Andrew Bolt’s memo to Internet: please stop telling me stuff I don’t want to hear!

Andrew Bolt wages war against Wikileaks:

“…Russia is said to be authoritarian, and Iran is accused of smuggling arms to Hezbollah in ambulances, just as Israel always said. Moreover, Iran is described by French officials as a “fascist state”, and its Arab neighbours are said to be very scared.

Again, nothing new, but it all confirms the world is as menacing as the US grimly says. Indeed, this picture largely excuses the most damaging leak – that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered staff to spy on foreign diplomats in UN headquarters.

Overall, then, there is more in these leaks to confirm the US view of this world than there is to comfort its critics.

Which is one more reason to damn the witless Assange for so mindlessly hampering the US’s ability to resist the very dangers its cables describe.

This is the same journalist that went all frothy-at-the mouth over the stolen “Climategate” emails. It would seem Mr. Bolt only wants those documents that confirms his world view “leaked”.

Here is a journalist, who thrives on generating outrage and scandal, condemning whistle blowers.

The tradition of investigative jouranlism and the role of keeping those in power be damned. 

Bolt would rather see corporations and conservative politicians protected from scrutiny.

Memo to internet: only tell Andrew Bolt what he want’s to hear. Please shut up about everything else!


4 thoughts on “Andrew Bolt’s memo to Internet: please stop telling me stuff I don’t want to hear!

  1. fredorth says:

    My only problem with this post is that it absolutely does not supprise me.

  2. I agree with fredorth – so far, the only news I’ve really heard that condemn the cable links are from the same outlets that waxed lyrically over “Climategate”.

    • Watching the Deniers says:

      Indeed the hypocrisy is stunning.

      My point: only give them information they want to hear.

      • klem says:

        I want to hear more of this strange and wondrous Climategate thing you refer to so very often. It sounds like something we all might like to wax lyrically over. Please sir, inform me about the joy of Climategate.

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