive Fellow, The Brookings Institution (1971); Professor of Environmental Science, University of Virginia (1971-1994); U.S. National Academy of Sciences Exchange Scholar, Soviet Academy of Sciences Institute for Physics of the Earth (1972); Member, Governor of Virginia Task Force on Transportation (1975); First Sid Richardson Professor, Lyndon Baines Johnson School for Public Affairs, University of Texas (1978); Vice Chairman and Member, National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmospheres (1981-1986); Senior Fellow, The Heritage Foundation (1982-1983); Member, U.S. Department of State Science Advisory Board (Oceans, Environment, Science) (1982-1987); Member, Acid Rain Panel, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (1982-1987); Member, NASA Space Applications Advisory Committee (1983-1985); Member, U.S. Department of Energy Nuclear Waste Panel (1984); Visiting Eminent Scholar, George Mason University (1984-1987); Chief Scientist, U.S. Department of Transportation (1987-1989); Member, White House Panel on U.S.-Brazil Science and Technology Exchange (1987); Distinguished Research Professor, Institute for Space Science and Technology (1989-1994); Guest Scholar, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Smithsonian Institute (1991); Guest Scholar, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institute (1991); Distinguished Visiting Fellow, The Hoover Institution, Stanford University (1992-1993); Distinguished Research Professor, Institute for Humane Studies, George Mason University (1994-2000); Commendation for Research on Particle Clouds, NASA (1997); Research Fellow, Independent Institute (1997); Director and President, The Science and Environmental Policy Project (1989-Present); Expert Reviewer, IPCC (2001)

      Note: there is no objective criteria for determining who is a “climate scientist” as the field covers scientists with varied credentials that are not explicitly defined as “climatology”.

  7. john byatt says:


    Geoff Brown (01:40:25) :
    jb says: “wont put up any comment that he cannot answer..”

    continuing the alarmists line of lies.

    Admit that you are not telling the truth, jb. If I went through all the comments on , I think I would find that you have commented (either as jb or as the Cooloolafool or anonymously) more than any other.

    Your point is noted but destroyed.

    One that stands out was an arctic nonsense post from you, caught out you just refused to put up my comments .

    where are the cooloola comments there geoff.

    You lack the guts to allow open debate on your nonsense blog geoff,

    I did not say that one cannot comment there geoff i stated that you pull the plug on comments as soon as you are caught out

    My description of you would be a climate coward,

    • Geoff Brown says:

      Destroyed, jb. You say: you just refused to put up my (ie your) comments – jb – there are no comments from you awaiting approval and, if you have used your own name, or indeed a recognisable pseudonym (eg Coolalfool) I have posted them.

      I really don’t like the lies that come from the alarmist side of the Agw debate and I do not expect that you will push lies.

      Go ahead and comment but don’t disappear after your comments are shot down in flames. Come back with realistic replies.

      That is where your comments died.

  8. john byatt says:

    at desdemona

    Climate change denial has become a litmus test for modern Republicans, but Rick Santorum, in his fondness for melding faith and government, has become one of the precious few to cite the Bible as evidence that the science-accepting crowd has it all wrong — and apparently the first to bring that thinking to the presidential stage.

    “We were put on this Earth as creatures of God to have dominion over the Earth, to use it wisely and steward it wisely, but for our benefit not for the Earth’s benefit,” Santorum told a Colorado crowd earlier this month.

  9. Geoff Brown says:

    jb – the continuous denier – “My description of you would be a climate coward,”

    John, why do you run and hide after I shoot your weird comments down in flames?

    WtfDeniers: “the links between that mob and climate change deniers is strong.”

    Easy to say, Mike. Where is your proof?

    Sorry. The hypothesis has been falsified. All that is happening now are death throes from the bolted on deniers of the science.

    • Mike says:

      Christianity, Environmentalism, and the Theoretical Problem of Fundamentalism
      Douglas Lee Eckberg and T. Jean Blocker
      Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion
      Vol. 35, No. 4 (Dec., 1996), pp. 343-355

      DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6237.2011.00811.x

      There’s a couple for you to start with, not that you will bother reading them.

      I’m not going to bother with your assertion that “The hypothesis has been falsified” until you can provide me with actual peer reviewed literature that demonstrates that, and you can demonstrate to me that you actually know anything of which you are talking about because to date I have given you multiple opportunities to do so, but in a typically wilfully ignorant and beligerant manner you choose to ignore the opportunities.

      As such, I hypothesise that Geoff Brown is wilfully ignorant in the most juvenile way, has very little understanding of scientific conventions or methods, doesn’t actually understand anything about the science behind global warming and human induced climate change and is generally a blowhard. Falsify that hypothesis.

  10. Geoff Brown says:

    jb says:

    “Would not be surprised if geoff has a santorum post there at the “the coward sceptics ” blog . ‘ will have a look”

    Coward scpetics blog, John? Not nice, jb!

    Mike, I am sure you said that we all should be polite. Does that not apply to Mr Byatty?

  11. john byatt says:

    One of Geoff brown’s religious nutcase mates at just grounds

    • Geoff Brown says:

      Well done, John. You have aligned me with a religious nutcase because we both post on just grounds.

