Brisbane is going under: city centre evacuated, thousands of properties at risk

This should be our wake up call:

Brisbane’s inner-city workers are emptying the capital as floodwaters begin to break the banks of the Brisbane River, with over 6000 properties expected to go under when it peaks on Thursday.

The CBD has not been officially evacuated but workers are heading home as the city faces its worst flooding since 1974, when 6700 homes were flooded.

A major Australian city is being evacuated.

This is an enormous disaster, the scale of which is hard to comprehend:

Authorities were already planning to evacuate up to 3000 Brisbane residents.

Power supplies have reportedly been cut to some suburbs, as residents race to supermarkets to clear the shelves of bread, bottled water and batteries.

One Brisbane mum told the Herald Sun that it was “pandemonium” at local supermarkets as residents raced to stock up on essentials, with shoppers clearing out bread, bottled water, vegetables and other essentials such as large plastic storage containers.

Mr Newman urged people not to panic, and to continue working if possible.

But even as he urged people to keep the city operating, many shops, businesses and services were being shut down.

See ABC news here:

This is going to have a profound effect on Australian politics.

Just another Australian summer, right climate sceptics? 

Nothing unusual at all.

Black Saturday 2009.

Queensland 2011.

Joint the dots.

4 thoughts on “Brisbane is going under: city centre evacuated, thousands of properties at risk

  1. Adam says:

    Sea surface temperatures will continue to rise. La Nina’s may become more frequent and stronger.

    Andrew Bolt will no doubt continue to peddle denial to his nutjob fans.

  2. Then there’s also the fact that as air temperature increases, it can hold more water vapour. I have no doubt that a warming atmosphere will be a more active one (not to forget bigger dries).

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