2010 climate death toll hits 21,000 while coral reefs around the globe die

Nothing unusual at all...

Oxfam reports:

“A new Oxfam report “More than ever: climate talks that work for those that need them most”, says that 21,000 people died due to weather-related disasters in the first nine months of 2010 – more than twice the number for the whole of 2009. This year is on course to experience more extreme-weather events than the ten-year average of 770. It is one of the hottest years ever recorded with Pakistan logging 53.7°C – the highest ever in Asia.

Report author Tim Gore of Oxfam said: “This year has seen massive suffering and loss due to extreme weather disasters. This is likely to get worse as climate change tightens its grip. The human impacts of climate change in 2010 send a powerful reminder why progress in Cancun is more urgent than ever.”

While Hot Topic reports on the massive episodes of coral bleaching around the globe:

“The Telegraph article noted scientists in Thailand have reported reefs suffering 90% of their corals being bleached and up to 20% of the corals dead. Olivia Durkin, who is leading the bleaching monitoring at the Centre for Biodiversity in Peninsular Thailand, said: “This year’s severe coral bleaching has the potential to be the worst on record.”

In June The Maldives reported the most serious incidence of coral bleaching since the major 1998 El Niño-event that destroyed most of the country’s shallow reef coral. Since then there has been gradual reef recovery but the 2010 event will be at least a major setback…”

A 100km square kilometre iceblock breaks of Greenland.

A super storm, the likes rarely seen before hits the middle of the US (see image above).

The Amazon is experiencing a severe drought.

Record snow storms across Europe and the US, severe flooding in Poland (killing 12 people).

But of course, it’s all just a co-incidence. 

3 thoughts on “2010 climate death toll hits 21,000 while coral reefs around the globe die

  1. We’re at a tipping point. Over the next decade one of two massive elements will shift to a new plain – either human awareness (shifting from environmental degraders to real rehabilitation) or major environmental shifts (whether it’s directly climate related or others, such as oceanic ecology). I’m hoping we don’t need too much warning to overcome this perpetual stupor.

  2. klem says:

    I hope so as well. I’ve been here trolling this site for months now desperately warning you that ACC is all a hoax, but so far it looks like you’ll need a lot more.

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