(Fake) Bolt comments on my blog: “Barbarian nonsense!”

Note: I will happily admit an error, the Twitter account for Bolt is not from the real Bolt. A parody of Bolt’s views. Thanks to “Fake Andrew Bolt” for correction. Still, thanks for passing my post around view Twitter. I appreciate the additional reading audience. Welcome to anyone who is new to this site. It also means I’ve found a new source of information on the Bolt.

Additional note: Welcome to readers following the link from Andrew Bolt’s blog: http://blogs.news.com.au/heraldsun/andrewbolt/index.php/heraldsun/comments/so_which_organisation_is_implicated_in_this_dishonesty/

I’m not very familiar with twitter, or the issue of parody/fake accounts and as a consequence assumed it was Andrew Bolt’s account. While embarrassed (red face) not to have immediately recognised it was a “fake” Bolt twitter account I’m happy to leave this post as record of my mistake. Stuff happens, mistakes are made and the best thing to do is admit your errors.

That’s how you learn.

Andrew Bolt throws his favorite slur at me today: apparently this blog is “barbarian nonesense” [sic].

Rather than address the issue of his articles being poorly researched and using studies whose authors are also the editors of the same journal, he decides I’m barbarian.

So addressing the false claims of the denial movement and fighting to preserve the reputation of science makes me a barbarian?

Well, there you go.

It’s called fact checking Andrew, remember that?

Actually, I’m feel proud today. Permit me to digress…

Being called a barbarian is a mark of honour. The last fifty years of research into ancient history have painted a completely different picture of the “barbarians” – the Goths, Alans and Franks. It’s now thought they did much to preserve Roman culture through the Dark Ages.

Rome was saved and preserved by the, ahem, barbarians in the fifth century at the Battle of Chalons. It was a mostly “barbarian” army under the command Flavius Aetius who halted Attila the Hun’s assault on the West.

This combined force of Roman, Alan and Visigoth forces defeated Attila in what is now France, thus preventing him conquering the Western half of the Roman Empire.

Its regarded as one of the most important battles in world history.

Had the “barbarians” lost Chalons, Attila would have swept through most of Europe destroying it’s culture, peoples and infrastructure.

Our cultural heritage would have been that much more poorer. History may have been very different.

I’ll proudly wear the mantle of “barbarian” then, as one he seeks to preserve the culture, science and society that came before me.

Facts, so inconvenient.


11 thoughts on “(Fake) Bolt comments on my blog: “Barbarian nonsense!”

  1. JG says:

    Well, dammit! How come you get to be called a barbarian and the rest of us who frequent this blog don’t?

    I think you should contact that Mr Bolt and ask him to redress this gross injustice. Otherwise I’m not going to sleep a wink tonight.

  2. The Fake Fake Andrew Bolt says:

    Hate to break it to you Watcher, but that’s not the real Andrew Bolt. While the Bolta is most certainly a twit (or is that twat?) he’s not a tweeter.

  3. slrtx says:

    A barbarian is a cross between a barber and a librarian.

    Clean-shaven and educated.

  4. tommo thomas says:

    youre not a barbarian,youre a cheat a liar and a fraud i hope you cop some legal shit. But im probably getting upset over another 20yo smartarse kid who may grow up to know better.

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Common sense and decency is lost on this fraudster and his hangers-on. This poser’s smart mouth is too big and proud. He will never admit to any wrong-doing, yet his actions in editing the Twitter account info are an unspoken acknowledgment of his admission of guilt. Rather than show his true identity to the world and put his face out there, this poser opts to hide like a coward behind a ‘parody’ account of another well-known person. A better name for this is a parasite.

    There’s really nothing new or outstanding about these types of self-proclaimed intellectual dingbats. He behaves the same way as any 419 Nigerian scammer, skulking in the shadows, stealing a notable person’s credentials, and then posing as that well-known person to lend himself credibility so the more gullible victims might believe him.

    Smartarse: being called a barbarian isn’t a compliment. In present-day lingo, it would equate to the fact that you’re using dirty, underhanded tactics to prove that your warped moral cause is above the law; that doing illegal things is permissible if you believe that the means justify the end. Identity theft, lying, stealing, and stupidity. This is all you’ve demonstrated here. When you become open, honest, transparent… when you lose the smart-mouthed attitude, maybe you can aspire to be as influential as the real Andrew Bolt some day. But for now, you can continue to play make-believe in your fantasy world of wishful thinking.

    • JG says:

      Roger Dodger, thanks for this hilarious parody. For a moment I thought you might be serious, but then I realized that no one could really be that, well, you know . . .

    • Will says:

      Is that you Andrew or just an Andrew bolt sychophant. You sound like your crying Nancy. It’s all just good fun. Don’t give yourself a Tumor.

  6. outdoorstype says:

    Hilarious….I came here cos of Bolt. Total fail! And Roger’s right. Too easy.

  7. DirkH says:

    Don’t worry. You behave like a gullible idiot. So the other leftists will think you’re perfectly fine.

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