Services shall resume

Work remains very busy, leaving little time for WtD.

Services shall resume over the weekend.


Mike @ WtD


81 thoughts on “Services shall resume

  1. john byatt says:

    Porkie is telling another porkie

    “James Hansen committed an act of deceit at the Congressional hearing in 1988, by having the air-conditioning disabled during the extremely hot weather conditions the hearing was held, to blatantly mislead.

    His predicted the fate of the planet in 20 years – which came and went without the dire consequences that he based his predictions on –

    what have you got to back up this classic Jeff Porkie ?

    how long is your nose porkie?

    Notice that porkie get the year right 1988 and then claims that Hansens prediction was for twenty years

    which is 2008 , bit of a stuff up there from Porkie as the usual Kleptic drivel is
    Hansen in the eighties made a prediction that by the end of the century ie, 2000 ,

    It would be a bit hard to convince even the looniest sceptic that Hansen made this prediction for the coming eleven/twelve years so by using the eighties they can then push the prediction to 2000 ( 20 years}

    poor old porkie is now stuck with stating that Hansen’s prediction was for 2008,

    should make sure you fully understand the loony bin claims Jefft before commenting, you have just stuffed up .

    • JeffT says:

      Yes JB3,
      It was even celebrated by a number of observers in 2008, that the end of the world, the rising sea levels, crop losses, mosquito born diseases moving further away from the tropics the complete loss of the ozone layer,
      All the Al Gore A.I.T. stuff – as Hansen is Gore’s preferred doctor of climatism.
      Even Al Gore didn’t believe the rising sea levels part, as he bought a condo at the St Regis complex in Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco, after that period.
      Nice collection of Hansenisms, some referable history on Hansen at:

      Gives you another blog spot to ad hom.
      You must, it’s the Carbonated Green Koolaide (I.V.) kicking in.

      • john byatt says:

        As usual porkiet you have it wrong , read your link (TEMP}

        you do not accept the De Freitas claim , it was all over the bogs

        you’ve been completely mislead by Freitas

        “In 1988 Hansen predicted a 0.3 degree C temperature rise by 2000; it was 0.1 degree C.
        He predicted a sea level rise of several feet by 2000; it was less than an inch.”

        what is scary is that Jeff t is recognised by TCS as the best they have .

  2. JeffT says:

    More JB3 says:

    “so how did Jefft get the 1922 AN ice core paper so wrong”

    You may not recall, that it was not “my Interpretation” of the NOAA document,
    I posted the link to the archived NOAA document.
    Then JB3 comes out and tries to justify the loss of sea ice cover.
    That is John Byatt in all his bluff, bluster and B/S, is saying the NOAA document is wrong. (All the world is wrong -except JB3 )

    You see, I give you the tools, and you stuff up – again.

    Did you email NOAA and tell them they are wrong ?
    No ? You didn’t want to provide NOAA staff with another JB3 WTF moment ?

    It’s the Carbonated Green Koolaide JB3.

    • john byatt says:

      What was your interpretation of

      levels not reached again till the end of the 1990’s (temp } for AN ice core ?

  3. john byatt says:

    here it is Porkie enlighten us with your interpretation

    Porkie the cherry picked bit was the Conclusion,

    was saving this bit for you, hence porkie porkie ,


    the strong warming in the first two decades of the 20th
    century the most prominent feature of the AN d
    O time
    series is the double-peaked SAT maximum between 1920
    and 1940. These values were not reached again until the end
    of our record in the 1990s. This agrees with the instrumental
    sub-Arctic and Arctic SAT data (Fig

    we await your divine revelation, are you sure you are the best they have?

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