Australia’s scientists stand up to deniers: enough is enough!

The Australian Academy of Science has released a booklet outlining the science supporting climate change.

The reason?

They’ve had enough with climate sceptics according to Cosmos magazine:

The academy cannot issue a statement without consulting its 400 fellows, who happen to be Australia’s most respected scientists. So when it comes out swinging, it’s hard for the sceptics to just dismiss them.

What they’re saying is “Enough is enough”: they’re defending the science, citing the deep certainty and the less deep uncertainty. In doing so, they’re also delivering a body blow to self-appointed ‘experts’ who trivialise, misunderstand or just plain twist the data.

“While the science of climate has become increasingly complex, elements of it often seem to be deceivingly simple and many people can become instant experts,” said academy fellow and former president Kurt Lambeck at Monday’s launch.

Wonder what the likes of Nova and Bolt will make of it?

Let battle commence.

[Hat tip Skeptical Science/Mothincarnate Twitter posts]


2 thoughts on “Australia’s scientists stand up to deniers: enough is enough!

  1. Not the first to do so:
    Various contributors (2010) Letters; Climate Change and the Integrity of Science. Science. 328(5979):689 – 690. doi10.1126/science.328.5979.689
    You think Nova’s got the talent to produce another mockery of a journal cover?
    Don’t thank me – I caught it on BraveNewClimate’s twitter.
    It’s good news though 🙂

  2. Nick says:

    Q:” Wonder what the likes of Bolt and Nova will make of it?”

    A1: Use it for generic attacks using standard dumbnialist tool-kit,with dimwitted me-tooism in comments. These will be read by a few hundred people who may not have actually contributed them.

    A2: Who cares?

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