Tag teaming with Media Watch: another “gotcha” moment for Plimer

It’s great to see Media Watch picking up on the false claims of the denial movement. They also spotted Plimer’s false claims about the CO2 emissions of volcanoes vis-a-vis human activity (Episode 13 , March 3):

Ah, facts. Well they’re always welcome.

Not that Jason Morrison, who’s deeply sceptical about human-induced global warming, was able to elicit many actual facts from his source, Professor Ian Plimer, who’s even more deeply sceptical.

Here’s one fact the Professor did come up with:

“Prof. Ian Plimer: … we humans only put out about three per cent of the annual emissions of carbon dioxide. The rest comes from all sorts of other things, including volcanoes.

— Radio 2GB, The Jason Morrison Drive Show, 19th April, 2010″

And here’s one he didn’t mention: volcano expert Dr Fred Jourdan of Curtin University told Media Watch:

“… it has been shown by the US Geological Survey that current emissions from volcanoes are being dwarfed by human emissions to a ratio of 1/130…

— Response from Fred Jourdan (Prof. of Applied Geology, Curtin University of Technology), 28th April, 2010″

I picked this up on 21 April, however I obviously don’t have the reach of Media Watch.

Not that it concerns me: it’s great to see Plimer’s false claims publicly exposed. Personally, I take some pride in being able to spot a false claim.

My knowledge of climate science – and the claims of the denial movement – has been growing over the last three months. I feel this confirms the blog heading in the right direction.

One thing I’d note: the deniers throw out so many claims it can take many hours of research and fact-checking.

But this is one of their key strategies: sound authoritative and hope the average person does not take the time to check the facts.

Denial… or misleading?

Can we say there is a difference?

2 thoughts on “Tag teaming with Media Watch: another “gotcha” moment for Plimer

  1. ScruffyDan says:

    “One thing I’d note: the deniers throw out so many claims it can take many hours of research and fact-checking.”

    Which is why skepticalscience.com is such a great resource.

  2. Sou says:

    I learnt a lot of the detail of climate science by investigating the claims of sceptics and deniers. It was worth the effort.

    I also learnt a lot about the tactics of the outright deniers. Some become aggressive, others act as concern trolls and tone trolls. Still others just keep recyling defunct and debunked falsehoods. Eventually more reasoned people help out and the deniers disappear (at least from the general discussion groups I frequent). They end up going back to posting with their kind on the climate denier blogs and leave other non-climate forums alone.

    Some people who were sceptical at first learnt something from the process and changed their tune – if not to acceptance at least to acknowledging that maybe there is something in this global warming caper after all.

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