Question: would it take a nuclear bomb going off under his arse for Andrew Bolt to acknowledge there might, just might be an issue with the Fukushima reactor? Bolt is also the first documented case of “ideological solipsism syndrome”

For the past week Andrew Bolt has thrown his scientific and political genius at the Fukushima reactor.

It’s not that bad, says Andrew.

The media are panicking.

The “greens” have an anti-nuclear agenda.

He’s had “experts” (actually a former Telstra CEO with links to nuclear industry) on his MTR program to say really, it won’t be that bad.

He’s claimed that the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had no lasting impact. Gosh, it mustn’t have been that bad eh?

Today he is “astonished” by the world’s reaction to what is clearly a major disaster in the making:

…The problem remains serious, but still no one has been killed or is likely to be, although two workers are said to be missing.

There is reason to hope that power can be restored to the electric pumps that cool the spent nuclear fuel that has been in danger of overheating through later of water cover The International Atomic Energy Agency reports:

Japanese authorities have informed the IAEA that engineers were able to lay an external grid power line cable to unit 2. The operation was completed at 08:30 UTC.

They plan to reconnect power to unit 2 once the spraying of water on the unit 3 reactor building is completed.

The panic this emergency has induced is astonishing.

Let me see…

Over 14,000 people are feared dead from the earthquake.

Tens of thousands of survivors are freezing in out door conditions.

There are concerns about the safety of Japan’s food and water due to radiation.

The US has just come out and said the problems with the reactor are far more serious.

Tens of thousands have fled to Tokyo airport in a desperate effort to escape.

The Australian government has told Aussies to “get out now“.

Astonishing, all this panic!

Andrew must have information the world’s governments and Japanese citizens aren’t privy too.

Either that or his universal genius allows him to see the “real issues”.

Andrew Bolt: the first documented case of “ideological solipsism syndrome”

Can this man, sitting in the Herald Sun’s South Bank office in Melbourne, tens of thousands of kilometres away actually have a sense of what is going on?

Has he not seen the footage coming out of Japan?

I have a new term for the likes of Bolt.

Ideological solipsism syndrome (ISS)

Solipsism is:

“…the philosophical idea that only one’s own mind is sure to exist. The term comes from Latin solus (alone) and ipse (self). Solipsism is an epistemological or ontological position that knowledge of anything outside one’s own specific mind is unjustified.”

Andrew combines this with his ideological filter in which he filters out any and all information that contradicts his extreme right-wing paranoia.

Hence the condition known as ISS.

Nothing exists outside Andrew’s mind except what he thinks it should be. If anyone dare contradict his views they MUST be liars. Or barbarians!

There are demons and hobgoblins flitting in and out of the shadows of Andrew’s world, attacking him and working to overthrow Western Civilisation.

Of course, Andrew equates himself with “Western Civilisation”. An attack on him IS an attack on the proud heritage of the “West”!

All those “Muslims” trying to white-ant our culture.

Those leftists betraying their Judeo-Christian heritage… even though Andrew Bolt is an acknowleged agnostic and would have been burn’t alive at the stake a few centuries ago by the Church for that lack of faith.

“Those BARBARIANS!” he splutters with a barely contained rage at those who dare disagree with him.

These demons and barbarians take the form of “greens”, “elites”, “scientists”, “refugees”, “leftists”… indeed, anyone who does not agree with his narrowly defined, hate filled politics.

The dreaming ideologue and the barbarians at the gate of South Bank

Andrew sits dreaming in the HUN’s Southbank tower, looking out at a world he barely understands while mystified that it does not accord with how the thinks it should work.

“Astonishing!” he mutters to himself…

14 thoughts on “Question: would it take a nuclear bomb going off under his arse for Andrew Bolt to acknowledge there might, just might be an issue with the Fukushima reactor? Bolt is also the first documented case of “ideological solipsism syndrome”

  1. lol – ISS! I’ll have to remember that.

    Seeing as Dolt is such an expert, with his vast training in physical chemistry and engineering, on the reality of the problem over 8000kms away, maybe he’d like to put his money where his mouth is and go over there to report how mild the situation truly is first hand.

    It’s easy to have an opinion about something you’re clueless about – you don’t need to worry too much about what you say on the subject. It gets difficult as soon as your informed, as you then have to convey the information accurately in a way that is highly readable.

  2. john byatt says:

    It appears that Dolt has been reading the earlier posts at bravenewclimate

    he should follow comment updates , i was going to put ,less he makes a fool of himself, a bit late for that

  3. EoR says:

    What I can’t understand is why Blot isn’t taking this golden opportunity to point out how many people have been killed when evil solar plants and Communist wind farms fail….

  4. john byatt says:

    Here is discussion when talking about one in one thousand year events,,

    Solar, and a super equatorial volcanic eruption,

    We need as much different non fossil energy sources as possible

    what if Japan had of put all research and development into tidal power,

    understand the time frame involved , how far is 60ppmv , and beyond 2DegC away ‘

    2degC wont be pretty , it is also a short term sensitivity ,


    • JeffT says:

      Here’s a reasonable question for you.
      Why has there been no mention of geo-thermal technology, in a country that has hot springs, and in a volcanic zone ?

      If New Zealand and Iceland can use geo-thermal, the technology is there and proven. Iceland’s geo-thermal power allows them to operate about 4x aluminium smelters, now a major source of income.
      That would alleviate the dangers of nuclear reactors over an active fault zone and associated earthquake and volcanic actions.

      Unless there are political reasons, and business reasons to use uranium based nuclear reactors

      And we do have an expert consultant (?) in geo-thermal technology, we could loan to the Japanese energy authority, on a permanent basis, Tim Flannery.

      • Mike says:

        There is a mob in South Australia who have been devloping “hot rocks” technology. They are trying to do develop “proof of concept” with a small 1 Mw plant. I think the company is Geodynamics or Geothermics or something. My understanding is they had quite a few problems. Its a case of ‘watch this space’ for this technology. In Australia, the method is different to the volcanically active countries. They rely on capturing steam that is generated naturally. In Australia they drill two holes down 4-5 km to radioactive rocks and fracture the rock between the two holes. They then pumpwater down one hole and collect steam from the other in a closed loop. Sounds simple but its not.

  5. ianash says:

    Really well done – great article.

    It might also be IBS – he really is an irritable bowel…

  6. […] Mike’s provided an excellent post to explain what a melt down looks like – far from a a cancer-free utopia! […]

  7. Informed Citizen says:

    andrew bolt takes ignorance – or deceit – to a whole new level.

    perhaps one day one of my comments will be published.


    i posted the above here..

    • Moth says:

      It doesn’t really matter. My comments have made it on his blog and his disgruntle little redneck fans are only too happy to shoot everything down.

      It’s not a place for reason and evidence, but merely a cave engineered to prop up one’s faith in business as usual.

  8. What computer does the revenge of the fallen game work well on?

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