      That makes YOU one of my irreligious nutcase mates on WtF Deniers.

      Great bit of logic.

      • john byatt says:

        Michaelng Clayton’s Comments – Just Grounds Community…28 Aug 2011 – … Clayton’s Comments. ← Back to Michaelng Clayton’s Page … At 6:57pm on September 8, 2010, Geoff Brown said… G’day Michaelng, …

        “you have aligned me with a religious nutcase”


  12. john byatt says:

    Geoff’s Galileo movement

    Take a US redneck rant and put it into the mouth of bob Katter,

    Credibility zero geoff

  13. Mike says:

    Geoff said “Sorry Mike, tell me which link that I provided that you could not open.”

    Don’t play games Geoff. You provided the 900. I randomly chose one and pulled it to pieces and askedforyour feedback. You ignored it. I then suggested you pick out any oneof the 900 and allow mw to pullit apart as well. You ignored me again. I am no longer responding to you until you pull your head out of your cowardly arse and man up.

  14. john byatt says:

    Galileo movement has doctored the redneck rant and attributed it to bob katter, Geoff brown’s cowards caught out

    Bob Katter and the ‘Labor Party’s Worst Nightmare’ Polemic
    Block all results
    15 Sep 2011 – Various US versions have circulated since at least 2000 and have been … I am a White, Conservative, Tax-Paying, God fearing Australian.

  15. john byatt says:

    More nonsense on geoffs blog citing Zhang et al but actually referring to Ge et al

    parroting the nonsense on Idso’s blog

    Abstract Ge et al , compare to geoff’s post


    Twenty-three published proxy temperature series over China spanning the last 2000 years were selected for an uncertainty analysis in five climate regions. Results indicated that, although large uncertainties are found for the period prior to the 16th century, high level of consistency were identified in all regions during the recent 500-years, highlighted by the two cold periods 1620s–1710s and 1800s–1860s, and the warming during the 20th century. The latter started in Tibet, Northwest and Northeast, and migrated to Central East and Southeast. The analysis also indicates that the warming during the 10–14th centuries in some regions might be comparable in magnitude to the warming of the last few decades of the 20th century which was unprecedented within the past 500 years.

    Received 25 November 2009; accepted 12 January 2

  16. john byatt says:

    Want to hope that your nutcase mate does not see your comment here geoff nor all the other nutters there

    here he is geoff on your discussion forum .

    Michaelng Clayton replied to Geoff Brown’s discussion ‘The Galileo Movement’
    Hello All I an following here and also promoting The Galileo Movement See My latest effort here Australia Could Be A Paradise .
    and another galileo movement goon of course

  17. john byatt says:

    Hey geoff , michaeling clayton, the guy that you agree is a religious nutter is also one of your climate sceptic group buddies


  18. john byatt says:

    Geoff, michaeling, your just grounds, galileo and TCS mate is as mad as a cut snake,

    typical of the Climate sceptics though


  19. john byatt says:

    what hypothesis geoff, you do even know the name of it

    it is called the

    The Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Effect assistant (“Herr J. Koch,” otherwise unrecorded in history) put in rather less of the gas in total than would be found in a column of air reaching to the top of …

    Human influence is part of the evidence for the current enhancement

    • Geoff Brown says:

      Actually, The hypothesis is that human-caused carbon dioxide emissions are causing dangerous global warming. – known as man-made or anthropogenic global warming (AGW.)

      and it has been falsified many times, a few of which are recorded here –

      Human Influence is part of the current hoax.

      • Mike says:

        No. The hypothesis is that CO2 works as a forcing agent. If you have actually read anything not found in a blog you would know that.

      • Geoff Brown says:

        So this is a blog, isn’t it, Mike?

        Disregard anything here?

      • Geoff Brown says:

        Perhaps we should look at sunspot activity as reproted by NASA:

        • mike says:

          Please stop…you’re embarrassing yourself. Rather than just throw around one-liners like “checkout sunspots”, how about you demonstrate your own understanding by explaining to us all the relevance of the solar cycle in terms of the current warming, for example how does solar output over the past 100 years correlate with the observed temperature increase? I expect to see lots of technical terms like……..this is where you might need your dictionary…. regression curves, probability, R-value, w/m^2, anomoly……you know, all that sciency stuff you are trying to convince people you know about. I’m also still waiting for the reference to your best of the 900 “peer reviewed papers” so you can further demonstrate your scientific prowess because surely you don’t want us all to consider you a blowhard do you?

          As you can see I’ve decided to re-engage you because you will make excellent fodder for one of my future video projects. However, thats it for me for today. I actually have work to do (I’m a scientist…sssshh don’t tell anyone)

      • john byatt says:

        At Brown’s blog

        “The important point that you have to accept with the above reports is the falsified hypothesis that CO2 causes runaway global warming. As this blog has persistently pointed out, warming comes first and then the rise in CO2 follows, with a lag of ~800 years (see eg here and here) At the moment we are around 800 years from the end of the medieval warm period (MWP)”

        How dumb is this Brown?


