Guilty minds: the deniers are desperate to blame anyone but themselves

The world is drowning.

Devastating floods are killing hundreds and causing billions in damage across the globe.

In Sri Lanka at least 27 people have been killed and a million people displaced:

THE number of people killed in Sri Lanka’s monsoon flooding and mudslides has risen to 27 with more than a million people still displaced by the devastating disaster, officials said today.

The Government’s Disaster Management Centre said 27 people were confirmed dead while another 12 were listed as missing following a week of heavy rains that caused floods and earthslips in the eastern, northern and central regions.

“The water levels have begun to go down, but the number of people moving to state-run relief camps is going up,” a spokesman for the DMC said.

He said more than a million people had seen their homes flooded and been forced to move out. The state was running 633 relief camps, more than double the number in yesterday, he said.

He added that 367,000 people were being directly cared for by state agencies at the camps while others had moved in with friends and relatives on higher ground.

The death toll in Brazil has past 600 in what is described as the countries worst natural disaster:

The Brazilian floods that have claimed over 600 lives is the deadliest natural disaster to have hit the country. This comes barely months after an unprecedented drought hit the Amazon region when water levels in the river’s tributaries fell drastically.

Torrential rains inundated a heavily populated, steep-sloped area about 40 miles north of Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday and Wednesday, triggering flash floods and mudslides. The disaster had claimed 610 lives at the last count. Rainfall amounts of approximately 300 mm (12 inches) fell in just a few hours in the mountainous regions. The toll makes the current floods Brazil’s worst natural disaster in history. The total casualties in the 1967 floods was 785. This one, however, is the deadliest single-day disaster.

Floods and mudslides are not new to Brazil. Yet, this is the second major calamity to have hit it in less than a year. Floods and landslides near Rio in April last year claimed the lives of 246 people. Over 80 people died last January during a similar disaster earlier. Another 40-odd people died after rains flooded swathes in the northeastern part of the country in June.

The Guardian has an interesting interactive map that gives some sense of the scale of this disaster.

Note the following video contains images that may be disturbing. It’s from Al Jazzera, a network that has never shied away from showing raw footage:

Note this is the second major incidence of major flooding in Brazil in the last 12 months.

The Queensland floods are looking like Australia’s worst natural disaster. At least 18 dead and the economy to take a $30bn dollar hit:

QUEENSLAND’S flood toll continues to rise – with 18 people now confirmed dead – as federal Treasurer Wayne Swan predicted the economic cost of the disaster will be the highest in Australia’s history.

The body of a middle-aged man was found late yesterday and hours earlier the body of a woman, both in the Lockyer Valley, which Queensland Premier Anna Bligh described as the ”absolute epicentre” of the state’s flood crisis.

Police released the names and photographs of many of the dead and the 14 people still missing, who are from Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley, where a wall of water destroyed homes and buildings last Monday.

My own home state of Victoria is experiencing some of the worst flooding in history. Thousands are fleeing, dozens of towns are affected:

Residents of Victoria’s Murray River port of Echuca are keeping a close watch on local flood defences as the swollen Campaspe River threatens the town.

The Campaspe reached a record peak of 9.17m at Rochester, 30km to the south, last night and the waters were on their way to Echuca.

Remember, the Black Saturday fires of 2009 when nearly 200 Victorians died? As I’ve said before, Australia is the “canary in the coal mine” for climate change.

In less than two years my home state has experienced two serious climate disasters.

So yes, I take this “global warming thing” very personally.

South Africa is also experiencing devastating floods at present:

Meanwhile, 40 people are either dead or missing in South Africa, following weeks of heavy rain and flooding. One of the dead includes a firefighter whose raft capsized during a rescue attempt. Many of those worst affected by the floods are the poor, with nearly 8,500 shacks swept away.

The government recently declared seven out of the country’s nine provinces as disaster zones, with most of the devastation centred the Northern Cape and the North West, as well as the province around Johannesburg. Expected long term effects from the flood include a rise in unemployment and increased food prices.

As I stated in a previous post, a warmer world leads to more flooding.

But the denier echo chamber goes into overdrive, blaming the “greens”

One would think this overwhelming evidence would start make the average climate ‘sceptic” reconsider their position.

