How much longer will the Lucky Country’s luck hold out? WA and Queensland both dodge bullets

The “Lucky Country’s” luck held up over the weekend.

From the Indian Ocean, Cyclone Bianca came, but luckily the south-west corner was spared. But tragically a 17 year girl lost her life:

Perth appears to have been spared the full brunt of Cyclone Bianca, with the storm system weakening considerably as it prepares to cross the south-west coast of WA later today.

But the city and several regional centres are mopping up today after being lashed by storms yesterday that hit land ahead of the now ex-tropical cyclone.

Yesterday’s thunderstorms in Geraldton claimed the live of a 17-year-old girl after she stepped on a fallen power line on her way home. Two teenagers are also in hospital as a result of the electrocution.

Even this one death is one too many.

From the East, Cyclone Larry crossed north Queensland with relatively little damage:

The north Queensland town of Bowen has ‘‘dodged a bullet’’, the Whitsunday mayor says, suffering little damage from Cyclone Anthony.

‘‘We’ve just had a big pruning – it’s nature’s way of pruning the town,’’ Mike Brunker told the ABC this morning, after Anthony hit as a category two about 10pm last night.

Both sides of the Australian continent saw cyclones pass perilously close within days of each other.

Had they both reached landfall, the devastation would have easily rivalled the floods in Queensland and Victoria.

Australia’s famous “luck” held out this time.

But we can’t bet the future on being “lucky”?

“Yasi” is lurking around Vanuatu:

A second more damaging cyclone is still heading towards Queensland and is expected to cross the coast on Wednesday night or Thursday.

Cyclone Yasi is just north of Vanuatu, about 2000km east-northeast of Bowen.

Mr Prasad said the category one cyclone was tracking towards Queensland’s north coast and was expected to intensify very quickly over the coming days.

‘‘It’s too early to know what category it will be [when it crosses] but we would expect it to be at least a category four,’’ he said.

Only fools place their future in the hands of “luck” or the “gods”.

You make your own luck.

This is why we need to accept the reality of climate change and plan accordingly.


2 thoughts on “How much longer will the Lucky Country’s luck hold out? WA and Queensland both dodge bullets

  1. Susan Morrow says:

    Could we possibly consider that we do not have Gods blessings.
    Where is righteousness and the respect for God taught in our Country. We have altered our christian heritage and become quite pagan.
    Its happening all over the world. The sins of the world are destroying it.

  2. john byatt says:

    Yes, stop shagging you lot, look what you are causing

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