Liberal senator joins deniers conference: yes, the Opposition are the party of denial

If there is any doubt that the Australian Liberal Party is the party of climate change denial, then the appearance of South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi at an upcoming “deniers” conference clears up such much misconceptions.

The US think tank the Heartland Institute – in conjunction with Australia’s Institute of Public Affairs and the Property Rights Alliance – is hosting a free seminar in Sydney on October 1.

Heartland – for those who don’t know – have worked with companies such as tobacco giant Philip Morris in trying to question the link between second hand smoke and increased health risks.

Over he past few years they have been one of the driving forces of climate change “scepticism”. Indeed, this conference is a perfect example of the “denial machine” in action”. Is demonstrates the links the Australian deniers have with US right wing think tanks, and how they are supported by them.

Many of the usual suspects will appear, including old friends such as Jo Nova, Bob Carter, David Evans and the IPA’s Alan Moran.

The (draft) agenda indicates the speakers will pontificate on the usual hodgepodge of bad science, conspiracy theories.

Normally that wouldn’t get my attention, as these talk fests constitute nothing more than  “Blah, blah the science is wrong!”, “Boo hiss IPCC!” and “They are trying to take our freedoms!”.

What does strike me as incredible is that a politician form a major political party would not only attend, but appear as a major speaker.

As noted, the conference is free and held in Sydney.

If any readers do attend, I’d be delighted to hear a report and publish here.

Bernadi’s great big conspiracy theory

The good Senator’s blog is as a good a guide to his conspiratorial world view.

He maintains the “greens” are trying to install a communist world government, and that the IPCC is a “corrupt body”

The nature of the Greens’ totalitarian agenda can be seen through a careful examination of their policies and party platform.

Their support for global governance, manifested in the United Nations, includes a “stronger UN capable of dealing with threats to international peace and security.”

Given the Greens oppose every type of conflict except the ‘just wars’ mounted by radical eco-terrorists like the Sea Shepherd organisation, one must ask what benefit a stronger United Nations would be to their objectives? Unless the UN was entrusted to enforce some of their more interventionist treaties and agreements.

Actually, that’s exactly what the Green lobby wanted through the Copenhagen treaty. An unelected, unaccountable body was to be funded through the wealthy Western nations to act as the global policeman, judge and jury determining who could do what, where and when.

Such a process would have almost assuredly resulted in systemic corruption that would have dwarfed the frauds and falsehoods of the UN’s own climate change committee and limited the ability of nations to choose their own path to the benefit of their citizens.

These are all talking points one would normally associate with fringe beliefs. He has also fallen hook-line-and-sinker for the whole “Climategate” affair:

When any public organisation is exposed as being incompetent and deceptive, thereby destroying any semblance of credibility, it needs to be disbanded.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is one such body.

The so-called authoritative voice for climate change, used by the global warming alarmists to justify their hysterical claims, has been caught relying on flawed documents, dodgy data and fanciful science to try and change the world.

Many of us have suspected for some time that the IPCC was pursuing a political agenda rather than being a dispassionate provider of information. However, few suspected the astonishing scale of the campaign by members of the IPCC to further the alarmist cause.

That an elected Senator, representing one of Australia’s major political parties chooses to associate himself with the anti-science movement is a sad day for Australian politics and the conservative movement.

Clearly Australia’s conservatives are following their political brethren in the US and embracing extremism.

9 thoughts on “Liberal senator joins deniers conference: yes, the Opposition are the party of denial

  1. Fred Orth says:

    Sounds like Corporatology at work.

  2. Disappointing, albeit not surprising. If many “alternative therapies” are now under private health insurance cover, we can expect that in conservative corners ideas like communists hiding in the shadows to take over the world are taken seriously.

  3. adelady says:

    So proud.

    This man represents me(!) in the hallowed halls of parliament.

    And the communist world government rot comes straight from that Monckton man. I do like the image of the Sea Shepherd as a leading battalion in this global war, though. A bit hazy, don’t know whether it’s a sci-fi image or something out of a Christopher Brookmyre farce.

  4. […] as Mike informs us, Senator Cory Bernardi and other Aussies, are jumping on the American Heartland Institute […]

  5. toby says:

    Bernardi clearly has not been getting the memos – a group of prominent American scientists have written to Congress shredding every single piece of testimony Monckton gave last May in public hearings.

    Denialism has well passed his high-water mark and is on borrowed time. Even if its proponents get themselves elected, they will be quickly embarrassed to find themselves answerable to the electorate for the mitigation of global warming, whose effects are becoming more and more obvious.

    The main concern is how much damage can they do before they are inevitably found out? They have done a lot already.

    • Watching the Deniers says:

      Exactly, long term this will destroy the main conservative parties.

      • Sundance says:

        Just the opposite my friend. The sad reality is that this is the beginning of the end of the progressive movement in the USA and the demise of the climate change movement in the USA. It is a dead issue politically in the USA and the proof is that nothing was done with Obama (remember Obama was more liberal than the Socialist Bernie Sanders in Senate votes) in charge. There is nowhere to go on the issue as climate is dead last on a long list of voter concerns.

  6. jakerman says:

    Here is one of my favourits from Bernarid followers:

    I believe the skin is quite thin. For many of them the environment is just a front for their real agenda which is homosexuality and Marxism, enforced by means of their compulsory religion which is atheism & earth worship.

  7. Blair Donaldson says:

    Corey Bernardi shows just how far the Liberal party has fallen over the decades. if they were true to their beliefs, they would change the name of the party to something more appropriate like the Ultraconservative Fundamentalist Denialist party but there are too many syllables in each word for most of them to pronounce.

    Sundance. Keep dreaming.

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