AGW Observer: papers on “denialism” and debunked sceptic research

Alongside Skeptical Science, AGW Observer is one of the best resources for actual climate science research on the web.

Written and maintained by Ari Jokimäki in Finland, it is a collection of the most relevant papers on climate science organised by topic. Thus, if you want to see the actual science on CO2’s absorption properties, Ari has brought together the most relevant piece of research together.

The great thing is he provides links to the papers which are mostly freely available from other sources on the web.

But it’s not just a list of the most recent papers: Ari brings together historical research papers to clearly show how science has refined it’s understanding of a particular aspect of climate science. On the issue of CO2’s absorption properties (i.e it’s heat trapping effect) he lists the famous 1896 paper by Arrhenius.

Climate scepticism under the microscope

His most recent post includes provides an excellent list of papers on the phenomena of climate change denialism. Research by historian, sociologists and anthropologists studying the reasons for “denial” is listed, most of which is free. I spent yesterday lunch time reading through most of these papers and was further informed on “denialism”.

Two papers I’d note in particular:

Debunked sceptic research

Another great list Ari has created is a list of “anti-AGW” papers (i.e. research from climate change sceptics) that has been decisively “debunked”. This is a great resource for countering various claims made by those scientifically qualified sceptics such as MIT’s Richard Lindzen, creationist Roy Spencer and others.

This is important, as it shows how clearly the science really is settled.

There is no conspiracy to silence dissenting views: those scientists with a sceptical mindset have published work for review by their peers.

The simple truth is that there work has been found to be wanting.

3 thoughts on “AGW Observer: papers on “denialism” and debunked sceptic research

  1. Ken says:

    Thanks for bringing that site to attention. Obviously one to follow.

    The US Heritage Foundation climate vonference this week is worth looking at. The list of speakers and sponsors really shows the nature of the denial industry.

    A coalition of right wing think tanks (and their funders), political organisations, conservative denier web sites and a few contrarian and denier scientists, many of whom are retired.

  2. Ken says:

    Sorry, that should be the Heartland Institute.

  3. Ari Jokimäki says:

    Thanks for noticing (and for the traffic). 🙂

    There’s one think I’d like to point out; my paperlist collections are heavily concentrating on observational climate science, so there’s lot of important theoretical and climate modelling science still missing. I hope to correct that in the future.

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