The war for the North part 2: must see video showing how the deniers hope to capture the media high ground

This is a must watch, and it needs to be forwarded to anyone concerned about the Rinehart’s plans for Fairfax. It comes via Graham Redfern’s blog, showing video of Lord Monckton detailing the need for Australia’s “super rich” to capture the media. 

Watch it here!

Monckton names Andrew Bolt and Jo Nova as being involved in plans to shape Australian public opinion:

Back in the Mannkal boardroom, Monckton told the group that Australia needed to emulate the Fox news model from the United States and should target the “super rich” for some investment.

He also discusses working with Nova, a staunch climate sceptic blogger, and Andrew Bolt to “put together a business plan”.

“That is the way to do it,” Monckton continued. “You have to capture the high ground on what are still the major media and I think will remain so for some time and until we crack that one both in the UK and Australia, we are going to suffer from a disadvantage over and against the more libertarian-minded right-thinking people in the US who have got Fox News and therefore have got things like the Tea Party movement and therefore have at last put some lead into the pencil of the Republican party.

It seems to me that devoting some time and effort to encouraging those that we know who are super-rich to invest in perhaps even establishing a new satellite news channel – not an expensive thing to do – and getting a few Jo Novas and Andrew Bolts to go on and commentate – but keep the news fair, straight and balanced as they do on Fox.”

“That,” Monckton said to an approving board room, would “break through and give to Australia a proper dose of free market thinking”.

Whether or not Australia is about to get a further dose of free market climate denial through the outlets of Fairfax is now open to question.

We should be deeply concerned that Monckton, Bolt and Nova are involved in capturing the Australian media to serve the interests of a billionaire.

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