Climate change as a WMD? The ultimate conspiracy…

"I will stop the climate changing for ONE MILLIIIIIIIIION DOLLARS!"

As prominent “sceptics” around the world start acknowledging the reality of climate change, one has to wonder what the future of the denial movement will be.    

I can see two possible ways in which the “denial” movement will adapt to the growing acceptance of climate change amongst the public.  

The more “mainstream” deniers (i.e. think tanks, journalists and sceptical scientists) will quickly accept the fact and then call for geo-engineering solutions as the “best fix”.

This is already happening, as think tanks notorious for denying climate change are now starting to make noises about “hacking the planet” (i.e. using technology to deliberately change the climate).  

The second approach will be to retreat even further into the fantasy land of denial and conspiracy theories.  

Climate change as a WMD?  

We can see the first inkling of this in statements made by Russian political scientist Andrei Areshev. 

As fires and drought engulfed Russia this year, Areshev speculated they where the result of a “climate change weapon”:

“…As Muscovites suffer record high temperatures this summer, a Russian political scientist has claimed the United States may be using climate-change weapons to alter the temperatures and crop yields of Russia and other Central Asian countries.

In a recent article, Andrei Areshev, deputy director of the Strategic Culture Foundation, wrote, “At the moment, climate weapons may be reaching their target capacity and may be used to provoke droughts, erase crops, and induce various anomalous phenomena in certain countries.”
The article has been carried by publications throughout Russia, including “International Affairs,” a journal published by the Foreign Ministry and by the state-owned news agency RIA Novosti.”  


Just what we need: people in a country with thousands of nuclear weapons thinking they are under attack from the US.  

Yeah, that will end well…  

From denial to fantasy   

How hard can it be to deploy these guys?

Personally, I interpret this as the earliest signs of some denialists retreating even further into the fantasy land of conspiracy theories.  

Rather than accept that climate change is the result of human activities – and thus accept their own personal responsibility – they will shift the blame onto an imaginary enemy.  

“Sure the scientists may have predicted climate change….” they will say “…that’s because they developed the weapons that causes it!”  

Maybe they are right? 

Maybe it is the scientists…   

Perhaps sharks with head mounted lasers have been warming the oceans.  

I mean, what other possible explanation could there be?


5 thoughts on “Climate change as a WMD? The ultimate conspiracy…

  1. Fred Orth says:

    Interesting analysis. Much more to think about and I am leaning towards concouring. I know that there have been several “Letters to the Editor” in support of geo-engineering in local newspapers over the last year. Scarey.

  2. I agree, although how some are retreating into deeper fantasy is to scream even louder and more bluntly of a communist agenda. I’m finding real crackpots appearing recently – most of which just get their comment deleted.. It’s a strange world at the moment.

    • Watching the Deniers says:

      I’ve also noted the “volume” has gotten louder.

      Deniers are in a panic, attempting to shout down anyone “bearing” bad news.

      They’re world view is crumbling, simple as that.

      Anger is one of the stages of denial. We’re seeing this reflected in the intensity of comments.

      • not only is their world view crumbling – the reality is quite disturbing.. I’d say we’re still a long way from majority acceptance. It’s strange how, only a few years it was quite fashionable and seen to be profitable to think green.. then the backlash… Hopefully what we’re seeing is a more realistic addressing of the future.

  3. Lucy Jr. says:

    Apart from fantasy, the next phase will be liability damages control – developed nations don’t want to be held responsible for massive costs from disasters.
    I suspect this fear of liability has underpinned denialists all along.
    They will now campaign more directly on “changes are natural” rather than “the earth is cooling/unchanged/Co2 is good” etc.

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