Liberal Party War on Science: Cory Bernardi joins deniers in attacking BoM

There is a 66 page document outlining the “concerns” of the deniers.

In effect, they claim the BoM is massaging the data, therefore “lying”.

They are going at the credibility of BoM.

This is dirty politics.

The following individuals are listed are signatories:

  • Senator Cory Bernardi
  • Joanne Nova
  • Andrew Barnham
  • Anthony Cox
  • James Doogue
  • Chris Gillham
  • Ken Stewart
  • Dr David Stockwell

My previous post on the good Senator:

If there is any doubt that the Australian Liberal Party is the party of climate change denial, then the appearance of South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi at an upcoming “deniers” conference clears up such much misconceptions.

The US think tank the Heartland Institute – in conjunction with Australia’s Institute of Public Affairs and the Property Rights Alliance – is hosting a free seminar in Sydney on October 1.

Heartland – for those who don’t know – have worked with companies such as tobacco giant Philip Morris in trying to question the link between second hand smoke and increased health risks.

Over he past few years they have been one of the driving forces of climate change “scepticism”. Indeed, this conference is a perfect example of the “denial machine” in action”. Is demonstrates the links the Australian deniers have with US right wing think tanks, and how they are supported by them.

Many of the usual suspects will appear, including old friends such as Jo Nova, Bob Carter, David Evans and the IPA’s Alan Moran.

The (draft) agenda indicates the speakers will pontificate on the usual hodgepodge of bad science, conspiracy theories.

Normally that wouldn’t get my attention, as these talk fests constitute nothing more than ”Blah, blah the science is wrong!”, “Boo hiss IPCC!” and “They are trying to take our freedoms!”.

What does strike me as incredible is that a politician form a major political party would not only attend, but appear as a major speaker.

As noted, the conference is free and held in Sydney.

My encounters with Ken Stewart from Ken’s Kingdom here:

There no doubt the denial movement loves to play up to the part of being the “underdog” in the climate debate. They lionize the “ordinary” Jo’s and Josephine’s who through hard work, tenacity and a little bit of commonsense (plus lots of Google searches) are able to spot the crucial flaws scientists working the field of climate science have somehow managed to over look.

A lack of qualifications in climate science – indeed a lack of qualifications in anything – is seen as a bonus. Anthony Watts and Steve McIntyre are the examples par excellence.

Mr Smith comes to climate science

For the “climate sceptic” community “do-it-yourself” (DIY) is the hall mark of a true sceptic engaging in the “scientific process” . Unsurprisingly their work finds “amazing flaws”, evidence of “data manipulation” and outright fabrication by scientists.

Our local Anthony Watts: kenskingdom

A good example is a new blog over at Kenskingdom, in which the author downloads publicly available data for temperature records around Australia, applies some quick and ready analysis and “hey presto” claims the data is either wrong is being manipulated…

So the Liberal Party of Australia is going the way of the Republicans in the US in attacking science.

Dark days indeed.

17 thoughts on “Liberal Party War on Science: Cory Bernardi joins deniers in attacking BoM

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  2. Nick says:

    Let them get their education in public. The experience of third-party reconstructions of temperature records in the US and NZ suggests there is nothing in these foolish allegations.

    Ken Stewart doesn’t know the specifics of station adjustments,beyond the establishment literature,and has found it hard to get such information,which is no argument that such information does not exist or is not reasonably arrived at. However,it’s enough to make him pass judgement against BOM.

    None of these people have any credibility,as their political positions precede them noisily. And none have done any work in the field.

  3. ianash says:

    I’d suggest writing to the Auditor General, pointing out the deeply political nature of the request.

    Bernardi is beneath contempt.

  4. john byatt says:

    After getting no media coverage for their “climate change royal commission ” they are only trying to get media coverage for this garbage , ignore them on this and do not address it unless they get it into the news,

    let it suffocate

  5. Matt says:

    Forth line typo for correction. This is dirty plolitics.

  6. adelady says:

    “…. downloads publicly available data for temperature records around Australia, applies some quick and ready analysis and “hey presto” …. ” Groan.

    Excel has a lot to answer for.

  7. Bernardi again. We can’t let these people have the floor. We have to keep repeating the facts–that the science is based on carefully collected information and no scientifically credible papers have been able to suggest any solution that fits the measurement other than human emissions.
    Sigh, it gets a bit tiring sometimes. Basic grass roots action theory suggests that things look worst to the campaigners just before the breakthrough.
    A balance of optimism that people will realise eventually and pesimism that the disaster is realy possible.

  8. Ross Brisbane says:

    These people are nothing but a source of disinformation and distort serious allegations regarding bias in weather stations.

    The photos of badly placed US stations DO NOT correlate to a warming bias at all. They tend exaggerate the temperatures in the reverse!

    The Watts Up web site started this misleading unscientific campaign. It had now spread over here.

    For more insight into this here are two links:

    Attention to all Australian politicians – This is a WASTE your time and resources. The American experience is very timely and telling.

  9. ianash says:

    Bernardi has been at his racist worst this week – again attacking muslims. The Libs dont even try to dog whistle anymore – just outright hate-mongering.

  10. Ross Brisbane says:

    Be sure to watch Q and A tonight on ABC. Here we’ll see Joyce go head to head with Flannery.

    There will lots of word bytes against Flannery from B. Joyce.

    I hope that Flannery is prepared with sound bytes of his own and does not get caught in explaining a complex science to a person who seems to seek use of those smart a**se comments to win the argument.

  11. john byatt says:

    Thanks Ross, did not know that it was on.

    the usual denier tactic is to get Ove { barrier reef} expert on and then throw up junk Antarctica papers,

  12. […] of the impetus to get this done was a barely coherent set of assertions on how Australia’s climate records were being massaged by the Bureau. These assertions were […]

  13. […] Labour and the Greens had called on Abbott to sack the senator, who has attracted controversy in the past for his views on multiculturalism, asylum seekers and climate change. […]

  14. […] Labor and the Greens had called on Abbott to sack the senator, who has attracted controversy in the past for his views on multiculturalism, asylum seekers and climate change. […]

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