Plimer… caught again stating humans contribute “only 3%” of CO2

This morning as I was browsing magazines at my local newsagents, an obscure magazine tucked away on the bottom selves caught my eye: the IPA Review. Yes, the official magazine of the Institute of Public Affairs.

I picked up – and sad to say purchased it – as the issue was dedicated to “climate change”.

Flicking through the articles I found Plimer making the same claims about the level of how much CO2 humans emit. The article is titled “Climate changing: how global warming lost its science and support”. [IPA Review, Vol62/1 pg 30-31]. I quote:

“Humans only contribute to three per cent of the annual exhalation of carbon dioxide (CO2) and it has been shown that this small human addition of CO2 to the atmosphere drives climate change…”

I may have missed it in all the discussion, but what are his sources? Sure, the IPA is the home of denial in Australia, but where does Plimer reference these figures to a specific paper?

So with that, tomorrow I will email Prof. Plimer and ask for his sources.

Given he has repeatedly made these claims in public he should be given the right of reply.

[Note; Part 2 review of “Climate Change: The Facts” posted tomorrow]

One thought on “Plimer… caught again stating humans contribute “only 3%” of CO2

  1. Dave McRae says:

    I think he may reference his book ‘Heaven and Earth’ which in turn either makes up references that don’t exist, misrepresent/quote mine/lie the genuine references, or circular reference denier lit that reference denier lit that may reference Plimer.

    His crap book claims on p116 that the sun is made of iron, I’ve forgotten what reference he provided for that assertion if he did. That still blows me away — maybe it is a joke of his to recuperate money he lost taking on the creationists and he’s cashing in on crazy.

    In any event – I do await, with morbid curiosity, what reply you may get from that well of lunacy.

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