Denier Andrew Bolt posts pro-science story, creationist posters demonstrate his blog a hot spot of ignorance


Andrew Bolt's readers react to a pro-science story on his blog...


Pity poor Andrew Bolt…. 

Even when he attempts a pro-science story, he proves his blog is hot-spot for ignorance and superstition. Most of his readers react to his pro-science story by attacking science.

I was amused to see Bolt post a story on NASA’s announcement on the possibility of alien life (see here for more details).  

Andrew happily accepts the science behind this story. Amazing given NASA is one of those “warmist” organisations, a key player in climate science. Of course, astrobiology and evoluton don’t offend Andrew’s political sensibilities.

But judging by reader’s comments, evolution and science really offend them.

Those corrupt scientists! 

Bolt’s readers go to town, attacking evolution, NASA, universities and science in general. They really, really have an axe to grind against the scientific “elite”.

Says Chris M:

There is also an organism that feasts on gold (no joke). Now I would like to cultivate a bunch of those little critters.

This just reveals further how little we know and how immeasurably far ahead of our game God is.

Says Tasman of Chapel Hill:

It all depends on how life originated in the first place. No one knows how life originated on Earth by naturalistic processes. No-one. Dawkins says so on Expelled and suggests life may have been seeded on Earth by aliens.

Life has all the hallmarks of design.  It is amazing, remarkable, mind-boggling, intricate, ingeneous, brillian design of self-repairing, self-replicating, adaptive nano-scale systems. As the Bible says, the creation points unmistakably to the invisible nature of the Creator God (Romans 1).

Says Ancient Mariner:

Maybe, just maybe, this demonstrates that man is just not ‘all knowing’ and so many of our theories are just that, theories. Even the theory of evolution based on spontaneous creation in a prehistoric slimepit?

Others just see science as a “big scam”: 

I sense with this announcement the researchers think and believe it’s time for more funding.

So many researchers, in different spheres, including here in Australia, are continually publishing papers of alleged ‘new discoveries’ which are merely a means of shoehorning more funding from government/s.

They have a great lifestyle – large salaries, large salaries and houses – invariably obtained from the public teat.

Daily, the universities are turning out more and more academics who spend their time looking into computers, attending seminars with their peers and who produce nothing more than papers or perhaps a book (often remaindered.)

And, practically every day they appear on TV and radio, especially YOUR ABC to blow thir bags and prognosticate about what might happen in say ten years.

It has become almost an art form to gain notice by putting the FRIGHTENERS on people.

I believe so many of them are what one may term ‘elitist bludgers’ who are only concerned with making a very good living at taxpayers expense.

Yeah, right on!  But this is my favourite:  

…Do scientists really think that we are that dumb that we can’t nut these things out.(I suppose the answer to that is yes if you consider the ammount [sic] of numb nuts who believe in man made global warming)
Was it a coincidence that at the time NASA was was [sic] about to have it’s funding slashed dramatically.
NASA has cried wolf too mant [sic] times for anybody to take notice.

And NASA faked the moon landings as well!

Do these people not get the irony of posting anti-science comments on the Internet, one of the marvels of technology and science?  

Inherit the wind: what the war on science has created

Of course, people like Andrew Bolt are blind to how their efforts are destroying public trust in science.

One need not look any further than the comments on Bolt’s blog to see the world the deniers have helped created: one of ignorance and superstition.

Take a bow Andrew, you’ve done a great job!

8 thoughts on “Denier Andrew Bolt posts pro-science story, creationist posters demonstrate his blog a hot spot of ignorance

  1. LOL!
    I guess it is good news though. It’s clear that his readership aren’t really too well read or educated.

    It’s like when I worked for the SA EPA – the responses I would run into on the street. From sheer hatred (because, OMG, that we found an issue or are monitoring and issue, somehow it’s our fault it’s there) to anger that we’re not doing enough (although it is a safe bet the EPA hasn’t a tooth to be found).

    But this was nearly as funny as Dawkins reading out his hate mail.

    • klem says:

      “It’s clear that his readership aren’t really too well read or educated.”

      This seems to be true, but they still kicked their well read and educated lefty reps out of Congress anyway. The same thing will happen where you live, give it time.

      Just a reminder folks, climate change is dead. Cancun will prove it.


      • DaveMcRae says:

        Ignorance and stupid acting against their own interests to perpetuate the already privileged.

        This happens very often in history and I think you may be right in that it could very well happen again.

  2. Sou says:

    Bolt created his own readership. He deserves the dregs he got. No reasonable person will give him the time of day regardless of what he says.

  3. EoR says:

    And this little gem:

    I am sure that there are many people that have worked hard on this and I congratulate them..BUT.. do you know how frustrating this is for those of us out here that have seen, witnessed, communicated with ‘visitors’..have been given knowledge far beyond what science on earth is showing the public, are taken and experimented on, have been marked, implanted, passed lie detector tests, listened to the astronauts and millitary officials’s affirmitive statements and just literally screamed out to the world to listen??!! Do you?

    It’s signed Sharon of WA, but sounds suspiciously like Andrew of Melbourne…

  4. DaveMcRae says:

    What Sou says, lie with dogs get fleas – but still I find them fascinating to look at for some sick reason.

    I do wish they would hurry up and put that rot behind a paywall, but apparently there’s a ‘Best of Bolt’s reader comments’ that’s a premium content for the iPad. (hehe, that’s just broken the word premium) 🙂

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