  20. john byatt says:

    heartland threatened with lawsuit,

    The taxman cometh

  21. john byatt says:

    threatening letter sent to Heartland, uses their own words


  22. Geoff Brown says:

    WtF deniers says “our friend Bob Carter is involved…”

    Isn’t it great that we have a friend like Professor Bob Carter, who has falsified the AGW hypothesis working for the truth.

    • Mike says:

      I wan’t going to reply to you because you’ve shown yourself to substanceless but I was just wondering if thats the same Bob Carter who is on the payroll of the Exxon funded Heartland Institute? The same Bob Carter who’s climate credentials are so spectacular he can only get an essay published in the non peer-reviewed Economic Analysis and Policy in which he dreadfully misquoted Dr Houghton, and when given the opportunity to use a multitude of models, the majority of which show warming, cherrypicked the only one that suited his argument and misrepresented it as well? Is he your champion? Really? What I find really amazing and it is becoming more evident by the post is that you are actually too intellectually bereft to know what you don’t know. Initially I was frustrated by your wilful ignorance but now I just feel sorry for you. Often people with NCP are quite intelligent but you…welll that just makes it sad. You have no chance of falsifying my hypothesis.

      • Poptech says:

        I have replied twice to this comment and neither shows up even as being held in moderation.

      • Geoff Brown says:

        Non “Peer reviewed” publications that published papers by Bob Carter?

        BRIGGS, W.M., SOON, W., LEGATES, D. & CARTER, R.M. 2011. A vaccine against arrogance. Water, Air and Soil Pollution, pp. 2205-2206.

        LAND, M, WUST, R.A.J. & CARTER, R.M. 2010. Plio-Pleistocene paleoclimate in the Southwest Pacific as reflected in clay mineralogy and particle size at ODP Site 1119, SE New Zealand. Marine Geology 274(1-4), 165-176.

        CARTER, R.M., LARCOMBE, P., DYE, J.E., GAGAN, M.K. & JOHNSON, D.P. 2009 Long-shelf sediment transport and storm-bed formation by Cyclone Winifred, central Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Marine Geology, doi:10:1016/jmargeo.2009.08.009.

        McLEAN, J., DE FREITAS, C. & CARTER, R.M. 2009 Influence of Southern Oscillation on tropospheric temperature. Journal of Geophysical Research 114, D14104, doi:10.1029/2008JD011637.

        CARTER, R.M. 2008 Knock, knock: where is the evidence for dangerous human-caused global warming? Economic Analysis & Policy (Journal of the Economic Society of Australia – Queensland), 32(2), 107-202.

        CARTER, R.M. 2007 Stratigraphy into the 21st Century. Stratigraphy 4, 187-193.

        CARTER, R.M., DE FREITAS, C.R., GOKLANY, I.M., HOLLAND, D. & LINDZEN, R.S. 2007 Climate change. Climate science and the Stern Review. World Economics 8, 161-182.

        HOLLAND, D., CARTER, R.M., DE FREITAS, C.R., GOKLANY, I.M. & LINDZEN, R.S. 2007 Climate change. Response to Simmonds and Steffen. World Economics 8, 143-151.

        CARTER, R.M. 2007 The myth of dangerous human-caused climate change. Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy, New Leaders Conference, Brisbane, May 2-3 2007, Conference Proceedings p. 61-74.

        CARTER, R.M. 2007 The role of intermediate-depth currents in continental shelf-slope accretion: Canterbury Drifts, Southwest Pacific Ocean. In: VIANA, A. R. & REBESCO, M. (eds) Economic and Palaeoceanographic Significance of Contourite Deposits. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 276, 129–154.

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        CARTER, R.M. 1967 The geology of Pitcairn Island, south Pacific Ocean. Bernice P.Bishop Museum, Bulletin, v.231:38 pp.

        • Mike says:

          Wow Geoff I’m actually impressed. Did you compile that list all by yourself? Kudos to you for that. Now, given that you seem to have soooo much spare time on your hands as evidenced by your list, perhaps you can do me a favour? You see, I’ve got this thing about quality over quantity and also relevance so how about, since the subject is climate change and my comment was about him publishing on that subject, how about you filter out of your list, all the papers about geology and keep only the papers about climate change. Next, filter out all the papers that appear in the list of 900 because I can’t trust that they are actually reputable. Next, filter out any papers where he has coauthored with charlatons attached to the Heartland Institute. We can’t have any suspicions about undeclared vested interests. Next, filter out any where he isn’t lead author because quite frankly it isn’t difficult to get yourself listed as an author. One only needs to write a few lines. Then, when you’ve done all that, filter out anything published in journals completely unrelated to climate science and I will be more than happy to discuss with you whatever is left over. Me, I’m off to bed. I have a big day tomorrow. Goodnight you busy beaver.

      • Poptech says:

        Mike. you are in denial. The papers on the 900 list are all peer-reviewed. So why would he want to remove peer-reviewed papers?

        Your emotional instability and mental delusions are not “filters”.

        • Mike says:

          I don’t believe I was addressing you. Your constant need to be the centre of attention is facinating though.

      • Poptech says:

        You cannot address any of my facts which is why you dodge, change direction and reply to someone else with debunked talking points.