Well according to them it’s the fault of the “greens”. With remarkable consistency, climate sceptics have started broadcasting this message.

The charming Andrew Bolt:

Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett on Wednesday said he made the interim decision to reject the controversial $1.8 billion plan to dam the Mary River because evidence showed it could kill off endangered species. He made the interim decision to reject the controversial $1.8 billion plan to dam the Mary River because evidence showed it could kill off endangered species

“The project would have serious and irreversible effects on national listed species such as the Australian lungfish, the Mary River turtle and the Mary River cod – both of those endangered.

Whose post is echoed by the UK’s James Delingpole:

This is a guest post from one of our regular commenters, Memory Vault. He’s understandably upset about the Australian floods, which may have claimed more than 70 lives. But what really upsets him is that this disaster could have been prevented. He blames green campaigners so wedded to their ideology they never stop to consider the human consequences. It is to them his bitter letter is addressed.

Andrew Bolt has similarly harsh words for Australia’s eco nuts. Were it not for the actions of Environment Minister Peter Garrett, for example, the Queensland town of Gympie would not now be underwater.

Focus on the minutia; avoid the truth; shift the blame from yourself  

In Australia, an area the size of Germany and France combined was flooded. Two million people’s lives have been disrupted. 20 people are dead. Around the world devastating floods are taking place.

Yes, Andrew it must be Peter Garret’s fault.

Of course this is how the deniers think: latch on to a few facts and hope it explains away all the other inconvenient truths..

Of course yet there is no mention on either Bolt’s or Delingpole’s blogs about the flooding around the world.

Have they missed the news?

Perhaps they’ve failed to notice the millions of lives disrupted, the hundreds of dead and billions in damages.

I suspect not.

They’re trying desperately to shelter themselves from the truth.

To write about these events and to pass them all of as “a great big co-incidence” is a lie they cannot even tell their own selves.

Better to ignore what is going on in the world and retreat into the safe world of denial where there is no such thing as global warming.

It is not just the public they’ve mislead: they’re lying to themselves.

But in blaming the “greens” they’re trying shift their own feelings of guilt. 

After all likes of Bolt and Delingpole have been instrumental in misleading the public for years.

Beneath their “sceptical” bravado and willingness to distort the truth lies a slowly growing sense of guilt.

Imagine being Andrew Bolt or James Delingpole. For years you’ve been at the forefront of a campaign to mislead the public.

But then the evidence starts to flood in… 

Maybe you start to suspect this “whole global warming scam” is actually real, and that the very fate of our civilisation is in the balance.

Imagine you’ve lined up with the “team” that is happy to watch the planet burn.

Could you live with that knowledge?

No… better to deny.

And deny.

And deny.

And deny.

“There is no global warming… there is no global warming… there is now global warming… oh god, please let it not be true!”


11 thoughts on “Guilty minds: the deniers are desperate to blame anyone but themselves

  1. Stu says:

    Wasn’t the Traveston dam for water storage anyway? Which would mean that it would not have mitigated the floods a it would have been full. And furthermore, it was also opposed by much of the local population and also those tree hugging hippies the LNP.

  2. Bloody arseholes. I’m sorry, I don’t often resort to such language, but what a lapse of logic. The dams were on mind here in Aust because we’d been experiencing a decade long drought, not because once-in-a-century storms were on the horizon. I swear these knobs have forgotten the bitching and moaning about water restrictions..
    It’s like listening to a 6yr old; it’s everyone else’s fault. I bet when we’re finally over this annoying AGW debate, these idiots will be complaining that we should’ve acted sooner.

    • john byatt says:

      As a local , 50km away, the Local community were up in arms against the proposed dam,
      they paid for the research regarding the lung fish and turtle, The Gympie Times carried daily articles for twelve months that attacked the proposed dam, very few were game enough to write articles supporting the dam, every car for twenty miles around had a NO DAM sticker on the bumper.
      weekly community meetings and threats of violence against anyone in support, a strange alliance of the greens and right wing political opportunists
      Gympie even after the flood still don’t want the dam , Bolt is a moron , Garrett would have been tarred and feathered if he had of approved it,
      One of the local arguments was that the Great Sandy Straights needed this life giving water to flush it with new sediments , Toxic sludge more like it

  3. Sundance says:

    The “denier” scientists at the Brazil Meteorlogical Center have come out and refuted as alarmism, the ABC report and explaining the true reasons for the floods by correctly implicating La Nina and other natural drivers as was evidenced by several other “denier” scientists that I have linked in earlie articles on this site.

