Feeling all doom and gloom? Tim Flannery is optimistic…

Tim Flannery, of Weather Makers fame, will shortly release a new book that outlines what he believe is the case for optimism:

Humans’ success as a species has been a disaster for many ecosystems, says one of Australia’s best-known scientists Tim Flannery.

But taking a wider and longer-term view would give hope for humanity and the planet, he argues.

Prof Flannery’s latest book, which charts the history of life on Earth and explores human evolution and Earth’s sustainability, will be launched in Sydney next week by actress Cate Blanchett.

Here on Earth, An Argument for Hope is Prof Flannery’s first major work since The Weather Makers in 2005, which argued if climate change wasn’t slowed it would cause mass species extinctions.

In Here on Earth, the author argues that our success as a species has had disastrous effects on many ecosystems, and could lead to our downfall.

Now, who said we “warmists” are all doom and gloom?

Obviously I’ve not read it, but I’ll quickly snap up a copy once released. 

One thought on “Feeling all doom and gloom? Tim Flannery is optimistic…

  1. JG says:

    This quote from Flannery’s foreword is a bit concerning, though:

    “But for all that, it’s not so much our technology, but what we believe, that will determine our fate.”

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