        I am here to educate you Mike and from the looks of it you need quite a bit.

        • Mike says:

          You’re here to educate me? Mate, you really need help. Your narcissism is off the chart. You do realise that it stems from a fragile high self esteem more than likely because you were rejected by one of your parents, probably your father, and you are now seeking approval but masking it with extreme arrogance, but thats ok. According to Freud, at some point you’ll do the world a favour and drive into a tree.

          Now, no doubt you will will feed your narcissism by getting the last word in with some supremely arrogant comment. You’ll either belittle me in some way or speak incredibly highly of yourself or both. The alternative is you demonstrate that you are able to control yourself but this is of course the least likely scenario as it will require more will than you possess.

          I know longer wish to feed your mental disorder so will not be replying to any of your comments in the future. Unlike you, I don’t gain any satisfaction from it. have a good life. Seek help.

      • Poptech says:

        I have already educated you on how to properly search ScienceDirect among many other things that can be read in my rebuttals to your nonsense here.

        Sorry to disappoint but I have no self esteem problems whatsoever and both of my parents were very caring and supporting throughout my life. I have also never been involved in an accident as I am a highly skilled driver.

        What I do have is an extreme confidence in destroying uneducated, computer illiterate alarmists like yourself in debates. I rather enjoy it.

        Your pathetic attempt to manipulate or restrict my response failed as I am having too much fun humiliating you.

        Do not fret for whenever you need a proper education I will be there to provide it.

  23. Geoff Brown says:

    Incidentally, WtF deniers, you should reign in the over-the-top allegations of the out-of control batty Byatt.

    Just a subtle hint.

    • Watching the Deniers says:

      Calling me “WtF” isn’t gonna help your suggestion.

      I have a fairly open and liberal comments policy – deliberately so – that supports what is sometimes a robust debate.

      But, I would remind all posters (sceptic, warmist, luke-warmist alike ) to remain within the realms of civility. I’m watching all comments carefully.

    • john byatt says:

      Why do you do it to yourself brown
      Nonprofit status
      The Institute is a 501(c)(3), EIN #363309812, ruling date 12/1984.[5]
      A public charity, *barely*
      Heartland barely misses being classed more restrictively as a private foundation – according to its 2009 Form 990, “public support” made up just 33% of contributions for 2009 and 36% for 2008. (The bulk of support would have come from large donors.) (If public support falls below 33 1/3% for 2 years, it becomes a private foundation.)
      A no-show in Illinois nonprofits database
      The Institute did not appear in a mid-2011 search of the Illinois Attorney General’s Charitable Database, for as yet unknown reasons.

      the tax man will be forced to look at Heartland after this brilliant expose from peter,

  24. Geoff Brown says:

    Mike says: “but I was just wondering if thats the same Bob Carter who is on the payroll of the Exxon funded Heartland Institute? ”

    Exxon funded? WtF?

    Did you see the false leaked Heartland documents, Mike?

    DO you support James E Hansen?

    It seems esteemed NASA astronomer turned climatologist turned paid activist Dr. James Hansen of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) has not been reporting some income that he is required by law to do. How long will NASA continue to look the other way?


    Oh, I know what you will say. You don’t agree with Anthony Watts. Mike, you don’t agree with anybody who is anti the AGW hoax.

    Why not have a look at the evidence.

    Why not see that there is no correlation between the rise in atmospheric CO2 and the rise in global temperatures.

    Why not consider the GCMs do not produce real life data.

    Why not admit that the AGW hypothesis has been falsified.

    Why not look at the major recorders of “global temperature” and see that they all show that there has been no rise in this century.

    • Mike says:

      Mate, I caught you out before and you are too spineless to admit it. You are embarrassing yourself. if you don’t even realise that then you are even less intelligent than I already suspect you are. Come back and debate me when your IQ gets to at least 3 figures. Somewhere in the 130’s would be better but then there wouldn’t be a need to debate.

      My offer is still out there though. Bring forth your best paper out of the 900 and allow me to quiz you on some aspects of it so you can prove to me that you are at least somewhere close to being at a level of intelligence that you will understand some of the very basic parts of climate science because at the moment that is highly doubtful. Remember, you raised the spectre of the 900 in the first place. If you keep dodging, I and anyone reading these comments will recognise you for the wifully ignorant blowhard I know you are.

      Anthony Watts ppfffttttt too funny.

  25. john byatt says:

    The strategic document that heartland claim is fake

    Heartland are claiming that it is fake


    1 it is a fake


    2 it would be in violation of heartland’s tax benefit status

    So whether fake or not Heartland had to claim that it was

    Hence the Forbes article “It would be moronic to pursue charges against peter”

    Do not think that peter realised what he had

  26. john byatt says:

    Brown “GCM’s do not produce real life data”,,

    looking at 1998 and 2008 it appears to me that climate sensitivity is underestimated,

    I would not have thought that 1998 would have almost been beyond the 95% confidence level

    I would have thought that 2008 would have been much nearer the bottom end of the 95% confidence level considering La nina and TSI,

    I made my thoughts on this known at Real climate,

    why not post your thoughts at real climate brown?

    because you are a coward that is why

  27. john byatt says:

    Wow andrew is good at cut and paste, regarding Dr Michaels claim regarding IPCC models. RC have a new post on the WSJ distortions.


