Spot the difference: are all News Limited bloggers the same person, or a piece of automated software?

The bloggers over at News Limited have all perfected a similar style, so much so that it is becoming almost impossible to distingush “who” is actually writing individual posts.

Remove the masthead indicating which commentator (Tim Blair, Miranda Devine, Andrew Bolt and you’ll see that they adopt an almost uniform style.

Andrew Bolt:

Miranda Devine:

Tony Blair:

Note the formula:

  • Short introductory paragraph framing the blog entries content
  • Substantive text quote from source that agrees with you (often other News Limited journalists or climate sceptic blogs)
  • Make pithy and sarcastic comment at end of post
  • Let forum wars begin!

Mostly this is designed to feed the forum trolls that haunt News Limited blogs, letting them have free ranch to indulge in their hatred for… well pretty much everything.

The topics explored are almost identical:

  • Asylum seekers (bad in case you missed their oh so subtle arguments)
  • Global warming is a hoax
  • The Greens are evil incarnate
  • The stupidity of “Da Left”
  • Labor and Gillard are both evil and incompetent. Or is that incompetently evil?

No really… pay close attention.

I get that in a web environment consistency is required, and that the bloggers are using the same platform. But what strikes me as interesting is the uniformity of the content and manner in which posts are crafted. 

Does News Limited have a “Blogging Bot” that simply spits out the same drivel day after day on its blog? Would automated software be cheaper than hiring a stable of conservative journalists willing to distort science?

There’s my conspiracy theory for you! [wink]

In all seriousness – News Limited bloggers frame information and arguments in an identical manner.

They speak with one voice.


6 thoughts on “Spot the difference: are all News Limited bloggers the same person, or a piece of automated software?

  1. Hmmm…totally plausible. sounds like the 2003 Luntz memo. Lends credence to that effort

    An over view is at

  2. ..and that is why I consider your work has an authentic voice – it is real and not synthetic/fabricated – that’s thinking exemplified…

  3. Mike says:

    Given the propensity of the loony right to cut and paste ad hoc, I get the impression they are incapable of generating their own ideas or having an individual thought. It comes as no surprise then, that they all write in a similar manner using the same buzzwords and catchcries. There’s probably a correlation between pseudointellectual plagiarism and IQ.

  4. What you should also question is the role the World Bank and the IMF is going to play collecting that universal carbon trading tax.
    The so-called right-wing think tanks listed in the diagram are still a part of this corporate globalisation process – just another aspect of the same process of international usury securing its self-interest, which by its very nature enslaves individuals to debt finance.
    Just think how the ordinary students emerge from studies with a degree, then spend years paying off their debt. Education should be free!
    In this respect the fight is not left-right but national-international.

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