Climate scam exposed by Narrogin Observer. Funniest. Article. Ever.

And here I was saying I was on a break from blogging!  I couldn’t let this story pass without commenting…

Jo Nova is reporting on the Anthony Watts tour as it wends its way through Western Australia.

They’ve broken into the big time with a front page story in the Narrogin Observer (circulation 2,523):

“Climate hysteria is a “scam”

..thunders the headline.

The story goes on to quote Watts and Nova at length. Watts is described as a:

“…professional meteorologist man for over 30 years”.

While Nova (a “lecturer and science writer”) is quoted as saying:

“…scientists are starting to have an opinion that was not science.”

Oh those silly scientists, who are they say what science really is!

No, Nova with an undergraduate degree and no published research has a much, much better idea.

As they say on the internet: LMFAO.

Nova shyly admits the Narrogin Observer is “not the New York Times” (no really?), but this is obviously a great propoganda coup for the denial industry.

Let’s be frank: the Watts tour has fallen spectacularly flat.

No disrespect to rural Australia, but it’s  a sad indictment of these “citizen scientists” if this is the best they can do. Talk about operating on the fringes of the debate.

Please, someone call Media Watch.

I can’t reach the phone at the moment, I’m in too much pain from laughing.

Note: see Anarchist606 on Nova.

3 thoughts on “Climate scam exposed by Narrogin Observer. Funniest. Article. Ever.

  1. adelady says:

    I’m trembling in my boots.

    This sounds truly ominous ……….

    “I’ll post a little later today on my thoughts about the significant move that has recently happened that I am very pleased with.”

  2. Ben says:

    For some reason I’m envisioning Steve Martin from The Jerk when he discovers that his name is now printed in the phone book!!!!!


  3. Mixer Shower says:

    LMFAO is a good band, i like those hilarious MTV they make on youtube .-~

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