    • Poptech says:

      I am very good at refuting repetitive nonsense, which is why I have the material readily available.

      Note: Some of my replies here are still held up in the moderating que.

  28. Poptech says:

    Multiple comments of mine have still not shown up in response to multiple incorrect statements by john byatt (07:07:40) and Mike (11:55:43).

    … for instance it was Dr. Chou not Dr. Choi and Dr. Carter published an erratum to address his misquote ect…

    • john byatt says:

      You are correct there, mistake in name but PNAS rejected Chou as he was a co Author with Lindzen on papers,

      lindzen replied twice that Chou had not co-authored with him for five or seven years depending on what letter you read
      still rejected by PNAS

      • Poptech says:

        I suspect the reason my responses are held up is due to the number of links in those replies which is causing them to be flagged. Until then,

        john byatt (07:07:40)

        It is standard PNAS policy for an author to submitted their choice of 5 reviewers,

        PNAS Submission Guidelines:

        “Authors must recommend three appropriate Editorial Board members, three NAS members who are expert in the paper’s scientific area, and five qualified reviewers.”

        The Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences is a peer-reviewed science journal (ISSN: 1976-7633). Thompson Reuters (ISI) Science Citation Index lists the Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences as a peer-reviewed science journal.

      • john byatt says:

        PNAS rejected lindzen choices for their reasons given

        get used to it,

      • john byatt says:

        get over it and yourself

        The Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences (APJAS) is an international journal of the Korean Meteorological Society (

      • Poptech says:

        Is the Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences cited by the Thompson Reuters (ISI) Science Citation Index as a peer-reviewed science journal?

  29. john byatt says:

    Mike 11:55:43

    just asks brown to put up one of your claimed 900 sceptic papers to discuss,

    of course he won’t because the list is nonsense as has been shown on just about every blog that discusses them.

    “we got 900 papers”

    “put one up”

    “we got 900 papers”

    that seems to be about the extent of it

    • Poptech says:

      Many of the papers have already been discussed online. Discussing them with someone who does not even know how to search ScienceDirect properly is a waste of time.

      The list is very real and all criticisms of it have been refuted.

  30. john byatt says:

    Andrew believes that he is a scholar, not so everyone else

    Climate Change Deniers are “Not Even Wrong” « Greenfyre’s…/climate-change-deniers-are-not-even-wr…19 Dec 2010 – For a specific “typical” example I will use PopTech’s (aka PopTart) 1000 ….. comments will be moved to the Dunce’s Corner where they belong.

  31. john byatt says:

    Do you list this paper Andrew?, McLean,
    if so you are a disinformer

    Is ENSO “responsible for recent global warming?” No. | Deep Climate…/is-enso-responsible-for-recent-global-warming-no…30 Jul 2009 – Authors John McLean, Chris de Freitas and Bob Carter all have a long history of links to climate disinformation groups and associated PR …

    • Poptech says:

      All peer-reviewed papers that support skeptic arguments are included on the list. Including the peer-reviewed paper by McLean et al., the published correction and two rebuttals.

      I do not get my climate change information from websites run by musicians,

      • john byatt says:

        Then your list is nonsense if you maintain such papers,

      • Poptech says:

        McLean et al. 2009 is a very real, very peer-reviewed paper. The criticisms of which has been rebutted by the authors.

      • john byatt says:

        you link does not supply the published correction nor the two rebuttals,

      • Poptech says:

        They appear following the original paper,

        – Correction to “Influence of the Southern Oscillation on tropospheric temperature”
        (Journal of Geophysical Research, Volume 114, October 2009)
        – John D. McLean, Chris de Freitas, Robert M. Carter

        – Response to “Comment on ‘Influence of the Southern Oscillation on tropospheric temperature'” by Foster et al. (PDF)
        (Submitted to the Journal of Geophysical Research, 2010)
        – John D. McLean, Chris de Freitas, Robert M. Carter

        – Comment on “Influence of the Southern Oscillation on tropospheric temperature” by J. D. McLean, C. R. de Freitas, and R. M. Carter (PDF)
        (Submitted to the Journal of Geophysical Research, 2009)
        – David R.B. Stockwell, Anthony Cox

  32. john byatt says:

    “And then many of us have run into the ever ravenous PopTech (Andrew) …. 2009, L&C09 etc etc….he can also remove papers which contradict each other. …. And are you going to remove refuted papers such as McLean et al.”? SKS

    of course he won’t as he is a deluded ninny that is unable to even sort pepper from flyshit

    • Poptech says:

      No peer-reviewed paper will be removed from the list, let alone because some unqualified commentator at the cartoonist’s website (skeptical science) makes a comment to do so.

      John, all of your nonsense about the list has been refuted in detail here.

  33. Mike says:

    “Mike are you computer illiterate and forgot to put your search phrase in quotes and make sure they are cumulative by using a boolean operator? Otherwise you include results that have ANY of those words in them. I did an advanced boolean search of ScienceDirect using the phrases “anthropogenic global warming” and “range extensions” and got exactly 2 results.”

