Big Blog Theory looking for Australia’s best science blog

[Hat tip Ken at Open Parachute]

As part of national science week, Big Blog Theory is running a competition for best science blog. And now, you don’t have to nominate this one;)

Who’s your favorite science blogger? Show your support by nominating them for The Big Blog Theory.

Whether they explain complex science through interactive blog posts, discuss scientific theories or simply use Twitter to highlight the latest research – we want to know about them!

If you’re a science blogger, why not get some ‘bang for your blog’ and enter yourself?

The Big Blog Theory is open to all forms of blogging – text-based, photoblogging, video blogging, podcasting and microblogging (yes Twitter too!).

Nominees must be individual bloggers who currently reside in Australia and are 18 years and over. Our competition admins will contact all nominated bloggers to confirm eligibility. Apologies to those who don’t fit this criteria, we value your work too!

To make a nomination, simply click on the NOMINATE button and enter the blog’s URL…

There are very many good blogs on science out there, and this competition is a great way to encourage our community.

As its been said before, blogging about climate is a job for the brave.

While I regard myself as an educated lay person, I’m proud to blogging about science.

You may want to see my blog roll to consider some blogs worthy of a nomination.

For me sites such as Deltoid, Climate Shifts, Moth Incarnate are great Aussie blogs worth voting for.

Don’t hesitate to nominate your favorite!


3 thoughts on “Big Blog Theory looking for Australia’s best science blog

  1. Cheers Mike, but I really don’t think I’m in the same boat as Deltoid and Climate Shifts. I’m fairly new to Deltoid but it is certainly better informed than my own, but Ove’s work at Climate Shift is a fav of mine.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if BraveNewClimate get’s a fair amount of clicks and I certainly hope Corey’s work on ConservationBytes get’s in the top group (along Climate Shifts that is).

    • Watching the Deniers says:

      Not a problem mate, however from this process I’ve come across many blogs I’d not seen before. Size – as they say – doesn’t matter. It’s about celebrating the science blogging community. I’m hoping some of the smaller but equally deserving blogs get some greater exposure.

      And it doesn’t hurt that we learn about each other. As a community (or network) we can help shape the debate.

      • You’re not wrong; as you’ve said, it’s a lot of work and keeping it up does require a lot (I’m starting to understand the “brave” bit under some criticism I’ve been facing in this recent innovation series – but at the same time, it’s really helping my abilities to debate) and it is good to highlight this effort of some of the lesser known work.

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