Power without glory: why we should begin to boycott Andrew Bolt’s blog

I’ve worked with technology for several years now, specifically web-based web technology and I know that for most people, the only true marker of success is “the number of hits”.

How many people read the site/blog?

How many unique visitors

How many page hits?

For those operating commercial websites and blogs these numbers are vital: they drive how much they can charge for advertising.

In this respect the model is no different from the more traditional forms of media.

This brings me to the issue of Andrew Bolt’s blog.

Stoking the fires of controversy

Andrew Bolts blog is huge… it’s a monster in terms of “hits”. Thus in turn it is a money-maker for the Herald Sun – and by extension News Corporation.

I’ve noted over the past few weeks how the printed version of the Herald Sun has been directing readers to “give Andrew a piece of your mind” and “join the debate”.

The HUN wants you to be outraged and go (right now!) to Andrews’s blog and vent!

Upset by the Bolta!

Carn then, come give it too him on the blog!

For some time I’ve been musing on the issue of Bolt’s blog and the nonsense he publishes.

It is pointless debating Bolt, or even critiquing him.

So let’s ignore him…

Actually, les actively boycott his blog.

Drive down the hits.

I’ve come to the conclusion what Andrew believes about climate change is irrelevant.

As consumers of internet media, we can actually have an impact.

It is our clicks that count.

The editors of the HUN won’t rein him in because he delivers them so many hits and readers. Bolt has licensed to say what he pleases.

He reveals in the limelight, soaking up the adulation and criticisms.

His power in the media is driven by the controversy he generates.

But there is only one thing Andrew – indeed any fame whore – fears.


The Andrew Bolt Blog Boycott

  • Refrain from visiting Andrew Bolt’s blog

  • Spread the word via email, Facebook,Twitter and social media

  • Suggest others begin their personal boycott


173 thoughts on “Power without glory: why we should begin to boycott Andrew Bolt’s blog

  1. Sundance says:

    Another diverging global warming indicator is US coastal sea levels. The most comprehensive inventory of historic sea level measurements for the USA coasts was just published and found no net sea level rise over the last 100 years. Two recent Gallup Polls have place climate concerns dead in level of importance to people. Folks like Chris Mooney at DeSmog still believe that the reason why people lack concern is due to lack of proper communication of the science. I think he is wrong.

    At least you might be happy to know that my electricity rates went up 40% over the last three years. What’s interesting is that my usage went down (I’m a huge conservation type) and 2010 was one of my lowest cost years for energy even with the warm summer and cold winter.

    More good news. Grist reported that net per capita greenhouse-gas emissions fell by 21 percent over the decade in the USA.

    One other good news item you should know is that Costco (wharehouse club) is selling 2300 watt solar systems for only $8,999.99 or $3.61/watt with a 25year guarantee and a 17% efficiency rating. I think this is great and I would buy this system if my state forced our energy supplier to reimburse customers at the metered rate of 10 cents per kWh, but my state is full of corrupt politicians and they are allowing the utility company to only pay a couple of cents per kWh of energy it receives from residential homes that feed into the grid and puts a monthly limit on how much a residential home can sell back. Too bad because everyone would be going solar if there was a fair incentive to make it economically feasible.

    • john byatt says:

      The JCR paper has been addressed sundance , basically they ignored the satellite data and then selected a date that gave them the desired result , a start date ten years earlier or ten years later would have produced the exact opposite outcome, they all tried to correlate US data with Global data,
      they removed what they termed outliers, generally a piss poor paper the results of which are already known to other researchers that picked up what the New Orleans fiasco two had done

      the republicans in the US are trying to turn around the gains made see climate progress april 1 2011

      my elec costs are the same as they were five years ago , ring your provider and tell them that another company offered you a discount and what is the best they can offer, always works

      10C per KWH is bloody cheap , we pay 18 cents and ergon reimburse 50 cents per kwh

    • JeffT says:

      @ Sundance (04:05:37)
      Don’t tell anyone here about those facts.
      They’ll classify (crucify) you as a DENIER and call you a liar.

      Facts appear to shake their tree a bit though. Especially if the facts don’t include carbon dioxide.

      12 months ago I invested in a large solar water heater system -evacuated tube technology.
      Since then my electricity costs have escalated by a minimum of 12%


  2. JeffT says:

    @ john byatt (04:26:19)

    “the republicans in the US are trying to turn around the gains made see climate progress april 1 2011 ”

    That line raises a grin – You wouln’t realise it but Sen James Inhofe’s EPW page has changed from “Minority Report” to EPW Report. LOL

    And I don’t remember any response from my 20 sec Youtube of the EPA head lost for words responding to the question from Sen Joe Barton REP Texas, about the current CO2 level in the atmosphere. That’s worth another LOL on both counts.

    Gains – only if your name rhymes with tax, Sachs or money, or your an Al Gore ” arschkriecher “.


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