Happy 200 to me, new direction for blog

This is post 200.

Happy 200 Watching the Deniers!

Firstly, thanks to everyone who has read this blog and commented. I’m especially thankful to regular readers who’ve sent emails, posted comments and alerted me to their own blogs.

I never expected this blog to have been read by so many people.

But it is also a perfect time to make a few announcements…

A redesign and new directions

As my understanding of the science, the debate and the potential of web technology has grown so have my ambitions for the blog. There are also issues that scream for attention:

  • Accessibility and audience – for some time I’ve thought the content needs to be more accessible to the “average” person, rather than those passionately interested the debate (deniers and pro-science activists)
  • Quality – too many errors get through, because I’m creating content hastily. The problem stems from enthusiasm! There is so much I wish to write about the issue, and so much to “debunk” that I’m often responding to events on the fly and in an ad-hoc fashion “when I find time”. The message is sometimes compromised by spelling and grammatical issues.

So, after a great deal of thought I’m taking this blog in a new direction.

So what is the proposed direction?

I’ll be focusing on three areas:

  • Investigative journalism –  I’m planning posts more akin to “investigative journalism”, rather than selecting random news items and posting on them. This investigative approach will allow a sharper, more critical focus on the denial movement. It also means I’ll spend time on writing and polishing the content. These pieces may appear only twice a month (but posted in parts) and will hopefully pack more “punch” than random blogs posts. Some of these may even be video…
  • Content and news aggregation – I’m planning to capture the “best” content being published on blogs and in the media and making it available on the front page of the blog.
  • Watching the science – I’m planning to make provides links to new research of interest.

So there will be daily news captured from the web and media, plus “editorial” content from myself.

There are a few things I’m also building in secret, which will come as nice surprises!

Going off-line for a while: new version of blog coming soon!

I started this blog seven months ago by simply subscribing to WordPress and just posting my thoughts, impressions and off-the-cuff remarks.

However, given the importance of the debate I think my efforts could be better spent producing a quality product with a more strategic approach. I have been encouraged by the response from readers around the globe. Quite frankly, I amazed that so many people have responded positively.

However, this is a serious debate. It is about the future nothing less than the future of our civilisation. Thus, Watching the Deniers is about to get a serious overhaul.

To do that I need to go offline for a few months. I understand I’ll risk losing some readers, however I will post updates on the development of the new site with some teaser material.

Summer is the perfect time to rebuild, so expect the new blow in late December or early January.

Yes, it is that big a task…

This will also explain why my posts have been less frequent. I’m building new content and experimenting with new designs.

Beta build – contacting regular readers for help

In order to test the new format of the blog I’ll be contacting regular readers and asking for suggestions on what they’d like to see, suggestions for content and getting their feedback.

So – I’ll say “goodbye” for a little while with the promise to be back.


Mike @ WtD


7 thoughts on “Happy 200 to me, new direction for blog

  1. JG says:

    Good luck with the rebuild! We await the relaunch agog . . .

  2. fredorth says:

    Why am I so nervous?

    • Watching the Deniers says:

      Don’t be mate… it won’t be that bad (pst I’ll be including you in focus group).

      The blog won’t fade away, it just needs some serious work.


      • Ray says:

        A change in direction! What a great idea. Global warming, climate change or now climate disruption as an issue is fast headed to a well deserved trash can. Perhaps a name change too? Watching the Deniers win debate? Watching CAGW sites fail to be updated or vanish from the internet? Or maybe start posting recipes “1001 ways to eat crow”

      • JG says:


        Ah, the arrival of the brain-dead.

  3. adelady says:

    Good stuff. I’ve often thought a new cathedral in the back yard would be an asset.

  4. klem says:

    A blog upgrade Wahoo!

    Oooh this is so exciting.

    I can still be one of those pesky climate denier trolls right?

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