Happy 200 Moth Incarnate… and why we fight

Blogging about climate change related issues is tough business.

Indeed, it has been described as a “job for the brave“.

One of my favourite blogs, Moth Incarnate “turned one” yesterday, and I just wanted to congratulate Tim on his great achievement.

Tim notes:

I can’t say that I’m overwhelmingly happy with my progress. I’ve managed to have a little over 10,000 visits in the previous year, or an average of 30 per day (although whilst working on the Innovation is Key project, I had the bulk of my visits – the best day of which reached 170 visits, thereby skewing the actually visits per day by a fair amount).

Actually Tim, you should be proud of your efforts.

On behalf of the climate blogging community, thank you.

Blogging is hard work: as many of us well know, the climate change debate is particularly gruelling

Tim notes:

I actually started out this blog assuming that most people were beyond doubt over Anthropogenic Global Warming and I hoped to reinforce this by discussing related issues… However, I found myself being sucked into the public AGW debate like so many others.

After a year engulfed in that dog fight I can safely make the following points;

  • it will not stop until climate gives it us an undeniable kick in the arse (maintaining a debate, btw, doesn’t mean that there is valid uncertainty in the reality of AGW),
  • it is such an entrenched, pointless battle that no matter how much more certain we are following new evidence that is increasingly available, positions cannot be changed,
  • only one journalist is required to dismantle the work completed by hundreds of scientists,
  • it is more about a love-to-hate than the topic itself.

I’ll repeat my own thoughts on blogging:

Many of us blog out of conviction.

No one asked us to sacrifice the time and energy. And what do we often get in return?

The nasty emails, the derogatory comments by the army of denialist commentators. The constant battle against a never-ending tide of disinformation and sheer stupidity. It is easy to feel despair reading yet another article from The Australian or Herald Sun that misrepresents and attacks science (and scientists).

Then there is the fear one develops as you immerse yourself deeper in the science. No wonder people want to deny what could happen.

I question myself: am I doing enough? Does it make a difference?

But, as tough fight as it can be, it’s a worthy battle.

We fight – yes fight – because our planet and civilisation is worth fighting for.

The events in Queensland these past few weeks are a salient reminder of why we fight the climate “wars”.

Please, take the time to visit’s Tim’s blog, his work is well worth reading.

Mike @ WtD


4 thoughts on “Happy 200 Moth Incarnate… and why we fight

  1. Nescio says:

    Thank you for sharing this. We (OK, I am talking about myself) to quickly forget to give praise and support to others.

  2. Klem says:

    Yes, great job pal. Keep up the fight.

  3. sailrick says:

    I don’t miss many of your posts, and appreciate what you are doing. You aren’t alone. Keep wacking those moles.

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