    “Many of the papers have already been discussed online. Discussing them with someone who does not even know how to search ScienceDirect properly is a waste of time.”

    That’s twice you’ve referred to searching Sciencedirect. What are you talking about?

    • Poptech says:

      Do you have amnesia?

      mike (22:48:39) :

      “Oh and I just did a search on Sciencedirect for papers that link human induced climate change to range extensions in various species. I’ll see your dodgy 900 and raise you 40903. That is 40993 peer reviewed papers dealing with only one very specific aspect of climate change.”

      Mike are you computer illiterate and forgot to put your search phrase in quotes and make sure they are cumulative by using a boolean operator? Otherwise you include results that have ANY of those words in them. I did an advanced boolean search of ScienceDirect using the phrases “anthropogenic global warming” and “range extensions” and got exactly 2 results.

      • Mike says:

        I was thinking that about the only journal missing in your list of journals mostly unrelated to climate science is the Yemeni Journal of Sexual Equality. Maybe when you update the list….

      • Poptech says:

        I understand your embarrassment after receiving an education on how to properly search ScienceDirect but there is no need to further demonstrate your ignorance on these issues.

        No such journal exists.

        • Mike says:

          No shit sherlock. My point is that if such a ridiculously unclimatic journal did exist it would likely turn up in your list. There are journals and then there are journals. Then there is peer review and there is peer review. Maybe you should include this one…

          Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings

          It is peer reviewed and is known for publishing, “peer reviewed” papers refuting evolution. There’s bound to be a paper or two in there “disproving” AGW and citing that other peer reviewed work…The Bible.

      • Poptech says:

        Ah yes Mike, your hyperventilating obsession with religious issues such as creationism is amusing but getting old. I have already stated I am agnostic.

        I could find no such papers in that journal.

        All the journals on the list are peer-reviewed.

        • Mike says:

          What makes you think it’s about you? NPD? I am merely pointing out that stating ad nauseum that the papers on your list are peer-reviewed is meaningless if they come from crappy journals and I am using the Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings as an example that is analagous (get a dictionary if you need to) to many of the journals on your list. The Bible and other religious texts are also peer reviewed and we all know how accurate they are. In case you were wondering, that reference to the bible was an example and has nothing to do whatsoever with your religious bent or otherwise is. It is very sad that I have to explain this to you. I feel like I’m talking to a child.

          As for your statement that your list has been cited “hundreds of thousands of times”, well, the bible, that other fictional work, has been cited millions of times. Once again I shall explain that what I am saying here, because it seems to be lost on you, is that quantity is never a substitute for quality.

          Finally, this is my last post in this topic because it has gotten way off topic and you are sounding like a whiny child.

          My comments…. my posts….my list… me me

          There is only one thing to do to an attention seeker and that is to ignore them which is what I will be doing now and I urge my fellow realists to do the same.

      • Poptech says:

        What is meaningless is your delusional belief that you can claim a certain peer-reviewed scholarly journal is “crappy” or not. You hold no such power.

        The Bible and other religious texts were not scholarly peer-reviewed as academic papers are before being accepted for publication. Atheist’s and others like yourself who inject creationism into their discussions do so because of their anti-religious obsession. Interesting that you never include delusional religious beliefs like Buddhism and Islam in your rants.

        Your denial of the overwhelming number of peer-reviewed papers supporting skeptic arguments is noted.

    • john byatt says:

      It seems that the only comment that Andrew has put up on real climate is possibly the anonymous claim that the list was at popular mechanics, i was there when it came up,

      Gavin’s reply was pure gold ,

      So what say you Andrew, go to real climate if you can hack the pace,

      lets guess his reply, shall we

    • Poptech says:

      Various comments of mine were deleted refuting various comments and the comments were closed before I could respond to the last nonsense.

      • john byatt says:

        HAHA love it, always my comments were deleted, held up or some other such deluded offering ,

        you are good fun Andrew i will give you that

      • Poptech says:

        Yes some of my comments were deleted at the Guardian. Did you not read the link you posted,

        27 June 2010 11:37PM
        This comment was removed by a moderator…”

        Look at the bottom of the Guardian link, “Comments on this page are now closed.”

        Two of my comments continue to be held up here, do you think I am lying? Really? Are you that desperate?

      • Poptech says:

        In reference to john byatt (07:07:40)

        mine rebuttal was submitted at 02/25/2012 and says

        “Poptech (01:16:27) : Your comment is awaiting moderation

      • john byatt says:

        you have a reply there

      • Poptech says:

        Yes I have some of my replies there, others were censored (deleted) and the comments were closed before I could reply to the latest nonsensical comments.

      • Poptech says:

        No, I have a reply to Geoff Brown (23:15:53).

      • john byatt says:

        I am not geoff brown, now you do not know what site you are on or who you are answering,

        try to get it together Andrew

      • Poptech says:

        You just stated I have a reply “there” in response to john byatt (07:07:40). My reply to john byatt (07:07:40) is still in moderation. I have a comment following john byatt (07:07:40) but not published (yet) in response to john byatt (07:07:40).

