Must read list of papers from AGW Observer; climate forcing reconstructions for last 1000 years; but more importantly, did nuclear weapons cause the climate to cool in the 1940s?

"Ja, we can haz cooler climate with massive nuclear exchange?"

One of favourite blogs has to be AGW Observer.

Ari – the blog’s author –  does a great job of pulling together the latest climate related research and posting links to those papers on a weekly basis.

I was going to blog about some of these papers, but then decided I’d simply send you guys there 🙂

Somehow this paper made me think of Dr. Strangelove:

The Role of Atmospheric Nuclear Explosions on the Stagnation of Global Warming in the Mid 20th Century – Fujii (2011) “This study suggests that the cause of the stagnation in global warming in the mid 20th century was the atmospheric nuclear explosions detonated between 1945 and 1980. The estimated GST drop due to fine dust from the actual atmospheric nuclear explosions based on the published simulation results by other researchers (a single column model and Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Model) has served to explain the stagnation in global warming. Atmospheric nuclear explosions can be regarded as full-scale in situ tests for nuclear winter. The non-negligible amount of GST drop from the actual atmospheric explosions suggests that nuclear winter is not just a theory but has actually occurred, albeit on a small scale. The accuracy of the simulations of GST by IPCC would also be improved significantly by introducing the influence of fine dust from the actual atmospheric nuclear explosions into their climate models; thus, global warming behavior could be more accurately predicted.” Yoshiaki Fujii, Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 2011, doi:10.1016/j.jastp.2011.01.005.

Anyone for a spot of nuclear winter?


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