    The Brazil Meteorlogical Center states:
    “To establish the ongoing catastrophe in Brazil as a global warming product is a bogus claim in the view of the staff of MetSul Meteorologia. The same can be said to the events of cold snaps and snow in the Northern Hemisphere – strong negative Arctic Oscillation related – and the massive flooding in Australia, a direct result of the strong and natural derived La Niña event.

    Rio de Janeiro is subject to heavy or extreme rainfall every year, but this time the amount of precipitation was very heavy and in a short period of time, creating an inland tsunami-like torrent. The risk of major extreme rain episodes this summer was widely anticipated by MetSul meteorologists as analog years strongly pointed to a summer similar to the ones with disastrous events in the past. Rain gauges in Nova Friburgo measured 300 millimeters (12 inches) of rain in just 24 hours from January 11th to 12th. The tragedy happened in the Sierras of Rio de Janeiro (Região Serrana) where major topographical forcing is usually present in extreme rainfall. Moisture flow from the ocean (SSTs are above average in the South Atlantic) find a natural physical barrier in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro, making the region prone to extreme rainfall during summer months and early autumn.”

  4. Nescio says:

    So, they are in denial. Is that why you call their worldview denialism? (Yes, pun very much intended)

    Anyway, you can’t fault them on being inconsistent. It does not matter what you say, as hard-core denialists they will deny everything.

  5. Sundance says:

    Here is more from denialists blaming the flood on stuff other than CO2 and eating meat.

    “More than 80 per cent of the flood in the Brisbane River at its peak last Thursday was the direct result of the release from Wivenhoe, the city’s flood shield, of up to 30 per cent of its capacity, according to official data obtained by The Australian. The data shows that, without the unprecedented and massive release at a peak rate of 645,000 megalitres a day from the dam on Tuesday, January 11, the flooding in Brisbane would have been minimal.”

    “Hydrology and engineering experts said a release of a peak rate of 645,000 megalitres a day would produce a flow of almost 7500 cubic metres per second, although a number of factors, including river contours and the time it takes water to travel from the dam to the city gauge in Brisbane, mean the extrapolation is not precise.

    However, they said it was clear that the flooding occurred because of the release from the dam.”

    It looks like a denier inguiry is in the works. I’ll bet the deniers find someone other than themselves guilty for this flooding.

    • Nick says:

      The Australian is being really surprise,I guess. They do not seem to understand what they are looking at.

      A peak rate of 645,000ML is indeed 7465cumecs…but its a PEAK rate. They did not release this rate for more than an hour at most,probably for less time than that. The mean release for the day is far more important to know,and it will be considerably less than this.

      A peak rate of 7465 cusecs at the dam wall does not translate into that rate at any point downstream because the river is of a lesser gradient and it creates more drag.

      Of course flooding occurred because of the release from the dam. It is a mitigation facility in the case of large floods,not a prevention facility, as was clearly established when they built it.

      As the “Comprehensive Evaluation of the Proposed Wivenhoe Dam” study put it in 1977:

      ” The flood storage component will significantly reduce the level of damage,but this benefit will only persist into the future if encroachment into hazardous areas of the flood plain can be stopped and if the development of the hazardous area is restricted to flood tolerant uses.”


  6. DaveMcRae says:

    I don’t think Bolt and is ilk would feel guilty – they know they lie but are happy for the infamy and dollars they get for it, and it’s way better than an honest living which is beyond them or too much like work. In short, Bolt would need a parachute to escape from a snake’s arse.

    The deniers that do it for free though, they are the pyschiatric case studies.

  7. Nick says:

    We shouldn’t neglect to mention the Gascoyne River floods of December 16-20th/2010. Many places recorded their average annual rainfall in two days,the river reached record heights,and huge infrastructure,agricultural and stock losses were inflicted.

    The area does get the odd decaying cyclone or monsoonal low,but this event was the biggest since records began in the 1880s.

  8. john byatt says:

    Ex tropical cyclone Yasi still spinning as it past into the great Australian bight was “different” to say the least

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