Canary in coal mine part 3: Perth’s Black Sunday “most devestating fires” still out of control; 59 houses lost; correction now 64 houses lost; fires the long reach of Yasi; while Perth based denier Nova has nothing to say about fires raging around her

Watching the news from Perth, as I feared 59 homes have been lost:

Authorities also believe the fire is contained and the wind that was playing havoc with firefighters’ ability to tackle the blaze, is now working in their favour.

At least 59 properties have been destroyed in a toll authorities believe could go higher.

The new figure dwarfs the 42 properties previously believed gutted by one of the most devastating bush fires in Perth’s history, which authorities believe was sparked by a person cutting metal with an angle grinder.

The fires have been declared a natural disaster:

WA Premier Colin Barnett has declared the Roleystone fire a natural disaster, opening up extra state and federal funding to help with the recovery effort.

He also announced immediate short-term grants of $3000 to each person who had lost a home and $1000 to each person whose property suffered extensive damage, to help them through the coming days. The City of Perth Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund has also launched the Perth Hills Bushfire appeal for the community to donate to those affected by the fire

UPDATE: it would appear 69 homes have been lost, with that figure sure to rise.

Fires in the suburbs

To give some idea of just how close the fires are to Perth itself, see the following map:

Resident captures footage of Perth burning

Perth resident Colin Ahearn has uploaded some raw footage of the fires on YouTube.

As you can see, the smoke from the fires fill the sky:

The fires have a name: Black Sunday.

Victoria had its devastating Black Saturday fires that killed almost 200 in 2009.

Sadly, within a few years I suspect every day of the week will find itself with the “Black” moniker attached to it.

The Black Sunday-Yasi connection

It would appear Yasi’s reach is even longer than even I could have imagined.

The winds fueling the fires stem from Yasi:

After devastating north Queensland last week and flooding Victoria on the weekend, Ex-Tropical Cyclone Yasi is now helping fan the devastating bushfires near Perth, the Bureau of Meteorology says.

Although Yasi has moderated to a typical low pressure system, meteorologist Patrick Ward said the storm has moved across the continent to Western Australia where it has bumped into a high to push strong winds over the fire zone.

For those not living in Australia, the winds stem from a cyclone on the other side of continent.

Imagine if a cyclone in Florida fueled fires in California.

Do you get a sense of the scale of these climatic events?

Please go ahead deniers, let’s go back to talking about Cyclone Tracy, and how we’ve seen cyclones before.

Yeah right…

Just like Yasi huh?

Speaking of deniers…

While Perth burns, Nova continues to live in a fantasy world

I’ve always wondered what the average climate (*cough* denier *cough*) sceptic would do when climate change came knocking.

Would they finally realise the enormity of climate change?

No, of course not.

As one would suspect they bury themselves further in denial, pretending the events around them aren’t real.

Jo Nova, Perth’s resident denier, is having none of this “fire stuff”.

Black Sunday?

Not worth talking about.

The fires that are consuming Perth’s suburbs?

Not happening.

No, instead Jo posts another idiotic story on “the smart money is leaving climate change” the day after the fires begin their devastation:

There is still billions invested in research, billions circling in carbon markets, and billions tossed as government subsidies. But there are a few less billion available now than there was before Christmas. Reality bites and Green Energy is left to face the music.

Blah, blah, blah.

Quite frankly, it’s embarrassing.

I can’t stand to read this stuff at the moment: it sends a shiver of disgust down my spine.

While we suffer unprecedented flooding, cyclones and fires… the deniers hide themselves in a fantasy world of conspiracies and pretending the scientific evidence isn’t real.

Sure, I can understand it’s much “safer” in conspiracy-land. So much less threatening than what is happening outside their windows.

Which is why this blog has been focussed on what is happening to my country, my community and the people I know these past few weeks.

The usual trench warfare the deniers and warmists wage seems trivial compared to what I am witnessing.

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