The long reach of Yasi, Melbourne flash flooding: WtD captured footage of Chapel Street flooding

Above: my footage of flash flooding

Currently Melbourne is experiencing flash flooding as the result of some very heavy rains:

Melbourne’s wet weekend has begun.

Public transport across Melbourne has been thrown into chaos as flash flooding hits the city.

Buses have replaced trains on several railway lines in the eastern suburbs, with the Sandringham line closed between South Yarra and Sandringham, the Belgrave line closed between Upper Ferntree Gully and Belgrave and the Alamein line closed between Camberwell and Alamein.

Flooding has also affected the Monash Freeway outbound at Toorak Road.

The Bureau of meteorology warns that worse are storms expected across the state this weekend.

About 50 people have been rescued from floodstruck cars, including a mother with her two young children in Lyndhurst.

A wheelchair-bound man was pulled from his flooded Mulgrave home with water around his hips and a girl clung to a tree in Ashwood until emergency crews rescued her from the torrent.

It is the long reach of Yasi:

CYCLONE Yasi’s aftermath is expected to hit Melbourne this weekend, prompting flood watch alerts for Melbourne’s rivers.

The Bureau of Meteorology expects the state to be deluged with between 50 and 100mm rain this weekend after ex-Anthony already hit Northern Victoria with 65mm.

Duty forecaster Peter Newham said there will be “decent showers and storms with potential for localised flash flooding”.

I was out last night picking up some takeaway just of Chapel Street, Prahran, when the rain started to pound down. Within minutes the streets started to flood with 1-2 feet of water.

After sitting in my car waiting for the rain to ease of I decided to start driving home. I flicked on the video on my Blackberry and captured some of the flooding as I drove .

Things didn’t seem that bad until I hit Chapel Street , where a foot of water covered most of the street. I was walking to my car when the rain started: it was like being hit by a wave. One second some drizzle, the next sheets of rain.

I drove down Chapel, noting how the water started to cover the pavements and seep into some of the shops.

I got to the the intersection with Dandenong Road and could see parts we’re flooding with up to 2+ feet of water.

Traffic lights were out everywhere while fire engines screamed past me going in all sorts of directions.

I got home to see my own street turned into a little babbling creek:

It was a good excuse for me to capture and upload some YouTube footage. Excuse how raw it is, but it was taken on my Blackberry and I converted it via Windows “My Movie”.

I’ve strung together different pieces of footage, and while it is very raw and jerky, it gives you an idea of just how much water fell in those few minutes.

For clarity: I’m not saying “climate changed flooded Chapel Street!”

However, having lived in the area for 15 years, I’ve never seen anything like it.

15 thoughts on “The long reach of Yasi, Melbourne flash flooding: WtD captured footage of Chapel Street flooding

  1. Sundance says:

    Are you smart enough to know that your Blackberry is made mostly of fossil fuel? So is your auto. So is your computer. That makes you a gigantic hypocrite, calling others names while you use fossil fueled products galore. You’re like a pedophile priest up on the dais calling everyone else an evil sinner. You are worse than any denier because you are a phony. You consume the same fossil fuels as the deniers and are addicted to all the fossil fuel toys. How can you live with being such a hypocrite? I see through you now. Now you will lie to yourself that you are not a polluter and rationalize that you are superior to me. Your childish ego-fed, self-absorption will kick in, to deny your own guilt as a consumer of fossil fuels. Now I understand why you lash out at others in anger using childish terms. You live a lie, a contradiction. It’s OK for you to cause the planet harm but anyone else that does is an evil denier in your twisted mind. Amazing!

    • Watching the Deniers says:

      Oh for fucks sake..

    • Watching the Deniers says:

      OK… clearly you think I’m some kind of straw man.

      I work in private industry, manage a team of people in two business units with a multi-million dollar budget.

      Therefore, I am a capitalist. Yes, an evil dirty capitalist.

      Indeed I have NO issue with the market provided there is sufficient regulation. Which is why I think an ETS is a useful market based mechanism. Go markets! Yeah!

      We live in an advanced industrialised society – we need this technology. I love this technology. Technology makes our lives better.

      Indeed, I want to preserve aspects of way of life: climate change is a threat to that.

      But we need to change. We will need to phase out some technology and introduce new technology. In other areas – such as mining – we will need the raw resources, but have to balance out things. Oil? Sure, we’ll still need it.


      Your’e a fool to think I’d think otherwise.

      I try and minimise by “carbon foot print” as best I can, but recognise I’m enmeshed in the “carbon web”. I could do more – yes.

      But this is the thing with you deniers – you think we’re all socialist, greens, against technology (even though I use the web?).

      I’m centrist in my politics and world view – pro science and reason.

      You guys have swallowed a lie pushed by the think tanks: the lie that we hate civilisation and want everyone to go back to a hunter gatheror life style.

      Sure, there are some green extremists who advocate that.

      Geuss what: I think they’re fools.

      Christ, have you got me wrong.

  2. Christine says:

    @ Sundance –
    And your rant is helping the situation how??
    None of us is perfect, however, the point is that if we all work together to decrease our addiction to fossil fuels and live more sustainably, we will have a huge positive impact on the future quality of life on this planet. As far as I know, name-calling and finger pointing never accomplished anything. Now, move along, and the rest of us will get back to the work of addressing our current global crisis.

  3. Clearly sundance is under the impression that anyone who has seriously looked and understood the science must be a hair-shirt green. I suppose when trying to pass off data and papers incorrectly fails, one much turn to being just silly!

    Mike, I was watching the band that will hit you this weekend on the BOM radar yesterday as it shifted across the York here. It missed Adelaide, but went over my site at Renmark having some significant falls for that region.

  4. Sundance says:

    OMG I was spot on. You’re busted. ROTFLMAO.

  5. I have to say mate, your camera work is about as good as mine while driving! (I tried to video driving over the dunes last site visit) lol.. Yes Sundance, we both realise vehicles rely heavily on fossil fuels… sheesh…
    5mins in it looks like your in a boat! I showed your video to my partner (she’s a Melbournite) – her jaw just dropped.

  6. john byatt says:

    The Climate cranks seem to spend half their life rolling on the floor laughing their arse off, a common sight in mental institutions

  7. Here’s a radar image of the weather;

    Completely missing south east SA. But my site will see some of it.

  8. Twiggy says:

    Sundance I don’t really see your point. Are you saying that you can only be part of a modern industrial economy if you don’t believe the science that underlies climate change? Working towards a society that still has a high standard of living while becoming less reliant on burning fossil fuels seems to me to be the aim of most people who accept the science, and the sensible thing to do.

  9. adelady says:

    Strangely enough, the Melbourne / Mildura weather is only indirectly related to Yasi. Couldn’t believe it when I hear a BOM guy on radio yesterday. The Vic moisture / rainfall / storms are the remnants of Anthony, which sort of meandered down the east coast, then settled back to join in the flooding fun.

    There -is- some kind of linkage with moisture feeding across from Yasi from SA. Moth may not believe this, but in the same report I heard there was flooding – in Peterborough of all places. (Though my mum points out that her wedding 65 years ago on Valentine’s Day was a drought breaking event. Her in-laws couldn’t get back to their lower Flinders township because the railways were washed away in parts.)

  10. adelady says:

    Because Peterborough is a true desert outpost – the only reason it’s a sizable town is because of the old railway issue. It had the largest number of different railway gauge lines in the one place anywhere in Australia.

    And it’s high enough up that it occasionally gets snow – I once spent a very uncomfortable couple of June nights there on a work trip.

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