Science is beautiful: the history of science mapped out

[Hat tip to the blog “Why Evolution is true“]  

As a lay person I neither practice science or have qualifications in any of the various disciplines (that’s what you get for going down the arts/history/library/information technology paths).  

However, it’s no secret I’m a cheer leader for science.  

I love the “big picture” view science offers. It allows us – homo sapiens – to investigate such basic questions as “Where did we come from?”, “Who are we?” and “Where are we going?”.  

And while the facts themselves are interesting, I’m equally fascinated at how we arrive at our understanding of the universe. Yes, I love questions.  

Which is why I find this “map” of the tracing the history of science by blogger Crispian Jago so beautiful. Jago has represented the last 500 years of so of science in the style of the famous map of the London underground. It notes key figures and their contributions to various disciplines of science.  

Personally, I find it a lovely diagram very much in the spirit of Information is beautiful.  

Enjoy!   Now, I’m off to print this in colour and pin to my office wall.  

Note abut this weeks posts  

Obviously a slow week for posts this week. I had family visiting and serious work commitments… throw in a baby not sleeping and you get a tired, cranky blogger. Often its best not to post when you distracted, as the quality becomes far more uneven. I’d rather post quality articles than post for the sake of posting.  

There is only so much one blogger can do.


3 thoughts on “Science is beautiful: the history of science mapped out

  1. Fred Orth says:

    Relax and enjoy. We’re all with you.

  2. Michael says:

    I love that map. It is interactive, click the name and you get the bio and achievements of each person. My personal hero James Clerk Maxwell.

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