Herald Sun War on Science #8: It’s snowing, so climate change is a hoax!

It’s been a while since I’ve added an entry to the HUNs war on science, but today’s article from Andrew Bolt proves that the deniers are nothing but consistent in rolling out the same discredited arguments and again, and again… and again… (and again).

It’s been raining in Melbourne and there’s been snow.  

Yep, you guessed it.

Andrew Bolt thinks this disproves global warming

YET more showers on Thursday, and the dams filling nicely. Who’d have thought? Certainly not the Bureau of Meteorology, which on May 24 warned of dry.

Its prediction: “The chances of Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and southwest NSW and Western Australia getting more than average rainfall are less than 40 per cent from June to August.”

Contrast that with this Herald Sun report on Thursday: “(senior BoM forecaster Terry) Ryan said a soggy June had been followed by a rain-drenched August …

“With long-range forecasts predicting a damp spring, Victoria is on target to record its wettest year since 1996.”

We are? Well, that’s a surprise. Because let me remind you of another outfit that assured us the rain was probably gone forever, thanks to wicked global warming.

Actually Andrew, take a look at the historical data from Melbourne Water which looks at the inflow of water into Melbourne’s four largest reservoirs:  

This is what Melbourne Water has to say:

What does this graph show?

Annual inflows into Melbourne’s 4 major reservoirs since 1913. While ups and downs are a constant feature, the average has dropped rapidly by almost 40% in the past 12 years. This included a devastating drop in 2006, which the CSIRO had forecast could occur under a ‘severe’ climate change scenario in 2050.

No, nothing to worry about! Look outside your window, can’t you see it’s raining!  

Oh, here is the data that looks at inflow for Western Australia’s reservoirs:      

Reduced inflows as well… 

Must be a trend.  

Andrew Bolt is a silly, silly man.  

Note: see Skeptical Science for the take down of this lame argument.

8 thoughts on “Herald Sun War on Science #8: It’s snowing, so climate change is a hoax!

  1. EoR says:

    Not only does it disprove global warming – it proves how corrupt the CSIRO are! Bwahahahaha!

    Interestingly though, the number of people calling Bolt on his lies in the comments has grown dramatically. Normally Big Ted gets savaged in his/her struggle to post some sense over there, but there’s an abnormal number pointing out how wrong/stupid/ideological/deranged Bolt is. Even the deniers appear to be giving up.

  2. Nick says:

    Bolt and his supporters are tenaciously stupid. They do not know ,and show no interest in knowing,the differences between statistical and physical modelling. They do not know how to use BOMs data toolbox,or any other body’s ,for that matter.Most critically,they do not understand how important and useful it is to be able to do this.

    As one of the wiser voices on the blog points out: “…these folk don’t know when they are wrong,and won’t understand when they are corrected.”

  3. ginckgo says:

    Be careful though, the graphs are INFLOW not actual precipitation. And as far as I know, logging in some of the major catchments has been going on since the early 90s. The regrowth of young trees soaks up much more water than mature forests. Nonetheless, precipitation has also been at a low over the past decade.

    • Watching the Deniers says:

      Very correct – indeed I was thinking this arvo of linking/overlaying BoM data that showed decreased precipitation.

      It’s a complex issue – deforestation is a real issue – however the declines for the last few years are in line with predictions of shifting precipitation patterns.

      • Deforestation is one of the biggest (terrestrial) problems facing this century. Not only as mentioned here, but as climate zones move poleward, human landscape use changes restrict species ability to move with them.
        All of this, with increasing islandization with only decrease resilience. Bolt made a point a while ago that he’s blatantly unaware of ecology and how much we rely on on ecological services for our very own survival. How someone who would send random species to extinction with little concern is taken seriously in any room is troubling.

  4. That’s why I’ve left Andrew for a while – this really annoys me. He is the worst for selective referencing. You could give the blockhead copious evidence contrary to his blasted view and he’ll only see a bloody a little snow… Talk about short-term memory.

  5. NoLongerHere says:

    I’ve always found a wonderful irony in the fact that deniers dismiss individual occurrences which provide evidence in support for climate change (ice caps breaking up, glaciers melting, increasing intensity of storms, monsoons etc), but will instantly seize upon any opportunity to use single instances to ‘disprove’ the warming argument.

    Scientists realise that we cannot attribute single instances of heat waves or storms as evidence of climate change, rather that the changes in the mean state of the climate are evidence for warming. Deniers, however, seem to enjoy leaping upon individual events as ‘evidence’ – a few wet months in what is overall a dry period and Andrew Bolt thinks he has scientific evidence on his side…

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