        Idiot, do you see the comment – Geoff Brown (23:15:53) that is what Poptech (00:04:06) is replying to.

  34. john byatt says:

    “Two of my comments continue to be held up here, do you think I am lying? Really? Are you that desperate?”

    Am i that desperate to think that you are lying ?

    I believe that you may mean ” Do you think that I am that desperate that I am lying

    comments with more than one link are held up for mod, you seem to have some sort of complex and deluded to boot

    • Poptech says:

      Do you have amnesia?

      “…always my comments were deleted, held up or some other such deluded offering”

      Your comment implies I am “delusional” for making factual claims.

  35. john byatt says:

    Implies? rubbish I stated that you were delusional,

  36. john byatt says:

    you are having a bit of a problem working out where you are

    Poptech (05:41:14) :
    In reference to john byatt (07:07:40)

    mine rebuttal was submitted at 02/25/2012 and says

    “Poptech (01:16:27) : Your comment is awaiting moderation“

    john byatt (06:38:08) :
    you have a reply there

    Poptech (06:43:44) :
    Yes I have some of my replies there, others were censored (deleted) and the comments were closed before I could reply to the latest nonsensical comments.

  37. Poptech says:

    This is corrected above.

  38. john byatt says:

    Poptech (06:42:01) :
    The authors defended their own paper not I. I simply stated that the rebuttal to the criticism was included on the list. The linked rebuttal includes the authors’ response beyond simply a discussion of censorship.

    What is delusional is to use strawman arguments about claims I did not make.

    So was the rebuttal peer reviewed and published ?

    That is all I ask, how hard is that ?

    • john byatt says:

      No according to your link they were complaining that they were not allowed right of reply,

      they were, their paper failed peer review,

      you are a fraud Andrew, claiming rebuttal from a nonsense non peer reviewed link

      If those are the type of standards that you have then the actual peer reviewed papers you list are not worth a pinch of Sh*t if you simply claim they are relevant still after being rebutted by peer review.

      Deluded, fraud, careless and a victim complex would describe you perfectly

      • Poptech says:

        I never claimed the rebuttal was published in the AGU journal, I claimed it existed.

        The rebuttal exists despite your denial or it.

        My standards are explicitly stated:

        Criteria for Inclusion: All counted papers must be peer-reviewed, published in a peer-reviewed journal and support a skeptic argument against ACC/AGW or ACC/AGW Alarm.

        This has nothing to do with supporting documents that are not counted.

        Idiot, emotional and pathetic would describe you perfectly.

        Just remember there is nothing you can do about my list.

      • Poptech says:

        I am sorry to come here and correct all your bullshit and embarrass you but that is what I do, you will have to live with it and cry yourself to sleep.

      • john byatt says:

        Comment on “Influence of the Southern Oscillation on tropospheric temperature” by J. D. McLean, C. R. de Freitas, and R. M. Carter (PDF)

        That is it is it? dunce

      • Poptech says:

        You learned how to read? Wonders never cease.

  39. Poptech says:

    John Bryatt, is a little child who when he cannot debate the facts states chooses to make libelous lies about others.

    There is nothing he can do about the list, it has been referenced hundreds of thousands of times and will continue to be.

  40. john byatt says:

    I have news for you, no one cares about your list ,

    Try to stay coherent

    “when he cannot debate the facts states chooses”

    • Poptech says:

      Only in your delusional mind do the hundreds of thousands of hits the list receives do not exist and the server logs are lying.

      Typos happen all the time on garbage WordPress since it does not have a comment preview feature that competitors like Blogger does and forum software has had for over 20 years.

  41. john byatt says:

    You are right about the references, this is typical

    900+ Peer-Reviewed Papers Skeptical of AGW Alarm – Topix…/T0PIMNGR53TFMJ6E1
    20 posts – 1 author – 14 Apr 2011
    “Poptech”, the guy who maintains the list, doesn’t have to agree with the findings … list is that it contains papers that are complete stinking crap.

    not even the sceptics use them unless they want to get thrashed

    • Poptech says:

      It is typical people state bullshit and you post broken links, this is true.

      It is correct that I do not have to agree with every paper on the list because it is a resource not my personal theory. This strawman argument has been refuted ad nauseam.

      The belief that certain papers are “crap” is the response received from emotional non-scientific minds.

      Different Skeptics have used every paper on the list.

  42. john byatt says:

    RC 2009

    yggdrasil says:
    15 Dec 2009 at 12:04 PM
    Gavin, you should really pay attention to Popular Mechanics. They have just published a list of 500 peer reviewed articles that dispute the main arguments of anthropogenic global warming:

    DO you think you could provide a similar list for your side? With both of these lists it would be really easy to immediately see where the real controversies in science are. Let the debate begin!

    [Response: Ummm.. since I’m an advisor to Popular Mechanics, I think they’d have told me. You might want to look into it a little more…. – gavin]

  43. john byatt says:

    i see that Brown has been here putting up a list of carter’s comments, letters to Editor, opinion pieces and his debunked science junk.

    had a look at Brown’s blog

    has a graph with a line drawn from the top of 1998 to the bottom of 2011 then presents that as evidence that the world is headed into an ice age.

