Censorship at WtD? Actually I have a life outside blogging… and this Pete Ridley thing

The claims of censorship have raised their head, with Geoff mistaking thinking I do not allow comments;

Well, the Chief denier, Mike, denied me right of reply. I submitted a comment that, although the original post slandered TCS president Leon Ashby, Leon’s reply was censored. Is that fair, Mike? You do a whole post trying to tear strips of Leon but censor his reply.

As I’ve said repeatedly, I do not censor comments here.

Three comments where pending due to me being away from the blog for most of this week. I have a very, very busy work life at the moment.

I don’t talk about myself on the net, but lets just say 12+ hour days are the norm for me.

If your comment does not get through, do not assume it is for nefarious reasons.

I have a life ya know 🙂

@ Pete Ridley: Pete, I have investigated your claims, and will give you the benefit of the doubt. I will watch closely comments, and if I suspect you have a “sock puppet” account, then we are back were we started. Some may quesiton your return to this blog, but I think you have a right to express yourself.

Ground rules:

  • keep it polite
  • no abuse

6 thoughts on “Censorship at WtD? Actually I have a life outside blogging… and this Pete Ridley thing

  1. john byatt says:

    Good call Mike, lets leave personalities out of the debate here and stick to facts ,
    hopefully this thread will not simply degenerate into Roger T, propaganda ,

  2. fredorth says:

    If someone has the capacity, in the US, PBS is running on “Need to Know” a full half hour of excellent study on CC. If this pops up of Facebook, I’ll copy.

  3. Ben says:

    Pete Ridley popped up on my website, most recently crowing that “you warmers will soon be sorted out”. I’ve stopped approving his comments because his habit of ferreting out and referring to irrelevant personal information and faintly malevolent private e-mail contacts define him as nothing more than a attention-seeking creep.

    • What’s with the threats? I’ve had Poptech and Adam provide a series of threats lately.. It’s disturbing.
      He emailed me a while ago, I think stating that you refused to help him defend himself against Mike’s claims here – hoping I’d help. You wonder why they expect you to help them after the trouble they stir..

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