What I’m reading… denial, more denial and something inspirational

The Christmas period has been productive, at least from a research perspective.

Skeptic Politics is under construction and as part of background reading I’ve plunged into some of the “key” texts of the denial movement.

Thus, I’ve managed to wade through:

As frustrating, maddening and sometimes laugh out loud these works where, it was an invaluable experience. I’ve gained enormous insight into the conspiratorial mindset of the denial movement.

I’ve also believed in challenging myself, and reading this material with as open a mind as possible was a valuable experience. Every claim sent me off to research and think.

As an antidote, I’ve found Mark Lynas’ “The God Species” inspirational, challenging and thought provoking:

Review soon on Gen Adaptation!


One thought on “What I’m reading… denial, more denial and something inspirational

  1. sailrick says:

    If you peruse the book shelves at your local Barnes and Noble, you will notice at least as many books by climate change skeptics, as mainstream climate science books. There is a reason for this. The same “think tanks” who are spreading the disinformation for the fossil fuel industry, are funding and or publishing most of these books. They promote 78% of skeptical books on climate change. This has resulted in at least 64 climate change skeptic books.

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