    Brown lists himself as working in the science industry, God help us, well you actually i am an atheist

    • “Working in the science industry”?

      What an unusual way to describe himself. I think our Mr Brown most likely only encounters science when he swallows his medication.

    • john byatt says:

      Last year on the site I posted this, man of many talents it seems

      The bloke that runs TCS Geoff {above} has “science industry” down on his profile,

      running for the senate he had bean counter ,taxi driver and dog breeder

      He seems to have removed science industry so we will never know his involvement apart from the medication

  44. Mike says:


    Here is an interesting link. The most interesting parts are the links to the papers that deal with unstable high self esteem. It reminds me of someone we both know and love.

  45. john byatt says:

    It is due to the ME Me Me delusion that he has that he forgets what site he is on, who he is talking to and who is talking to him,

    Agree, ignore is the way to treat the dullard

  46. john byatt says:

    Some Moron has been all over the blogs in recent days defending heartland.

    Wonder what the connection is?

  47. john byatt says:

    Moths blog

    See, this is exactly why I’ve given up the stupid merry-go-round with you – neither of us get anything but a little older.
    1. I corrected this; grow up! I explained that you suddenly appeared after I first mentioned you for the first time. As Adam’s a fan of yours, I naturally suspected him to have recruited you. You said he didn’t, so I left is an open suggestion for your sudden appearance..
    2. “You lied that I considered a social science paper the same as a natural science paper” – man you have problems! I didn’t, you did yourself >>>> YOUR TITLE = “850 Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skepticism of “Man-Made” Global Warming (AGW) Alarm” which includes “Free speech about climate change (Society, Volume 44, Number 4, May 2007)- Christopher Monckton” Either YOU “considered a social science paper the same as a natural science paper” or you admit not all your papers are relevant scientific literature!!!!
    3. NO! You warp scientific understanding… haven’t I made that clear on the list post?!?!?!?
    4. NO – you told me that those scientist that criticise this AGW “scepticism” and effectively those most common in scientific communication on AGW represent such a group.
    5. NO! I said that you expect me to learn something from grey literature that I’m missing from the scientific process – YOU’RE the one mixing things up and warping what others are saying.
    etc = BS
    I corrected 1, as it was a presumption that I didn’t make clear, otherwise you’ve warped my words for the rest and yet again, wasted my time….

    POSTED BY MOTHINCARNATE | 26/02/2011, 4:17 PM

    I have come across this Adam calling on Andrew to appear at a site,

    Adam Rich, bus driver and young earth creationist , has a twitter, funny as *uck

    • john byatt says:

      Here is the PT and Adam link,, Pete ridely a well known mate of PT and


    • Poptech says:

      Are you some computer illiterate who just discovered Google? This is going to be a long, long, long time if you are going to dig up every refuted bullshit statement by some idiot online. My rebuttal follows the idiot,

      1. No you have not corrected this, it still explicitly says, “When I pointed out as much and the pointlessness of Poptech’s list, he seemed to have recruited Poptech’s own Andrew for support“. I’ve already explained to you multiple times that I was never recruited. If someone asks me to comment on something I will admit they did. I am the last person that cares if someone asks me to come comment on something or if anyone knows about it. It is not an open suggestion, it is a false claim. The irrefutable fact is he never did and you have not corrected this.

      2. The title is …”AGW Alarm” defined on the list as, “relating to a negative environmental or socio-economic effect of AGW, usually exaggerated as catastrophic.” That paper appears in the socio-economic section. I have never made a claim anywhere that the list only includes natural science papers rather that they are all peer-reviewed. What is considered “relevant” is subjective. Socio-economic papers are an important part of the debate otherwise there would not be a WGII and WGIII section of the IPCC report. Do you consider the WGII and WGIII sections of the IPCC report “relevant scientific literature”?

      3. I am well aware of many of your papers on your list. The only thing you have made clear is your intent to misrepresent my position by lying about it. As I stated before I do not consider the scientific evidence you have presented as convincing to support AGW Alarm. That is not ignoring it, that is finding it not convincing. Now you are accusing me of a new lie, that I “warp scientific understanding”.

      4. Quote me because I stated no such thing. Are you even capable of following conversations you have on your own blog? You stated, “Apparently (as Poptech/Andrew informed me) it does and the scientists who express confidence in the AGW theory simply represent a small group of sheltered alarmists.” Your statement clearly implies that I believe any scientist who believes AGW theory represent a small group of sheltered alarmists. I never stated anything like this at all, my comments were in direct response to your use of websites like and the late Dr. Schneider’s personal website.

      5. I made no claim that any book was equivalent to any scientific process. I suggested you read two books which BTW reference the scientific literature because they present some of the skeptic’s arguments in a very readable narrative.

      I haven’t warped anything, I’ve quoted you EXACTLY, you have failed to quote me in context for any of your lies. Keep it up as I will keep a record of your dishonesty and show it everytime your site is brought up in reference to mine.

      Posted by Poptech | 26/02/2011, 5:04 pm

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