Planetary management 101: rethinking our role as custodians

Tim has a new post up over at our shared blog, Generation Adaptation

The first step of course, will be to accept that the pristine world is gone, species introduction, chemical and environmental changes are (in many cases) beyond repair; how can we turn a sad state of affairs into one that benefits our species as well as surrounding ecosystems? The second step again, will be to use our voices and the benefits of our democratic societies to pursue a course of true environmental integration and stewardship.

It expresses very well some of my own thoughts on the issue of “adaptation”.

The simple truth is, there is no longer a “natural world”.

The question is to what extent to we play an active role in managing the planet?

What are the necessary regulatory, technical and political systems and institutions needed to manage the Earth?

2 thoughts on “Planetary management 101: rethinking our role as custodians

  1. “Make ethical decisions, and stick to your data.”

    Says the late Roger Boisjoly — one of the engineers who tried to stop the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986
    NPR did a radio story – an obit for the man who for the last few decades sought an answer as to why NASA overuled engineers and data and blundered.

    Up until his death last month “Boisjoly traveled to engineering schools around the world, speaking about ethical decision-making and sticking with data. ”

  2. john byatt says:

    The value of data……. Challenger

    at Open mind

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