Jo Nova’s blog: conspiracy central

Tin foil hat alert!

Sometimes you have to do a double take when reading the conspiracy claims of the more “extreme” members of the denial movement.

I know I should be more charitable, but really to put it bluntly, much of it can sound like crazy talk. Not the kind of eccentric “Isn’t that an interesting world view”… more  like, far out, crazzzzzzzy man. That this kind of speculation is not challenged in any way, but is positively celebrated within the denial community speaks volumes.

Louis Hissink, a regular over at Jo Nova’s blog, recently revealed the real agenda of the UN, IPCC, socialists and greens. Brace yourselves, its a diabolical plan that threatens your very freedoms – if not your life.

Free of irony... I think

In case you did not get it, the main points are;

  • “The general agenda is to depopulate the US, while some of them enrich themselves at our expense…”
  • “The actual agenda is to destroy the idea and practice of private property, and hence capitalism…”
  • “Australian Nartive Title legislation is part of this diminishment of the concept of private property…”
  • “The Resources Tax is another tax based on the economic fallacy of economic rent…”

This is a paranoid, distorted mirror world that has very little to do with reality.

Nor is Hissink’s view all that extreme as judged by the members of the Nova community: eighteen readers gave it sufficient votes to make it a “well-loved” post.

This kind of speculation is not challenged, instead it is actively celebrated and promoted. I believe it gives us a very good insight into the denial movement and how it engages with the scientific evidence.

Put simply, no evidence will convince those committed to conspiratorial world view. Indeed, any evidence that contradicts their world view is waved away as yet further proof of the conspiracy.

No matter how contradictory the individual pieces of the deniers world view is, it is all hung together by a belief in a global conspiracy that they somehow have seen through.

Should we really be giving “equal time” in the debate to individuals who clearly have such a tenuous grasp on reality?

2 thoughts on “Jo Nova’s blog: conspiracy central

  1. Ian P says:

    Clearly that guy is wrong. Our invisible reptilian overlords are the real ones behind it.

  2. Watching the Deniers says:

    Of course Ian P!

    Actually, don’t tell anyone but I’m one of them (a lizard).

    I’ve been working covertly for decades, helping foster the myth of AGW so that we can impoverish your planet. Once you have been reduced to unsustainable levels of poverty – and hence your ability to maintain an effective defence force is compromised – our fleet of spacecraft will arrive to deliver the coup-de-grace!

    I call it “Plan Ten From Outer Space”, the other nine having failed.

    Mwah ha ha ha!

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