The best – and worst – of Watching the Deniers… and coming changes

Watching the Deniers is six months old!

In internet time that’s equivalent to 25 years.

Time to take stock and announce some changes.

Top 5: best of WTD

Some articles strike a nerve with a broader readership, while others may not be quite as popular but I’m proud of the content. So here is the “top five” of WTD:

  • Dear Google Galileo – this has been WTD’s  most popular article.  Sites from Poland, the US, UK, Australia linked to it and people discussed it in discussion forums around the world. I was amazed to see the conversation this one sparked in forums and the thousands of hits this article generated.
  • The continuing misadventures of Richard Courtney, non-scientist – people hit this blog everyday researching the claims and qualifications of Mr. Richard S. Courtney. Hopefully this article exposes his attempts to pass himself off as a climate expert.
  • Behind the great firewall of denial – I’m proud of this little article, even though it is not the most popular based on “hits”. In short, don’t dismiss the conservative view-point or assume they all deny climate change.
  • The chief lesson of climategate: the depths of our naivety – blogging and debating climate change has given me a more nuanced view of the debate. You may not agree with my conclusions…
  • Lies, damned lies and BoM maps! – this one still gets a lot of traffic and includes some lovely maps. It also clearly shows that our local deniers can’t read a map…

And the worst?

I’m happy to admit a mistake, and failing to recognise a fake twitter account was a bit embarrassing. However, Andrew Bolt did link to this blog leading to a small but noticeable “bump” in daily traffic. Clearly Mr. Bolt has not heard of the Streisand effect.

Thanks Andrew!

Future of WTD: research posts and snap shots

My main concern is about the quality of the posts: both the factual content and writing. Blogging about climate change issues is demanding. It requires extensive research and fact checking. Then there is the writing process itself.

The challenge is maintaining – if not improving – the quality of individual posts and content.

I’m aware of the spelling errors, and it pains me. Readers have offered to help proof read, so I will be taking up offers of assistance. I also want to avoid embarrassing gaffes such as the Andrew Bolt twitter episode.

However, I need to be realistic about what I can achieve. Thus, while I will be publishing every day, the posts will fall into two main categories:

  • Research posts – similar to the posts I’ve listed above. I will work hard to ensure they are of the highest quality. I’ll publish two to three of these each week depending on other commitments.
  • Snap shots – these will be quick posts linking to articles of interest, thoughts on climate issues and highlighting resources that may be of interest. These will happen daily if not more.

Social media, look and feel and content

I’m currently investigating twitter, Facebook etc. to see how I can effectively use those tools.

All I can say is watch this space.

I’m also looking at the navigation and content of the blog, so expect further changes…

Mike @ WTD


4 thoughts on “The best – and worst – of Watching the Deniers… and coming changes

  1. adelady says:

    Happy half birthday! I’ll bake half a cake.

  2. Ken says:

    Mike – congrats – and definitely get into Twitter. I am sure it will help drive readers to your blog. It’s possible to automatically feed each post, and comments, to twitter.

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