Lomborg, the movie


In technicolour I hope?

This should be interesting:

(Reuters) – Danish “Skeptical Environmentalist” Bjorn Lomborg hopes a movie about his work will stir debate over his alternative solutions to climate change led by $100 billion a year in green technology research.

He said on Tuesday that “Cool It,” to be released in the United States and Canada on November 12, offered solutions after former U.S. Vice President Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006 publicized the risks of global warming.

“Al Gore pointed it out as a problem and now let’s talk about the solutions,” Lomborg told the Reuters Global Climate and Alternative Energy Summit of the movie by U.S. filmmaker Ondi Timoner.

“It has definite potential to get out and hopefully do what Al Gore did for the climate debate…taking it further,” he said. The movie was shown at this year’s Toronto film festival.

The “sceptical” environmentalist hopes to save the world by investing $100bn per year in green technology and a global tax on carbon:

“Lomborg said a $7 a tonne tax on carbon dioxide emissions could raise about $250 billion a year, well above the $100 billion a year or about 0.2 percent of world gross domestic product that he wants spent on research and development….”

For those not familiar, Lomborg is a controversial figure. As the article notes:

He denied media reports that he had abruptly converted to belief in global warming, noting he had long viewed it as a problem. Lomborg’s 1998 book “The Skeptical Environmentalist” said the severity of climate change had been widely exaggerated.

“A fundamental problem of climate change is that we seem to be stuck in two positions — it’s either the end of the world or it’s not a problem at all,” he said.

“That makes it very hard to have a pragmatic or sensible middle that says ‘yes, there’s a problem but we need to fix it tomorrow’,” he said.

He said anyone, like him, saying the world should focus on investing in green technologies was accused of being a “climate denier” or of seeking to delay urgent action needed to avoid floods, droughts and rising sea levels.

Previously he argued climate change was the least of our concerns, and we shouldn’t do much. 

For this Lomborg was the darling of conservative politicians and media who want to down play the potential impacts of climate change.  

I wonder how his current views goes down with the “It’s a great big scam to raise revenue!” bunch?  

No doubt with hysteria and cries of the impending NWO. 

Regarding the film itself, I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve seen it. 

3 thoughts on “Lomborg, the movie

  1. Ben says:

    I tried to get to it at the Toronto International Film Festival last month (out of morbid curiosity) but couldn’t work it into my schedule. However my contacts tell me that the screenings were poorly attended.

    • Watching the Deniers says:

      Interesting, and good to know. I didn’t think it was a “must see”. Still, I’ll be watching for the sake of research.

  2. Have you by chance watched the trailer? It’s painful and made it impossible for me not to comment on it.
    It strikes me as more of an ego trip, designed to be a blockbuster thriller than being based on reliable scientific evidence. That he further fuels anti-science nonsense and (it seems) sets Schneider up, when the man is no longer able to defend himself is quite disgusting.

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