The Gulf is bleeding: tragedy and folly in the Gulf of Mexico

[Hat tip to Sou from Bundangawoolarenagerra for pointing me to this]

Before I say anything, watch this video.


It is made by Alabama resident John Wathan.

Warnings were systematically ignored:

The warnings were there a decade ago. Yet little has been done to address the risk of systems failure in deep-sea drilling operations.

As a consequence, millions of litres of oil have now spewed into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Why wasn’t preventative action taken earlier?

Then in 2008, a Society of Petroleum Engineers report warned that the hydraulic rams used in many BOPs to shut off oil flow may lack the capacity to cut through the high-strength drills used in deep-sea operations. The report’s authors included people employed by Transocean and BP – the companies that own and lease Deepwater Horizon respectively.

See “Oil industry failed to heed blowout warnings” from recent New Scientist.

The environmental costs will be unprecedented. The costs to local industry will be ruiness.Fishing and tourism will be wiped out.

And yet, when you read the comments attached to the YouTube video itself you see this:

I could be wrong, but I cant help but to think that our GOV is behind this to seek control over our shores and the entire oil and gas industry. Our country and freedom are being taking away from us before our eye and our people cant even see it, fucking brain watched by the media and led to believe whatever the big Elite wants them to. WE THE PEOPLE must take the power back and get all these Scums off of our government.

…this is none of our government business. We must keep our government out of this, it is a must. Our government has way too much control over our lives and our businesses. There is nothing the gov can do to prevent this. They will just increase taxes and get in the way of proper business practices. Tax and regulation is not what we need. That is what the gov ultimately wants, more control for the elite, which is why BP, a British company, is being paid no[t] to step up to this.
F*** the NWO

It is this stupidity that stalls our response to climate change and the host of environmental challenges that face our society.

Damn the fools who believe this.

Damn the think tanks and charletons like Monckton, Bolt and Plimer for creating a culture that fosters this delusional thinking. What a tangled weave of denial they make.

Am I angry?


But when people are given sufficient warning, but chose to pursue economic self-interest at the expense of eveything else, then damn those individuals.

To quote Wathan, “The gulf is bleeding.”

[Deep breath]


3 thoughts on “The Gulf is bleeding: tragedy and folly in the Gulf of Mexico

  1. zoot says:

    Hear, hear!

  2. citizenschallenge says:

    I believe a core question/issue is how to challenge the right wing
    contempt for our biosphere

  3. Berbalang says:

    I wonder how much longer it will be before they argue for more drilling in the Gulf on the basis that since the area is an ecological catastrophe anyway there is no longer any reason to prohibit drilling.

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